Friday, 29 June 2012


I almost never write in diary form on my blog cause that doesn't appeal to me, who on earth is interested in other peoples grocery shopping, shower and cleaning habits and other very banal things. Not me anyway. I decided to do an exception for once and write about a completely normal day in my life.
Thursday the 28th of June 2012:
Woke up to a sunny wonderful day, 30 degrees hot and humid here in Paris. Had chevre yoghurt with strawberries and banana for breakfast. Drank coffee. Did some work and mailing on my computer. Then I talked to and fed my Burmese roommate Capri Skarstedt and played a little bit with him.
After a couple of more hours working from home I went and had rosé in Rue Montergeuil with my friend Nico and his friend Alexandra who was in town for the Parisian fashion week from Germany.
Alexandra and Nico
After an hour or two I went home, had a shower and changed to my evening outfit; black jumpsuit and black Bronté hat (present from my friend Susanna) and high heels. Then I took a cab to Susannas friend the Spanish fashion stylist José Ramon's place in Rue Volta for gossip and white wine. Susanna arrived after a while and we felt a bit hungry so me and her took off to Chez Omar in Rue de Bretagne where we shared an enormous lamb couscous and laughed, talked and drank more rosé and ate until the food almost came out from our ears.
                                                       The end of our greasy feast Chez Omar
 In the end of the dinner around midnight my friend Claude who lives in London and Mexico called. He was in town and was hanging out drinking wine in another friends place in the 2d. He asked if we wanted to come over for a drink which we thought sounded like a good idea. On the way from the restaurant I dived down on two exceptionally cute little dachshund babies being walked by a man in the street. (Cuddle with dachshunds is great for the well being of ones soul) at Adriens more wine awaited and the talk was mainly about friends in common, Mexico and our plans for the summer, quite a nice day.

To be continued...

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