Friday, 30 December 2011


 I want to go to Rome and live there for a year and learn fluent Italian.
Only listen to Mina, Lucio Battisti, Adriano Celentano, Donatella Rettore, Milva, Raffaella Carra and Pavarotti. Buy a vespa, drink espresso in the little bars in the morning and go on dates and eat pasta with beautiful Italian men.

Sunday, 25 December 2011


Year Survey: 
1. Did the year turn out as you expected? No. It never does. I am not a planner. I like to be quite spontaneous. I decide from one week to the other if and where I’m gonna go travel, etc. I had many good surprises and a very good year the first 8 months of it and then a more shitty one except for a few exceptions the last 4 months. (much because I can’t stand the winter and always reach my bottom low during that period.)
2.What did you learn this year: To trust myself even more and believe I am unique and can do and achieve anything I want if I believe in it.
3: What inspired you this year: As usual the new people I met and the different things I experienced and the places where I travelled. And to some extent movies and new music.
4.What bored you this year; All the time I had to spend in Paris when I wanted to be somewhere else traveling around.
5.Where did you travel and which countries did you visit:
I travelled quite a lot, but only in Europe; Stockholm beginning of the year, then London in June, followed by Ibiza, St Tropez, Stockholm again, Italy, London again and finally Stockholm a third time.
6.Best new person you met in 2011: Someone I met in June.
7.How many where  you in love with?
Hmm, complicated. I thought I was in love in the beginning of the year, but I wasn’t really I understood later. I wanted to be so bad so I kind of told myself I was for a while, but it was just an illusion. Then I was for real sometime in the middle of the year.
8.The Best parties of the year: Almost every night during Women's Fashionweek in Paris in September when my Swedish crowd was in town and we had crazy nights out with long dinners, spontaneous dj’ing at clubs, fountain swimming and karaoke to name a few activities. A poloparty in London in June, The clubnights in Ibiza, A spontaneous party in a hotelroom in Paris and some others.
9.What do you regret: Not much. It’s easy to be hindsight, but when I think of it I didn’t really rush into anything very unforeseen either...
10.What would you do again? Travel to Ibiza any day between June and September, I totally fell in love with the place from being a bit sceptical before I was amazed by this place and discovered it was so cool.
11.Best Christmas present: A little envelope from my mum ;-)
12.Best series you watched: Bored to Death, Downton Abbey, Brideshead Revisited. (didn’t watch that many series this year.)
13.Best music you listened to: Some dubstep and lots of awesome playlists with new music I created and shared with very few people.
14.Best movies you saw: New movies; Black Swan and Drive, and then I only saw old movies. Was watching lots of 80’s movies the first 7 months of the year and then I changed and got obsessed with old classics such as The Great Gatsby and Audrey Hepburn movies. Think I went to the cinema like totally 3 times the whole year.
15.Best new discovery: Ibiza.  God what I love that island. Always had prejudices about it before, thought it was a place for screamy, uneducated pill popping English teenagers, but now I can’t think of a nicer place to party and hang out.
16.Hang up of the year: To learn everything possible about finance (since I didn’t care much during some business classes I took 12 years ago.)
17. Who did you hang out with the most? 50/50 with new people I met during the year and with my old friends I always hang out with. A good mix.
18.Best buy of the year: All my vacation trips.
19. Worst buy of the year: I like everything I bought. I didn’t really overspend this year, more the opposite.
20. Best drink this year: Champagne as usual, Sangria during the summer and the last couple of months I rediscovered good red wine.
21. Best food this year: The tuna carpaccio at Blue Marlin in Ibiza, my friends Karin and Keiron’s cooking. My mum’s and everyone else who cooked for me’s food.
22.New gastronomic experience; Re discovered warm edamame beans with salt, a true pleasure.
23. Places you wanna visit during 2012; Chateau Marmont, Rome, Ibiza again, New York, LA, Florida, Sydney, Bali, Singapore and Asia in general. Moscow, Bahamas, all countries in Eastern Europe. Mexico, Brazil, Carribean Islands, Sau Paulo, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Cape Town.  Well anywhere actually, would travel all the years 365 days if that was possible.
24.New projects for 2012: A lot. The first ones are coming up already in January what it seems. Cool and exciting.  Stay tuned on the blog for more info.
25.New years resolution: To be professional, driven and make sure to reach my goals and to make more money than 2011. Travel as much as possible. Be happy and open and strong.  Help every friend who needs it, it's important to help each other. Stay true to my values and person. Never do things I actually don’t want just to please other people. 

