Monday, 28 February 2011

Love this....


Could do anything to be in New York right now.
Have so many dear friends in the big apple that I miss...
Think I have to go there really really soon...

Saturday, 26 February 2011


I remember when I was little, maybe around the age of 8 and 10 that I sometimes was thinking about the future, that I knew nothing about-my life as an adult and so on. I was seeing flashes and visions in front of me like a film, like I saw previews of what was going to happen in the future in my own life. I don't know if everyone is seeing this as children or if it was just me. It was so clear and so obvious. I saw different big cities, skyscrapers, I saw New York, Paris and London and I understood that that was part of my future and where I was heading...I didn't know it was exactly those citys but now afterwards I understood it.
This happened each time I tried to visualise my future and I remember I thought it was exciting.
I knew already as a little girl I would be travelling a lot, I would live in different big cities and have a different life from what many other little boys and girls in my surroundings might have. Maybe they dreamt of a secure life, surrounded by their familys, to get married and have children one day and settle down in their hometowns. Not me, I knew the future had something different in store for me and now I'm here-in the future and I love it. The future is bright.
I am exactly in that vision I had as a little girl. I may not be surrounded by skyscrapers-yet. But I'm sure that day will come and I'm waiting for it with inpatience...


I mentioned in my last blog post that I have a stalker and now I thought I was going to tell you the story about this stalker cause it is quite remarkable...
I have other stalkers as well, but I call them "everyday stalkers" which meens guys who doesn't get that you're not interested (and never gonna be) to go and have a drink with them even if you never call back and do not answer their 10 (yes ten) last textos, but that's another story...

I used to live in the 17th arr in Paris, around Villiers for a year or so just in the beginning when I first moved to Paris. This is like 5 or 6 years ago. Back then I shared my flat with a roommate and we didn't have any washing machine or internet in our flat. It was really annoying and quite hard so I used to go down to the laundry place futher down the street to wash my clothes. Since I'm quite busy doing other things and quite lazy when it comes to doing laundry and that kind of über boring stuff I don't do it very often, - I wait instead until it's absolutely neccesary cause otherwise I have nothing to wear and have to walk around naked and that wouldn't be a hit. So every second month or so I took my laundry  and went down to this shabby place to wash. The place was like any other shabby dirty bad entertained laundry place in Paris runned by a poor family from the middle east somewhere. The sons in the family age 17, 18 (I was 27) were always hanging around there trying to talk to me and my roommates while we were washing our clothes and since I hate to talk to people I don't know in that kind of situations I don't think we had much of a conversation. One day I saw they had computers in some room behind the washing machines and asked if they did internet as well cause I was badly in need of an internet place to check my e mails. They said the computers were for private use but that I could check my mails quickly if I wanted. So I went into the room, typed in my e mail adress and checked my mails quickly before I took my laundry and went home.
Somehow my mailadress registered in their computer and they had my name.
Not long after I moved away from the 17th arr to never come back again.
A while after I start to receive e -mails and invitations to msn chat from this laundry guy called "Rachid" or something like that. I ignore it ofcouse, -how incredibly rude to check up on my name and stalk me like a  freak when we don't even know each other! Then he tries to contact me several times during the following years, he writes me emails in bad english, he adds me on Skype, msn, facebook -you name it. I always ignore, always block -and NEVER answers. It continues, this guy is a total freak! For your information I talked to this guy maybe between 5 and 10 times maximum a couple of minutes about complete formal bullshit down in the laundry place where I went on Sundays in flip flops and jogging pants, hungovered with messy hair and no make up and I made such an impact on him that he still stalks me now in 2011, like 6 years later- Isn't it just incredible!!!???
What on earth does this person want from me? Holy mama, isn't he embarassed just a bit?
I got a friend request on fb the other day with a message saying like " Hi beauty! How are you doing? Remember me? It's been a long time, etc, -I was like:  "do I know you?" before I realized it was the crazy laundry stalker that once again pop'ed up like jack in the fucking box and I didn't know wether to laugh or cry...
I don't know what to think, is he  mentally retarded, a freak or just crazy?
Well, to be continued...
Btw, according to the statistics in my blog I have readers from Sweden, France, Norway, Denmark, Swizerland,The Netherlands, England, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Turkey,Iran, USA, Canada,Israel, Australia, The Phillippines and China, so drop me a comment now and then guys and tell me what you think about my blog, think I've changed the settings now so you are able to comment! ;)

