Saturday, 12 February 2011


I dont think its fun to go out anymore.
Then I mean go out just to go out like I did when I was younger. I think it's pretty pointless now...
Between 16 and like 29 I thought the going out was an adventure as it was. So exciting and full of opportunities to meet new people, flirt with boys, having drinks, meet up with friends, etc.
I started to go out at 16 in Stockholm and I loved the nightlife right away. People 10 years older than me took me to clubs and cool bars and from then on it just continued.
I started to dj at 20 and went out several times a week until very late and could without any problem wake up the next morning and go to work fresh and in a good mood ready to meet the day like nothing had happened.
That's not the case today unfourtunatly, now I need to either sleep the whole day or dope myself with liters of coffe, orange juice and concealer to feel something that reminds me of the feeling 'normal' the day after.

Now it bores me to go out just to go out. I guess I have become rather blasé from going out as much as I have.
It must be something special happening nowerdays to get me in the mood; a launch, a vernissage, a store opening,  fashion week, or ofcourse- if I am dj'ing.
Otherwise to go out just to go out is just ridiculously pointless...
I do it sometimes, but I always come home in the end of those evenings feeling empty and like, I could have stayed at home, cause what did it change? -Nothing. I have done this a million times before and it's just like a joke that's not funny anymore...
The crowd in most of the places has changed also (naturally) now people born after 1983 are going out, even kids born in the 90's which wasn't the case before and gives me the feeling of a superyoung crowd I don't have anything in common with, or that it is me that is now old(er). Makes me think of the lyrics to the song "Losing my edge" with LCD Soundsystem, even if it's not that bad, but so true.
"Yeah, I'm losing my edge, I'm losing my edge, the kids are coming up from behind" great song btw.

Ofcourse it can be fun if you are in another city and go out to clubs you have never been to before, (everything you haven't already tried is always funny.)

But in Paris I rather do something more cultivating like going to the cinema, to an exhibition, having a romantic dinner with someone I like, a nice dinner with friends or chill at home cooking together watching dvd's and taking bubblebaths.
Dont like to burn braincells and money on expensive and disgusting drinks, listen to soulless house and spend the evening trying to figure out where your friends are and how to find them. Much nicer to go to a storepoening or a vernissage or a party in some cool flat where it's calm and you can actually talk to people. Often you meet really interesting people at those places and It's not unusual that unexpected things happens, like last week when I was at some kind of storeopening in Paris, I run into some friends and left with them to a really nice 'secret' coctail for a well known french record label in a huge beautiful apartment. People are often more sophisticated (older) you have something decent to drink (champagne) and you know that people you know are gonna be there and you don't have to spend half an hour looking for them lost in a crowd of screaming drunk 23 year old's with partyhats.
You might ask; so,what's the next step, are you gonna get married, stop drinking and buy a house also?
Well, nothing is impossible...


  1. make babies and get a nice car insurance. You're good to go ;)