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Just love this beautiful cover of Kavinskys Nightcall from the movie "Drive" with Natalia Moscou.

Monday, 19 December 2011


I'm spending my pre days of christmas like this in Paris; 
Cheminée, candles and cosy, li'l cat curved up on furniture or next to me while I'm  discovering new series, drinking tea and listening to Chopin. peaceful and quiet. Merry You.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Lindsay in da mix
This is what one day at work can look like for me, when I'm hired to do press gigs.
I arrived at 9.30 this morning to a huge loft close to Etienne Marcel in Paris to start my work day.
(Last week the founder of Napster Sean Parker was in Paris and threw a Napster/Spotify party at Silencio. I was there and also went to his after party at a rented loft, but in the middle of the night and with totally different people. Guess how surprised I was to discover that it was the very same loft I walked into this morning!)
It was a press day for the UK brand New Look today, they expected a couple of hundreds journalists, bloggers and other people in the business. It turned out I knew the marketing manager since years and everyone else were very kind as well.
I installed myself behind the decks and was pleased when I saw that they had rented the best material; one of the newest Pioneer mixers and 2 CDJ 2000 decks=cool. It was raining outside and I started the morning with a chilled retro set of my favorite oldies.
A catering was there to cook the food for the guests as usual and the journalists began to drop in almost immediately. They had fresh fruits, croissants, pain chocolates, coffee or tea for breakfast while they looked at the collection and made their orders.
At lunch time I took a break and put on a mix tape. The catering team made heavenly blinis (a sort of french mini pancakes you eat with a special caviar.) With that we had four different sorts of salmon, sweet potatoes, coquillles St Jaques, herring, caviar and lots of other Scandi inspired things -yummy. Afterwards macarons and other delicious little desserts were served during the rest of the day. After lunch I change my set as the day continued and the weather slowly got better. I played lots of different genres and styles of music to create a nice mix. Always selected, rare tracks, never too commercial, since that's too easy and not very interesting. At around 6 they put out the champagne and around 7 all the bloggers arrived. The last hour and a half I played my "club set" with my best, newest and coolest mixes while I had a couple of glasses of champagne and some more salmon. One of the catering guys and some other people came to discuss music and ask me about my job as a dj. Everyone was happy and satisfied in the end and came to say thanks. Someone told me there was a Grazia party and some other party later on and was wondering if I was going. I was not even considering to go party somewhere since I was way too tired and kind of cooked and was looking forward to roll around in my habitat sheets at home.  It was a very pleasant day indeed. A slight pain in my feet after standing up in high heels all day long though, but I don't complain, there are worse jobs to have:-)
I just LOVE my job days like this. How much I get payed? Well, that's a professional secret, but let's say a pro dj with my background and experience normally take no less than a four digit amount (in euros) for a corporate gig like this.
To be continued...

Lunch; blinis, kaviar,different salmons and champagne
At RODIER Showroom, Pressday, November -11
Catering guy making pancakes for dessert
Showroom, pressday, December-11
In the cosy loft 
View of the loft from my workspace behind the decks

Monday, 12 December 2011



Most people just wanna have a smooth sound in the background, they are happy with what the heck ever, like slick, a bit vocally 60’s soul or something very easily digested. Ask me and I say it's boring. 

