Monday, 5 December 2011


Very lovely weekend.
Saturday dinner with friends at Davé in Paris, then Harry's Bar and Hotel Costes ending up somewhere else watching Jim Jarmush movies, laughing hard at the Paris part in "Night on Earth" when the two drunk businessmen from Cameroon pretends that they have the Cameroon ambassador in their bag and tells the driver he should drive very careful since they are very important people. They annoy and tease him more and more and asks "What nationality are you little brother"? upon which the driver answers "Ivoriean"which in french apart from being a person from the republic in west Africa also means "I vois rien" (I can't see anything) and they keep on bugging him telling him he just ran four red lights and that he shouldn't drive without his glasses. Extremely funny.
On Sunday night I had dinner at my friends Jean's beautiful new apartment in the 1st with Jean's new bf and friend André and his new bf. My straight female friend Karin and André were doing the cooking. The most amazing french bouillabaisse (fish soup) I EVER tasted with so many fresh ingredients directly from the market, lots of wine, champagne, confessions and talking.
What should I do without my friends?

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