/Love L

Friday, 25 February 2011


Haven't been writing so much lately, have been pretty busy with my new job and some other lovely stuff but here comes a little update of what I love  and hate right now in no specific order- think you know me a bit by now, so you might already know that I:


-To be in love
-My Mac Book
-Really hot and long showers
-Oysters with lemon
-Dogs who looks sad
-To not go out, cause I know I have something better to do...
-To travel-anywhere, makes me happy
-To feel invulnerable, safe with who I am and happy
-The fantastic, kind, helpful and nice people I have the luck to have around me
-Cold dry and bubbly champagne in neverending amounts
-To be with YOU, to kiss you, to look into your eyes and to see you smile...
-To watch Mad Men in my bed
-My dear, dear friends <3
-To Skype with wise and lovely friends, even if they are on the other side of the world
-My family
-To go away on weekends with someone special
-Starbucks soja latte, with a tiny slash of cinnamon on the foam, -no sugar.
-Stella McCartney underwear
-To buy shitloads of expensive and luxury makeup and skincare
-Scented Candles
-Strong, cool, fantastic and inspiring women
-New York
-To hang out at Karins flat in le Marais, having dinner, smoking cigarettes, drinking wine, laughing, listening to music, making up businessplans and talking bullshit.
-Intelligent people
-Taxirides late at night in a rainy and cosy Paris with all it's lights...
-Cosy dinners/nights in
-Dark red velvet
- To listen to fantastic music really load
-Wierd creative people who think different


-Narrowminded people
-The cold
-The metro/RER
-Early mornings
-When things break/doesn't work in my home and I don't know how to fix them
- People who hit their children
-Guys who are obsessed with sex in a bad way (posting sex related stuff on their fb all the time, etc -so pathetic)
-Stuck up people
- Stalkers (yeah, I have one)
- People who are lying in a relationship
-People who are lying in general
-The hierarchy system in the french society
- When my creditcards stop to work after too much overspending
-Additives in food and ready made meals
-When I'm so tired and exhausted that I can't think clearly anymore
-When I am afraid/blocked of doing or saying what I really want
-To know that people you care about are falling deeper and deeper into abuse and there is nothing you can do to help them cause you are miles away
-When the ones you love suffer

As you can see, I can think of much more stuff that I love , than that I hate for the moment, which is good and a sign that I am happy and feeling good :)

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Photo: Jean Picon


I dont think its fun to go out anymore.
Then I mean go out just to go out like I did when I was younger. I think it's pretty pointless now...
Between 16 and like 29 I thought the going out was an adventure as it was. So exciting and full of opportunities to meet new people, flirt with boys, having drinks, meet up with friends, etc.
I started to go out at 16 in Stockholm and I loved the nightlife right away. People 10 years older than me took me to clubs and cool bars and from then on it just continued.
I started to dj at 20 and went out several times a week until very late and could without any problem wake up the next morning and go to work fresh and in a good mood ready to meet the day like nothing had happened.
That's not the case today unfourtunatly, now I need to either sleep the whole day or dope myself with liters of coffe, orange juice and concealer to feel something that reminds me of the feeling 'normal' the day after.

Now it bores me to go out just to go out. I guess I have become rather blasé from going out as much as I have.
It must be something special happening nowerdays to get me in the mood; a launch, a vernissage, a store opening,  fashion week, or ofcourse- if I am dj'ing.
Otherwise to go out just to go out is just ridiculously pointless...
I do it sometimes, but I always come home in the end of those evenings feeling empty and like, I could have stayed at home, cause what did it change? -Nothing. I have done this a million times before and it's just like a joke that's not funny anymore...
The crowd in most of the places has changed also (naturally) now people born after 1983 are going out, even kids born in the 90's which wasn't the case before and gives me the feeling of a superyoung crowd I don't have anything in common with, or that it is me that is now old(er). Makes me think of the lyrics to the song "Losing my edge" with LCD Soundsystem, even if it's not that bad, but so true.
"Yeah, I'm losing my edge, I'm losing my edge, the kids are coming up from behind" great song btw.