To dj for those people is like inviting someone who has lost the taste buds on a truffle and oyster feast. Meaningless.
People who have never developed their taste in music shouldn’t be allowed to speak about the subject at all.
I have discovered that I consume, discover and listen to music differently than most other people do.
If I hear a song or an artist once, the chance is big I will remember it the next time. My brain takes in music like other peoples brains takes in names, faces or macro economic facts. 
I analyze and register the voice, the arrangements, what timeperiod the song was recoreded in, but also what other artists that must have inspired the singer and/or the band and the next time I hear the song I know after a couple of seconds into the song right away what it is and by who. Guess that is a necessary skill when you work with music. Can't stand when I show people some music and they ask me what it is and I say ”guess” and they say some artist out of the blue that they might know about but who doesn’t have any similarities with the artist in question.
Or like another time when a guy tried to be cool and impress me and started to play air guitar to a song by Lykke Li, when it was obvious there were absolutely no guitars in that song what so ever. 
Awkward I remember.
Or even worse,when people stop discovering new music. They ”develop” a "style" when they are 20, out of  let's say 10-15 albums (like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Michael Jackson for example) and then they listen to that same crap day in and day out for the next 10 years! Unbeliavable. Like being brainwashed, or like having the same style and wearing the same clothes as when you were 20 until this very day. Well, I guess some people do. (I could never…)
I function like this. I listen to as much new released  music as possible on blogs, at party’s, through friends, etc. If I like it I download it and then it’s with me in my dj playlist for a couple of months. Never more. A new song is cool and fresch maximum 6 months after the release date, after that it isn’t funny and inspiring anymore, like who the hell wants to hear a remix by Lykke Li released over a year ago and played at every club since ,out now? The only exception are certain retro songs which you can play out at all times.
There isn’t anything worse than when I’m in the middle of a dj set where I have free hands and some loser manager without taste in music comes and screams; ”Hey! Put on some Ibiza music”  while I’m in a set of much cooler New York nu or old disco, something totally experimental or something else (yes, it’s actually happened-in a Costes place in St Germain this summer) That just proves their total lack of taste and nowledge in what music is and all I want to say is; ”Listen, I have 15 years experience of professional music listening compared to yours two, so shut up and let me do my job please.
I love all kind of music and can be standing in a bar dj’ing in the middle of a retro set when I suddenly feel an urge to hear really heavy dubsteap, so while I let my autopilot (my two hands) mix the song played at the moment I listen to an over- remixed version of Skrillex on highest volume possible in the headphones, the other mix goes on and people just notice that I dance a bit different.
I appriciate a Chet Baker song as much as I love a Luciano set at Pacha in Ibiza, or an Italian love song from the 60's. It’s different, but the feeling of love for the music is the same.
I sometimes feel I can’t play exactly what I want when I’m out working cause I have to take into consideration other people's underdeveloped taste in music and are afraid they would start to complain of pure ignorance if I played something that didn’t exist in their small and under developed universe of music, which is sad.
Well, the work of a dj is and remains to show people what they didn't knew they loved.

Saturday, 10 December 2011


What am I doing when I’m bored, don’t feel like going out cause this time of the year kills me and instead of hanging out at cocktail party’s and openings?  I watch movies.
I’ve already seen almost all of them once or even twice, rediscovering  others and the rest I wanted to see a long time. A list of the last few weeks conquered ones:

DOWN BY LAW (1986) 
Jim Jarmusch black and white movie about three different men in a Louisiana prison. Very funny Italian actor Roberto Benigni in one of the roles is starting the ice cream riot; ”I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream”
One of Jarmusch best ones and a personal favorite. About taxi rides in the middle of the night in 5 different cities in the world… This movie is awesome, see it.
Audrey Hepburn at her best. Based on a Truman Capote novella, this movie is a classic everyone just have to see, if only for the chic clothes.
I just say one thing, Grace Kelly, she is an icon.
This movie makes me wanna go back to that time and era, where everyone were well dressed, polite, well mannered and you went to each other places to have afternoon tea, love this golden period in American history.
Middle class Charles Ryder is studying history at the University of Oxford ,where he befriends wealthy Lord Sebstian Flyte, a flamboyant homosexual with a teddybear and a drinking problem.
An orgie in well dressed men and woman. Can’t decide who is the most sexy in this movie, Jude Law as the spoiled playboy Dickie Greenleaf, or Jack Davenport with his charming upperclass brittish accent as Peter Smith Kingsley. (Matt Damon is out of the question here since he looks like a nerd.)
Richard Gere, the hotboy of the 80’s is playing a handsome male prostitute and is doing a lot of shirtless walking around in this movie. Besides from french and english, Gere is also trying to learn Swedish in this movie, very funny.
Bored aristocrats in eighteenth century France looking to take advantage of this or that young lady, takes place in a golden age of french couture. John Malkovich is playing Vicompte de Valmont, a cynical, convincing manipulative womanizer, Glenn Close as Marquise de Merteuil  and Uma Thurman and Keanu Reeves in their earliest roles.
A very rich and successful playboy amuses himself by stealing artwork, but may have met his match in a seductive detective.
LOVE STORY (1970) 
 Harvard Law student Oliver Barrett IV (Ryan O’Neil) and music student Jennifer Cavilleri fall in love and things become complicated since they come from such different backgrounds.

Other movies I really like, but didn’t put on the list cause I’ve seen them too many times already; 
Belle de Jour, The Godfather, Scarface, Mystery Train, Cinema Paradiso, Lost Highway, Mullholland Drive, the Dreamers.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


I like to hang out with kind, nice, sweet, polite, intelligent, well mannered, happy, open minded and thinking people.
(Luckily 90% of my friends fit into that description)
I'm getting high on people. That's how it is when you are curious and social.
I always wants to know more about a new person I meet. What's their background? Why do they think like they think? Act like they act? What's behind the surface? How many layers do this person have? How many can I go through and see? How can I challenge their intellect?
Interesting people are often the well educated ones, the ones who lived abroad, grew up in many places, read some great literature and saw some great movies and of course, listened to some great music. Creative people, open minded people without prejudices, ready to try things in life, free spirit and mind people, loving and thinking people. People with values and ideas. Driven and passionate people.
I hope I'll meet many more people like this in my life and that I'll have the opportunity to interview a few of them. Maybe for a book.
I should have become a journalist.
(Referring to what I wrote a couple of months ago; "I should have become a detective")
I'm open for everything, challenge me,
To be continued...


Ernest Hemingway

Monday, 5 December 2011


Very lovely weekend.
Saturday dinner with friends at Davé in Paris, then Harry's Bar and Hotel Costes ending up somewhere else watching Jim Jarmush movies, laughing hard at the Paris part in "Night on Earth" when the two drunk businessmen from Cameroon pretends that they have the Cameroon ambassador in their bag and tells the driver he should drive very careful since they are very important people. They annoy and tease him more and more and asks "What nationality are you little brother"? upon which the driver answers "Ivoriean"which in french apart from being a person from the republic in west Africa also means "I vois rien" (I can't see anything) and they keep on bugging him telling him he just ran four red lights and that he shouldn't drive without his glasses. Extremely funny.
On Sunday night I had dinner at my friends Jean's beautiful new apartment in the 1st with Jean's new bf and friend André and his new bf. My straight female friend Karin and André were doing the cooking. The most amazing french bouillabaisse (fish soup) I EVER tasted with so many fresh ingredients directly from the market, lots of wine, champagne, confessions and talking.
What should I do without my friends?

Friday, 2 December 2011

There are some people you meet in life that you know is gonna be in your heart forever.
Soulmates. Maybe you've already met in another life before. You have a special connection.
You know they are gonna care about you what ever happens. 
I have someone like that in Paris. 
I miss him now. 

Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Dear Santa Claus, this year I have been very good and kind to people and animals. Please make sure I’ll get what's on this list (in no specific order) You can choose from delivering it directly at my door, or send it with Fedex, etc

A     -A yearly membership at Klay’s gym in Paris (+ handsome P.T)
-          -A pair of Louboutins
-          -A tailormade Chanel dress
-          -A 3-4 weeks trip to Sydney, Bali and Bahamas.
-         --A 1 week skitrip to Verbier
-          -A vintage Rolex
-          -A personal assistant
-          -A house in the Southamptons
-         -An original Andy Warhol or Jackson Pollock painting (Francis Bacon is also acceptable)
-         -A racehorse (Should I ask The Aga Kahn rather than you for this Santa?)
-         -A pair of SL1200, A pair of CDJ 2000 and a Pioneer mixer.
-       -  -Membership in the Portofino Private Club
-       -  A bottle or two of 1945# Chateau Mouton-Rothschild Jeroboam
-         -A decent husband

            Special Wishlist II   (This is from one of my favorite songs, can you guess which one?)
        -Clothes by Balmain
        -Diamonds and Pearls (hair jewelry)
        -A fancy apartment on Boulevard St Michel
        -Rolling Stones Records
        -A painting from Picasso (preferably stolen)
        -A summer vacation to Juan Les Pins
        -A topless swimsuit
        -A skitrip to St Moritz
        -Napoleon Brandy
        -A Racehorse
        Thank you very much!

Sunday, 27 November 2011


My dear friend Mr K, me, Alex from WAD Magazine and his friend at the Nokia party at Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild the other night.

Lana del Rey performed. I love Lana del Rey. Me and Mr K was in front, just a couple of meters from the scene. The concert was magic, loved every second of it.
Lana said in an interview recently; "My goal is to be a good person who lives with dignity and grace"
I couldn't agree more. 

Friday, 25 November 2011


I am thinking about this thing about getting married, is it a good idea? 
Since I’m not married myself (and never have been) but was thinking of doing it soon (as soon as a find a appropriate husband:-) I decided to interview one of my best friends Rebecka who I’ve known for about 13 years about it. Rebecka lives in Stockholm, works as a lawyer and is happily married to her husband César, they have a little daughter together. 

L: -Hi Rebecka! You are 32 years old now, how long have you been married? 
R: I have to look on the inside of my ring… From june 3 2006 it says. More than five years.

L; Have you changed as a person after getting married? 

R: No

L: -How long into the relationship do you recommend one should get married? 
R: At least two years. 

L: -Do you find that most people around you are married or are planning on getting married soon?
R:  No, all of my friends get children unmarried. Very booring.

L: -Do you feel you have to take more responsibility or sacrifice more things as a married woman? 
R: No, why? The big difference is to have children, not to be married.

L: -What do you think  are  the biggest adventages and disadventages  of  being married, compared to not being married? 
R: I actually don't think that it is such a big difference. To live with someone in a serious relationship is almost the same thing. To live together with someone is a big step from just dating. And to have children together is a big step from just living together. Marriage for me is more about legal matters it does not change that much. Advantages are that you own everything together and that the child automatically is registered as a child of both the parents. Disadvantages could be that if the child has a different father you have a problem… If you want to get divorced and did not sign prenuptial agreement it could be either an advantage or a disadvantage.

L: -Do you feel that people have more respect for you when they see you have a ring on your finger? Does that give you some kind of extra authority? 
R: Maybe. People usually think that I'm younger than I am. In my occupation thats not a good thing. With the ring I probably look a bit older and more serious.

L: -Where do you think is the best place to find a husband or wife our age? 
R: Usually someone you already know. Otherwise through other married friends or unmarried couples. I don't think you find a husband in the bar at 3 am… Maybe the internet. (I have no experience from that.)

L: -Would you recommend people to get married? 
R: Definitely. If not for other reasons to have a party. As a lawyer I do think it is important to think about what you bring into the marriage and maybe draw a prenuptial agreement.

L: -Do you ever think I will get married and in that case when? 
R: Why not! When you meet the right guy. And when you feel ready to commit. 

Thanks for your thoughtful words Rebecka!

Monday, 21 November 2011


If there's anything I hate more than mondays in november, that would be mondays in december, or mondays in january. The winter is so not my cup of tea. I am not a fan of christmas, hate the cold and the dark, and can't stand seeing christmas decorations (more than a couple of days before the actual date.) 
I wish I could take a remote control and just fast- forward me through these months of pure suffering. 
This is one of my favorite coffee cups I use for my café latte in the morning. I try hard to concentrate on what's written on it and to stop wishing I was on a beach in Bahamas all the time...

