Saturday, 26 February 2011


I mentioned in my last blog post that I have a stalker and now I thought I was going to tell you the story about this stalker cause it is quite remarkable...
I have other stalkers as well, but I call them "everyday stalkers" which meens guys who doesn't get that you're not interested (and never gonna be) to go and have a drink with them even if you never call back and do not answer their 10 (yes ten) last textos, but that's another story...

I used to live in the 17th arr in Paris, around Villiers for a year or so just in the beginning when I first moved to Paris. This is like 5 or 6 years ago. Back then I shared my flat with a roommate and we didn't have any washing machine or internet in our flat. It was really annoying and quite hard so I used to go down to the laundry place futher down the street to wash my clothes. Since I'm quite busy doing other things and quite lazy when it comes to doing laundry and that kind of über boring stuff I don't do it very often, - I wait instead until it's absolutely neccesary cause otherwise I have nothing to wear and have to walk around naked and that wouldn't be a hit. So every second month or so I took my laundry  and went down to this shabby place to wash. The place was like any other shabby dirty bad entertained laundry place in Paris runned by a poor family from the middle east somewhere. The sons in the family age 17, 18 (I was 27) were always hanging around there trying to talk to me and my roommates while we were washing our clothes and since I hate to talk to people I don't know in that kind of situations I don't think we had much of a conversation. One day I saw they had computers in some room behind the washing machines and asked if they did internet as well cause I was badly in need of an internet place to check my e mails. They said the computers were for private use but that I could check my mails quickly if I wanted. So I went into the room, typed in my e mail adress and checked my mails quickly before I took my laundry and went home.
Somehow my mailadress registered in their computer and they had my name.
Not long after I moved away from the 17th arr to never come back again.
A while after I start to receive e -mails and invitations to msn chat from this laundry guy called "Rachid" or something like that. I ignore it ofcouse, -how incredibly rude to check up on my name and stalk me like a  freak when we don't even know each other! Then he tries to contact me several times during the following years, he writes me emails in bad english, he adds me on Skype, msn, facebook -you name it. I always ignore, always block -and NEVER answers. It continues, this guy is a total freak! For your information I talked to this guy maybe between 5 and 10 times maximum a couple of minutes about complete formal bullshit down in the laundry place where I went on Sundays in flip flops and jogging pants, hungovered with messy hair and no make up and I made such an impact on him that he still stalks me now in 2011, like 6 years later- Isn't it just incredible!!!???
What on earth does this person want from me? Holy mama, isn't he embarassed just a bit?
I got a friend request on fb the other day with a message saying like " Hi beauty! How are you doing? Remember me? It's been a long time, etc, -I was like:  "do I know you?" before I realized it was the crazy laundry stalker that once again pop'ed up like jack in the fucking box and I didn't know wether to laugh or cry...
I don't know what to think, is he  mentally retarded, a freak or just crazy?
Well, to be continued...
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/Love L


  1. alltså shit, det där var bara helt sjukt!! minns inte att du har berättat det för mig. du skriver roligt och läsvärt :) önskas lite mer skyskrapor i livet så kan du alltid komma och hälsa på mig!

  2. Visst är det sjukt...
    Nä, jag har nog inte berättat det för nâgon tror jag.
    Jag vill absolut komma och hälsa pâ dig i Sydney snart!