Ofcourse it can be fun if you are in another city and go out to clubs you have never been to before, (everything you haven't already tried is always funny.)

But in Paris I rather do something more cultivating like going to the cinema, to an exhibition, having a romantic dinner with someone I like, a nice dinner with friends or chill at home cooking together watching dvd's and taking bubblebaths.
Dont like to burn braincells and money on expensive and disgusting drinks, listen to soulless house and spend the evening trying to figure out where your friends are and how to find them. Much nicer to go to a storepoening or a vernissage or a party in some cool flat where it's calm and you can actually talk to people. Often you meet really interesting people at those places and It's not unusual that unexpected things happens, like last week when I was at some kind of storeopening in Paris, I run into some friends and left with them to a really nice 'secret' coctail for a well known french record label in a huge beautiful apartment. People are often more sophisticated (older) you have something decent to drink (champagne) and you know that people you know are gonna be there and you don't have to spend half an hour looking for them lost in a crowd of screaming drunk 23 year old's with partyhats.
You might ask; so,what's the next step, are you gonna get married, stop drinking and buy a house also?
Well, nothing is impossible...

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Back in Paris after a really nice weekend in Belgium...;)
Last night me and my cute friend Solli shared a bottle of wine at La Palette in St Germain, talking about everything that had happened since we last saw each other (under ongoing mens FW)
Afterwards we went to a party for a perfume launch for Lolita Lempicka at Le Baron.
The whole place were decorated in green flowers and leaves that were hanging everywhere and from the ceiling. It was open bar and me and Solli and our friend Thierry Lasry were running back and forth to order champagne, piscines and Baron's all night.
It was nice to be back and I think I knew at least 80 % of the people there. The difference between Paris and Stockholm were significant. Here everyone came up to me the minute they saw me, smiled and said hi, chit-chatted and wondered where I had been for so long.
I explained I had been on vacation in Stockholm and I couldn't help smiling a little when I compared the warm welcoming from the parisian crowd with how the cold do-I-know-you? anxious Stockholm behaviour would have been in a similar situation.
After talking to people, the obligatory photoshoots with the nightclub photographers and too many glasses of champagne me Solli and Thierry took off to Montana. It was nice as usual but I didn't stay too long cause someone I like came by and we left cause we had something better to do...
To be continued...

Right under those letters to the left at the DAGMAR afterparty PEACHES GELDOF was lying in a huge bed with a young man. She was specially invited to the Dagmar show and she was tired. My ex Gustav was booked to DJ at this afterparty, but Peaches had told the organisers she wouldnt come if she couldnt have her dj friend Daniel with her from London, so he ends up playing and he was pretty good.







The Stockholm autumn-winter FW 2011 was organized by Mercedes Benz and Berns Salonger. It was supporting nearly 40 Swedish design houses. During the days the Berns Mercedes-Benz Fashion week was going on and I was there watching the shows almost every day. I saw Ann Sofi Back, Carin Wester, Dagmar, StyleIn, Diana Orving, Odeur, Busnel, etc to name a few...I missed a lot of stuff also but I wasn't in Stockholm for that in the first place either. God, Stockholm FW is so ridiculous and full of stuck up people...
First of all the front rows at the shows were filled with 20 year old blog girls! There were some journalists from Swedish Elle and stuff, but the rest- young blog kids!
Some of those blog girls are treated like stars in Sweden, have magasins and tv shows and all sorts of attention in the media. That just tells how hungry Sweden is of “celebrities”. We don't have many real ones, way too few- so then let's create some out of thin air! Yehoo!
That is something that could only happen is Sweden I think. The crowd were so young and anxious and stiff and unexperienced.  I just wanted to laugh at them. Little over -dressed up 20 year old girls and boys believing they were too cool for school and the centre of the fucking universe, looking at each other (and me)from head-to toe with stone faces, so nervous of getting a step wrong. I was the only one smiling in the lines to the shows and I just wanted to tell everyone: Hey! Comeon! Loose'n up, We're not attending a funeral here, It's fashion, -It's fun for god's sake! Have a glass of champagne and relax so you avoid shitting in your pants! But the Swedish FW fenomen and the fashion scene is so new, small and tiny and for me who has done maybe 10 fashion weeks in Paris it was like a joke. So far from the FW in Paris as you can get...Then I'm not taking about the organisation or the shows, but about the goddamn people that were there and how they behaved! It was embarrasing…