Sunday, 20 November 2011


Night On Earth -Jim Jarmusch
End of November. 
I do rarely feel like going out to party's this time of the year.
What I feel like is to stay at home, inside, to light my diptyque candles, make myself a cup of tea with ginger and sit in the sofa and watch cosy and dreamy movies.
I discovered Jim Jarmusch already when I was around 18. Have seen almost all of his movies already, but this one I had forget about somehow. Saw it again the other night and I really love it.
I recommend all of you to watch it. The feeling, the music and the atmosphere in this film really suits this time of the year I think...

Thursday, 17 November 2011


(A house in London, we didn't almost take any pics unfortunately)

With risk of repeating myself, I must say I love London. I love it cause I'm not bored of it yet. Still so much to see and to discover. I love strolling around in Chelsea a sunny afternoon, take a coffee or have lunch at Saatchi Gallery while looking at the garden in front where the sun sends it's last rays on the autumn leaves in the large trees outside. Having a look around in the stores, being greeted with "Hello luv" when I ask for directions from polite gentlemen dressed in brown corduroy suits and a briefcase strolling down the street on their way back from lunch break. I love the British accent and how they forcefully pronounce words like "utterly disgusting" (makes me laugh.)
Me and my friend Nanna who came over from Stockholm spent last weekend here together which was absolutely great. On thursday night we went to the ECC in Chinatown where we had cocktails before we took a "rickshaw" to go to the newly opened Le Baron London. The rickshaws in London are like three times more expensive than a normal taxi, so it's not really to recommend. Me and Nanna sang loudly to the rickshaw driver : "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open rickshaw, hey" over and over again, while I filmed us with my iphone, I am sure he appreciated it.  At Le Baron it was my friend Chi's birthday, she was happy and dressed in a lovely black velvet dress. We went downstairs and sat in some sort of VIP corner where a lady with a little red hat served us champagne all night long. . .
The next day we went for dinner in Notting Hill with our friend Greg and Nanna's friend from N.Y and his friend, was nice. After that we went to Morton's, some private members club where there was a birthday party for someone, (don't remember who) met a couple of London people I knew since before and after that we went to some other bars & ECC (again) where we ran into the nice french guys who owns it and who we talked with for a while, they offered us some really nice and spicy cocktails, a pity I can't remember which..
On saturday we walked around in South Ken almost all day, trying to find Harrods. Do I need to say we never found it ;-) After having an incredible long and anxious taxi ride with a retarded driver who thought we were from Finland. (I confirmed by lack of patience talking to the guy.) He went on and told us the only word he knew in finnish was "moj" and insisted that I explained what it meant. We told him it meant "we like it when people are quiet" which he didn't get, so then I changed it to mean "Hello" simply. I still don't know what it really mean. That night we had dinner at a nice restaurant with a large group of people from Southampton (N.Y) who now lived in London. It was Nanna's friend A, his friends Alex and "Cashmere", Fiona who was married to a guy (who sat next to me) and who was so obviously gay it was a joke. Fiona's diamond on her left ring finger had the size of a small birds egg, (maybe to compensate the fact that her husband was secretly gay.)Then there were some other guys and girls I can't remember the names of. Me and Nanna had fixed us up on 'The Box' guest list later, but that wasn't necessary since A knew everyone and we just walked in. We were hanging out in the back at the bar and the show was amazing. I loved all of it, the extremely talanted human beatbox guy was really good. Afterwards the best female dj I've seen in my entire life took over. Dj Kayper. A tiny Indian girl, much smaller than me who was just the most incredible dj ever. She was mixing, scratching, never still for a second, her playlist was amazing, her dj technique was something I've never seen before. I was impressed. I stood and stared at her for minutes before I took her number and said I wanted to book her in Paris. Do I have to say I loved The Box? Best club I've been to for years. In the end we went up to some vip room upstairs where one of the girls and guys in our group danced so much they fell down, (unluckily so bad they had to call an ambulance) I heard it looked extremely funny though, when they fell.
The dj's upstairs invited me to an after party with them. I didn't go. I met someone I knew on the dance floor and we went for night food around the corner instead. When I later looked at my pic's in my iphone from this night after The Box I am wearing a tall police man's hat on the photos, don't ask me how and why, cause I don't have any explanation :)
To be continued...

