Friday, 29 June 2012



I almost never write in diary form on my blog cause that doesn't appeal to me, who on earth is interested in other peoples grocery shopping, shower and cleaning habits and other very banal things. Not me anyway. I decided to do an exception for once and write about a completely normal day in my life.
Thursday the 28th of June 2012:
Woke up to a sunny wonderful day, 30 degrees hot and humid here in Paris. Had chevre yoghurt with strawberries and banana for breakfast. Drank coffee. Did some work and mailing on my computer. Then I talked to and fed my Burmese roommate Capri Skarstedt and played a little bit with him.
After a couple of more hours working from home I went and had rosé in Rue Montergeuil with my friend Nico and his friend Alexandra who was in town for the Parisian fashion week from Germany.
Alexandra and Nico
After an hour or two I went home, had a shower and changed to my evening outfit; black jumpsuit and black Bronté hat (present from my friend Susanna) and high heels. Then I took a cab to Susannas friend the Spanish fashion stylist José Ramon's place in Rue Volta for gossip and white wine. Susanna arrived after a while and we felt a bit hungry so me and her took off to Chez Omar in Rue de Bretagne where we shared an enormous lamb couscous and laughed, talked and drank more rosé and ate until the food almost came out from our ears.
                                                       The end of our greasy feast Chez Omar
 In the end of the dinner around midnight my friend Claude who lives in London and Mexico called. He was in town and was hanging out drinking wine in another friends place in the 2d. He asked if we wanted to come over for a drink which we thought sounded like a good idea. On the way from the restaurant I dived down on two exceptionally cute little dachshund babies being walked by a man in the street. (Cuddle with dachshunds is great for the well being of ones soul) at Adriens more wine awaited and the talk was mainly about friends in common, Mexico and our plans for the summer, quite a nice day.

To be continued...

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


                                                     (My friend and roommate in Paris)
                                                              Name: Capri Skarstedt
                                                                       Age: Soon 4
                                                                     Race: Burmese
                                 Like: To sleep, to walk around, cuddle with people, warm things.
                                                          Don't like: To be alone, water.
    Weird things about me: I eat thread, I drink from the bathtub instead of from my bowl in the kitchen. I suffer from a hysterical fear of heights (the balcony) I hate the vacuum cleaner which I think is a monster. I have my own passport with photo+full name.

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Me @ Terassa Martini rooftoop for Glamour Mag cocktail
Harvey "Tony" Ambomo outside L'Acte III
Me and Harvey dj'ing for Fete de la musique @ L'Acte III

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Summer is here and so is the most wonderful and magic period of the year. Everything is just great now. Paris is beautiful, great friends and dinners, cocktails and party's almost every night.
I'm gonna try to travel as much as possible this summer as usual. I love to travel. I live for it.
Next stop in a very short time will be my beloved Stockholm. My home. I miss Sweden and Stockholm a lot. I haven't seen my friends for a year. I miss the Stockholm spirit, to feel safe and surrounded by people I know since forever and who I can trust. Can't wait to go there and to see them all!

Friday, 8 June 2012


                                                              B Day Breakfast
I had the most lovely Birthday week end in Paris that I celebrated during three days. My real birthday was on Thursday the 31th of may and on that evening I dj’d at a CHANEL cocktail and lancing of a new "Ultra" ring in their joaillerie collection in their store at place Vendome in Paris. The whole store was decorated in black and white, with white roses and disco balls in different sizes in the ceiling. The VIP guests were served petit fours with caviar among with many other yummy things and as much champagne as one could drink of course. It went extremely well. Apparently everyone loved the set and when I left around midnight the Chanel team gave me the chic Chanel hat I wore during my set as a gift. 
1 st Birthday present! 
                      Me and my friends  Julien and Susanna during the Chanel cocktail

Afterwards I took a cab to Palais de Tokyo to join some friends and met a group of 10 guys I know very well, they all bought me champagne and sang ”Happy Birthday to you” and then the night ended late at Le Baron…
              I got bouquets of my favorite flower peony in pale pink and white from my friends Jean and David
 On Friday my dear friend Harvey (who I often dj together with) invited me to Bercy Arena to from the  VIP stand witness the Kanye West and Jay Z’s concert "Watch The Throne". Felt cool to celebrate my 34th birthday by enjoying an incredible four hour long hip hop concert together with several thousands hiphop fans dancing and waving their hands in the air. So right. We were hanging out in the VIP lounge before and after the concert, drinking champagne, eating gourmet food, I was pretty tired from the night before though. Kanye and Jay Z both looked evil and played "Niggas in Paris" at least 12 times in the end. When the concert finished around midnight the party continued at  another B Day bash in a friend's apartment in the 9th...
  Top: Nicole, Harvey and me before the concert.  Bottom; Nicole and me in my Chanel hat at the concert
Nenad and me at Palais de Tokyo
Saturday I had gathered lovely friends to celebrate my birthday with a dinner at the cosy outside terasse at Palais de Tokyo. The weather was perfect and the dj played one of my fav tunes "Ancora Tu" with Lucio Battisti while me and my friends Hedi, Eleonora, David, Karin, Julien, Jean Marc, Susanna, Audrey, Kenan, Nenad, Jean and Renata were having dinner.  I was wearing a new jumpsuit in black silk, my 14 cm Miu Miu's, a vintage silk scarf and my Chanel hat.  Karin gave me Chanel makeup, my friends Mr K and Mr K gave me a limited edition Chanel perfume from the range "Les Exclusifs" called Bel Respiro that I absolutely love and Susanna gave me a really cool big black Bronté hat. 
                                                Some of my B Day gifts from my friends
A delicious dinner, a HBD song and more presents later we all went to The CONSTRUCTION Party one terasse down where we continued the celebrations with more champagne.The night ended at Raspoutine. A big thanks to all my wonderful friends!  - A very nice week end indeed.
To be continued...