Monday, 24 September 2012


Every city has a particular and special feeling. The way it smells, the rhythm of the people, the speed, the temperature, the beauty and architecture of the city and the level of love and happiness are a few.

Paris is beautiful, but hard, moody, jealous and not very trustable, like an old snotty lady with a mink coat that carefully makes sure everything is done properly. London is old traditions, crispy, clear, vintage and charming, like a polite aged gentleman with a corduroy suit and twisted gray mustache who wishes you well.
Stockholm has a very particular feeling; the one of easy going calm, safety and of being home. Barcelona definitely has one too-and I like the Bcn vibe. A lot. Barcelona is warm, cosy and happy. Siestas, sangrias, tapas and beaches...
Nisse and me eating paella at a fish restaurant next to the beach...
My friends Niels and Susanna, dinner at Café Emma in Bcn
 Beautiful Palace hotel (above) and The Barcelona Opera Building (below)
 The Gaudi house (above) and a church.
Have I told you that I love you boy?
 Cosy rooftop terrace view from Hotel 1898
 Sagrada Familia view from below
Plate in the ground in front of Hotel Palace which was old Ritz Hotel back in the days 
Catalan Tapas: "Pan con tomate" green hot chili peppers and tuna carpaccio, (yummy as hell!)
Cornelia - A very nice lunch place indeed
 Cosy placa with beautiful multi color houses
Some of the places we visited; Boca Grande, Pez Vela, Bar Mutis, Bar Mut, W Hotel, Café Emma, etc.
Fireworks on the other side of the water, seen from the beach restaurant Pez Vela (Grupo Tragaluz) at the W Hotel beach...
DJ at the Sunday terrace party at W Hotel 

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