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Cold and dark november, last year this time I went to London a long week end to visit a friend and that was great, we went to Tate, dinners and party's  and had a really great time (you might have read about it on my blog) This november me and a girlfriend who lives in Stockholm decided to do the same thing, there is nothing better than to leave Paris and take the Eurostar over the channel to my beloved London from time to time!
I'm looking forward....

Saturday, 29 October 2011


Yo everybody!
Come to my event I'm organizing at Carmen next thursday the 3#rd of nov. Gonna be awesome!
Expect music from Lana del Ray, Throbbing Gristle, Lykke Li,Rebecka & Fiona, Higamos Higamos  Psychic hit list, Dead Mous5, Justine & the Victorian punks, Miike Snow, DJ Medhi, Lucio Battisti and many many more!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Ello Luv! (With a brittish accent)
Trying to keep up the happy & positive mindset in those cold and dark autumn times!
Trying not to think about anything that has to do with feelings, love and all of that stuff and only concentrate on business and work, which is good in periods...
Business are coming up in different types, dj'ing, organizing events, fashion and something else I can't talk about yet..
So, mailing and mailing and meetings and meetings, I like meetings.
Keeping up the healthy spirit and cooking quinoa/persil/ail "pasta" with broccoli and lemon.
Wanna leave on vacation badly, ANYWHERE!
Soon, soon.....
Maybe time for a trip over the channel..
Happy and lovely fall all of you

Monday, 24 October 2011


I figure stuff out very easily. I have learned a special technique of thinking and to see the connection between things that I've practiced for years now...
I think this way, put two and two together and I have the answer.
I know exactly where to look and what to look for, don't underestimate me.
When it comes to investigation I am always one step ahead.
(you can say I'm a cheating guys nightmare ;-)

Contact me on my mail if you wanna hire me to solve a case for you.

Saturday, 22 October 2011



Sometimes I remember things that happened a long, long time ago, just pops up in my head and I smile when I'm thinking of long gone memories...
Just thought about something  that took place maybe in 1983, I was four or five.
I hid (for some unknown reason) a few grapes on a little plate on the floor behind the desk in my room and then I forgot about them for weeks...
When I finally found them weeks later they had turned into raisins. I was fascinated since I still didn't know it was the same thing, only a matter of process....

Thursday, 20 October 2011


I am a food fascist and I admit it!
 I believe that one of the most important things for your well being is what you eat (or what you don't eat)
While I’m writing this I eat brunch which today is a cup of Kusmi detox tea with fresh sliced ginger, cotton cheese mixed with sliced green apple, chili and linseed.
I feel better the more fruits and veggies and liquid stuff I eat and my body feel heavy, swollen, stuffed and I immediately start to have a stomach ache if I eat too much of stuff like red meat, fried potatoes, sauces and white bread. I can feel that’s not good for me, my body is not constructed that way. I always prefer lighter before heavier, fish before meat, veggies before any kind of potatoes and always water before superficial sugar drinks, such as coke (over 30 sugar cubes in a 33 cl)
My ideal breakfast: A glass of freshly squeezed orange (or other fruit) juice. Tea or café latte with soy milk and cinnamon, bio fil (Swedish) or yoghurt, with acidophilus+ müsli, blueberries and strawberries/ or whole-wheat toasts with ham and cheese tomatoes and herbs, or porridge with sliced banana, cinnamon and milk in the winter.
My ideal lunch: fish with vegetables and lots of lemon, sushi or a salad.
My ideal Dinner: shrimps, oysters or other seafood, with a fruit salad. Or grilled fish with veggies (ideal in the summer)