Me and dj Cherry Bibi from Le Carmen at Lolita Lempicka launch party @ Le Baron last night

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


On friday( the day after the Fireball and Riche party) I woke up at beautiful Sheraton Hotel in Stockholm. It was sunny and I took a walk in my 14cm platform heels from last night back to the south parts of the city.
That evening I was guest dj'ing with Gustav at East - an asian resto/bar in Stockholm.  Not exactly our crowd, but, whatever. We had a really nice and delicious dinner there before and I met my funny friend Carolina and then we did our set which went well and drank champagne all night long...We stayed quite calm and skipped the afterparty's that night cause nothing extraordinary was actually happening.

On saturday I went for dinner with my friend Nanna at her boyfriend's restaurant "Halv grek + Turk at Jungfrugatan in Östermalm. It was a girls dinner so no boys were allowed. The food was absolutely delicious and me and Nanna had so many things to talk about cause it was a while since I saw her the last time. I was wearing my FW uniform: A black Acne dress in raw silk with long sleeves and so short it just covers my ass, black stockings and 14 cm's miu miu platforms in black velvet from their latest collection. Nanna wore something sexy as usual.
After the dinner we went for a drink at the new nice design hotel/bar "Nobis" at Norrmalmstorg (My friends Rebecka and Gustav dj'd for their opening.) After that we went to Berns where my friend Nanna is the new marketing manager.
We went up to the terasse where Nanna knew the dj's, we said hi and danced like crazy a long while and then we went down to the basement club and met up with some people and the bosses who got us lots of fireball shots and champagne. We stayed there until we got too drunk and then I took a taxi home.
When I stepped out from the cab in the middle of the night I thought it was a good idea to call someone I missed in Paris, and while I was talking to him I took the elevator up to the 4th floor where I stayed...
I stepped out of the elevator, with the door keys in one hand and my phone in the other, still talking when I suddenly drop my keys and they disappear into the darkness of the little gap between the elevator and the floor. I was fucked.
Gustav was away dj'ing in Gothenburgh and in my tipsy state of mind I was calling around anyone I could think of in my phonebook until I finally reached Nanna who was somewhere in the night and took a taxi to her flat and slept between her and her little jack russel son called Nils.