I don’t understand and can't stand hanging out with people who have no idea and are completely unconscious of how to eat good for their bodies and are completely blind for what bad food does to you= makes you stupid and sugar addicted. Some are so stuck with old bad ideas, what their unconscious parents gave them as children cause they didn't know better and their habit of eating in places like McDonalds and cheap pizza or kebab places are now taking over their lives.  For me it's like people who smoke pot every day. You feel good at the moment, but hey! Your body is slowly rotting from inside and you don’t care…

My seven years in Paris has food wise brought me back to a state of how unconscious Swedish people must have been when it came to food, let’s say in the seventies. Many people in this country are today 2011 surprisingly poorly educated and completely unconscious about what is good for you and what is bad.
A couple of years ago I had some colleges who when we had lunch in the common canteen always took mountains of french fries, and steak with ketchup. Drink to that? Coca cola. Dessert? -Of course, (everyone in France always eat dessert, every day) fruit yoghurt, or a large slice of cake or other pastry with shitloads of artificially made cream on it. I was shocked.
Some of them ate this for lunch EVERY single day, I am not kidding and I thought with horror of what they then might eat for breakfast and for dinner. I had the fish alternative every day, with a bowl of salad, sparkling water and a fruit salad, and the more I saw them eat those mountains of fries every day the less I wanted to eat -anything at all actually. I mean, there were other alternatives, it was just that other food seemed completely alienated and inedible for them. They looked strangely at my plate and wondered how on earth I could eat fish every day when there were french fucking fries there to get!
While I am doing my weekly grocery shopping in Naturalia (bio products and stuff) carefully trying to find products without additives, etc everyone around me still eat white bread and have sugar in their coffee.
I stopped using additional sugar in coffee, tea and food over 10 years ago (like most of my Swedish friends) same with butter- those two things doesn’t exist in my home. I never or rarely eat white bread since it is industrial made,
with chemically produced flour which means the vitamins in the bread no longer exists, etc and which forms like a heavy stone in your stomach and on top of that makes you fat.
How come people in a modern country still are so unaware of how to eat right?
For example when I go shopping at the supermarket I buy fruits, veggies, bio nature yoghurt, soy milk and water, while everyone else have their shopping carts full of cookies, white bread, milk that is not stocked in the fridge= shitloads of added sugar, coca cola, frozen food=the devil, fruit yoghurt = 100% sugar (which makes you fat and bad for the body) and other pure sugar and fat bombs with artificial substances, not to talk about trans fats. Feel sorry for girls who are obviously on a diet when I see what they have lined up behind me in the line at Monoprix; fruit yoghurt, cornflakes and rice cakes, come on! Everyone knows that that’s the worst you can eat if you wanna loose weight, jesus crist..
 I also noticed that everyone in this country seems to love cookies. It’s a fucking cake nibbling going on all day long wherever you turn your head. I’ve noticed it since that’s what everyone has in their shopping thingie at Monoprix. I am not crazy about cookies/chocolate and stuff like that. Never been. So I rarely buy it.
It is because I wasn't fed with cookies and candy every day like French children when I was little I never developed that addiction. My parents knew better, and thank god for that. If I ever have children they are definitely not gonna be given cookies and candies everyday for their “gouter” meal or whatever it is called in the afternoon. That is to destroy a little growing body and small teeth and make them sugar addicted, resulting in problems with caries and obesity to fight against their whole life “thanks mum and dad” Like giving cigarettes to them. Children should eat healthy home cooked meals with pure ingredients (meat, fish, veggies and fruits) and if you are stupid enough to feed them sugar and fat instead of real food you shouldn’t have children.

I’ve never been on a diet in my entire life, I just eat healthy and what I feel instinctively is good for my body, that’s it.
Of Course I eat some bad stuff every now and then, I like Swedish candy very much for example, but not every freakin day! Maybe if I had grown up with stupid unconscious parents who fed me McDonalds, cookies and bad food since I was two, I would be a bit fat now and eat much more cookies, candy and fast food cause my body would crave it and be programmed with it since many years. I feel sorry for kids who have had to grow up that way.