It was sunny almost every day when I woke up in Stockholm. Sun, a blue sky, fresh clean crispy cold air and I was happy!
Reflections I made: In Stockholm everyone is drinking a superhealthy multivitamin drink you buy at the pharmacy called Mivi Total. (even my swedish friends in Paris drink this) You are supposed to get thicker hair, healthier skin, more energy and a better sexlife. So I went out and bought 1 liter of that stuff. Everyone in Stockholm is watching Mad Men, and in every bookshop, etc I visited you could buy season 1,2 and 3 of my favorite series.
In Stockholm people are snobbish, stuck up, anxiously trendy, earns shitloads of money and think they are too cool to recognize even their friends and people they know at partys. (Sometimes they pretend they didn't see you and do not come and say hi to you even that you have been in the same room for more than 15 minutes, which wouldn't happen in Paris.)
That is because Stockholm is too small. People get annoyed seeing the same people all the time they go out and get so tired of them they don't even bother saying hi. It also has to do with the total insecurity in themselves and lack of good manners- Totally unsexy if you ask me.
And they all have the same accessory also: A baby.
I swear there are not one couple my age in Stockholm who doesn't have this accessory or atleast are thinking of getting one in the near future.  I got the question myself if I didn't want a baby soon. I was laughing and asked how you spelled to it.
I am in the middle of my life, busy with my life. I want to have fun, I want to go out, I want to connect and network -and at the same time I want to drink champange. Hmmm, wouldn't work with a b.a.b.y I guess.
Anyway, the first evening in Stockholm I went with Gustav to Vassa Eggen and a Fireball party my friend David hosted. Fireball is a new wiskey that taste like cinnamon. Quite good actually even if I normally hate wiskey. After burning our stomach's with shots of fireball and some champagne at "Vassa" we gathered a crowd and went to Riche where my friend Johan had a release party for his new record with his legendary 80's band "Lustans Lakejer"and where my friends Gustav and Luciano were dj'ing the whole night. Over there, before their gig we had a spontanious "herrmiddag". Which meens guys dinner and it was me and like 7 or 8 guys having dinner together, so much fun... We ordered in almost everything on the menu, such as swedish meatballs=köttbullar, toast skagen which is a swedish speciality, oysters, champagne and everything inbetween. I was listening to many funny and interesting 'guy stories' that happened on tours all over the world, (several of the guys around the table were musicians.) For example when some of the guys were on tour somewhere in the states and just got off the scene sweaty and exhausted after a gig and the singer wents to the changing room to take a long warm shower to freshen up and steps out and grabs the nearest towel and slowly starts to wipe his whole body with it and finish with carefully wiping of his wet face when the guitarist comes into the room and yells: - No, not that one! That's my wanktowel!!
Everyone is laughing, (me the most) Or the story of when the same guys are on tour in Germany and late one night after a gig are looking for some movies to rent in the local videostore. One of them would love to watch "Sopranos" and goes to the guy behind the desk and asks: Hello, do you have a dvd called "Sopranos"? While the videoguy who doesnt got the accent right get a wierd look in his face, lower his voice and sais with a german accent: "Yes, Super-Anus? -I have that, while the guy slips out a gay movie from one of the shelfs and show it to my friend. Stories like this followed the whole evening and I haven't laughed so much in a long time.
To be continued....



I arrive in Stockholm tired and exhausted from 6 or 7 nights of non stop going out at Mens fashionweek in Paris-and what happens then? Friends immediately tells me that Stockholm Fashionweek starts in a few days...Ok, fun, but I know how it's gonna be, even if I planned to take it easy, stay in and read and detox there is not a chance in a million I am going to resist to go to the shows and the party's. It's too much me, too much fun...
But first of all I go home to my mum's house, 45 min outside Stockholm where I relax, eat healthy food, drink detox tea, goes out walking in the cold and the  snow with my little brother and chill in the sofa in the evenings with my mum's huge fat black cat, Yoda -trying to bite my toes.
I even (at a weak moment) let my mum talk me into going to the gym with her-an experience I'll soon will regret. Hated every second of that sweaty, muggy place with obsessed people. Either superfat and ugly or over trained to death with a body a la baywatch -91. It was sad and the only reason I would stay in a place like that more than 5 minutes would be to focus so hard on what a nice body I was going to get for the coming beach -11. But not even that could actually make me stay in a place called a gym I think. Maybe if I had a hot, handsome PT who yelled at me and forced me to stay, but that is not the case now anyway...
After a couple of days at my mum's I took the train to Stockholm, I took in at my ex boyfriends place in the south of Stockholm and already the same night it was time to go out. It was 'Fireball party' at Vassa Eggen organized by my friend David and then releaseparty for my friend Johans new album with his band Lustans Lakejer at Riche where my ex Gustav and friend Luciano were dj'ing the whole night...

Thursday, 3 February 2011


I love my life right now!
So many funny and really nice things are happening, Will write about Stockholm fashionweek soon...