Wednesday, 29 September 2010



They are here. They have landed again. In Paris. The species that comes to the city twice a year  to blend in with the other, "normal" species that rules the city.
They can be recogniced quite easily when they are 3 heads taller and 15 kilos lighter then everyone else. You spot them in the metro and walking around in the streets,often carrying around a huge black book under their arm and a streetmap of Paris. Dressed in the newest shit from Alexander Wang or Rick Owens, short skirts and skyscrape high heels (required for castings)
I'm talking about THE MO-DE-ALLSS!

I am hyper -Fashionweek stressed, didn't manage to take any extra days off from work this week, which totally sucks so I'm almost too tired to go out every night, each night I choose not to go out, I miss a huge list of  parties and friends call and ask, -Aren't you going out?  -Aren't you going there and there tonight, -We are here/going there, etc...
Makes me wanna scream and pull my hair!
Last night I missed a concert with Juliette Lewis at the Range Rover Evoque party. Juliette that makes the Nina voice (my voice) in my movie Metropia. Too bad... I missed the Venice film festival premiere also last year, which I was even invited to, so that also suck!

If it is one thing I really hate, that is to miss parties. I know, sounds not that serious maybe, but for me it feels like if you were 8 and all your little classmates were celebrating your birthday around you, opening your presents, eating your cake while you were pushed under water and hold there by a huge invisible hand, with another huge invisible hand over your mouth so you couldn't speak, only watch as the little monsters finished all the fun while you couldn't move or do a shit! That's the feeling I have!
This is the list of party's I miss only TONIGHT if I stay in :

-*VERNISSAGE NEW OLD NEW@85 rue du Faubourg Saint honoré 19h.


 -*VERNISSAGE EROTIKO PIKTO@46,rue Sainte Anne 19h.




202 rue de Rivoli.

9, rue de l'Echelle 1er.

-*MAISON DAREE GOD SAVE THE DRINKS@2, rue du Mont Thabor 19h.

-*CHEVROLET FASHION CATWALK@Pavillions de Bercy, Musée des Arts Forrains 19h30.

-*ROBERTO CAVALLI 40BIRTHDAY@Ecole de Beaux-Arts 14 rue Bonaparte 21h.

You see!
Anyone would feel stressed for less!
Now, Im gonna start to prepare a quick dinner and call some friends that was going to the Roberto Cavalli party to see what's up...
See ya'


A photo from my work (196x125') by Jonathan Bermudes.
For 13.500 Euros she is yours.

Monday, 27 September 2010


Paris is getting colder and today was the first quite cold day when you felt like it was time to switch to your autumn/winter wardrobe. Buy a new coat, some scarfs and stuff. I'm gonna do that next week. Already spotted some nice ones I want...
Tonight I had a meeting, a rdv with the french fashion photographer Jls Birdy.
It was quite interesting. He shoots everything from fashion/nude to natural and quite Terry Richardson inspired pics. I'm gonna do a shoot with him after fashionweek when he is back from NYC. Look forward to that. (It's not gonna be vulgar, don't worry, I have something cool in mind.)
We talked about everything from how to upload photos on blogger, he explained me that, so hopefully there will be some pics up soon;) to love and miserable christmases in Paris...
It's also comfirmed that I'm gonna work for the Swedish supernice jewelry brand Cornelia Webb at Tranoi on fashionweek, which is gonna be fun!
Now I'm gonna watch some streamed swedish tv on TV3 Play. Goodnight!

Saturday, 25 September 2010


Free today, off work, a Saturday!  That doesn't happen often...Too bad I'm hung overed. Gonna start with this blog for real soon to make my dear friends happy and for other reasons as well...
Last night I was dj'ing at The Ritz Bar at the Ritz Hotel here in Paris. I love Ritz Hotel. It's amazing and cosy and old.
Kate Moss fav' bar in Paris that she visits atleast 4 times a year (and always during fashionweek) is the Hemingway bar which is at the opposite side of the Ritz bar in the Ritz Hotel where I was dj'ing. Kate wasn't there unfortunatly;) The very friendly english bartender called Tim told me some funny Kate-inside's and that miss Moss always drank "Paris 75's" when she visited the bar which is a mix between gin, sour and lemonjuice if I understood it right. After a first glass of strawberry/Ritz champagne Tim served me "Paris 75's the rest of the evening and I renamed it "Kate Moss". A friend Olivier (that I didn't know before) dropped by and told me I did really good mixes, that made me happy, he also helped me drink all my Kate Mosses and later on we went to some sort off chill out room with sofa's, a huge desk and stuff.  I sat down behind the desk and did a fake jobinterview with him, writing down what he said on Ritz paper with a Ritz pen (that afterwards wanted to live in my handbag;)
Anyway, the mix went really well, the people liked it, the bartenders liked it and I would love to play there again soon. It was perfect for me. Just the right feeling. I pretended I was in a movie and when I play I want people to feel they are in a David Lynch film or in Twin Peaks.
There were quite old people there as some of my friends told me, -But I don't mind. Mostly old people really like my music. I prefer to dj for old people who appriciate my music than kids that doesn't understand a shit about music and comes up to wish like Katy Perry or someother shit.
<3 Have a good day!

Thursday, 23 September 2010


Last night I was dj'ing at a release party for the french group Walter  Sobcek in an Oberkamp restaurant called Chez Justine. Never been there before, I am never in the Oberkamp area, (don't really like that area for some wierd reason) Quite cosy and nice place and the mix went really well, played lots of Jackpot stuff, my new favourite Swedish band and other disco stuff. Think the people there liked it since they came up several times to ask me about songs. My friend and dj collegue Cédric Couvez dj'd after me and then I stayed and drank champagne and talked music with the people who was organizing the concert. They wanted me to come back and play there again. For dinner, free drinks and a bit of money. Why not!
Today I have been hungovered half of the day and all my planned work fucked up so that's not very good..
I have been sitting with my computer at my fav' Café Charlot all day and listened  to music and downloaded some, but not at all as much as I need for tomorrow, so I guess I have to do it all evening. I have a huge mailing to mail out for the coming fashionweek as well and one hundred other things to do...
My friend Karin came by and had a coffe with me, haven't seen her for weeks cause she has been in New York and we hade a nice talk and she told me about New York and we talked about boys.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Today as I have a creative day and also a day off from work, I decided to start this blog, It is gonna be about me and my up and down sometimes very crazy and exciting life in Paris.
On creative days you feel like starting a blog, a band, paint, write songs and to hang out with other creative people.
I know many creative people, they are designers, photographers, musicians and dj's. If I could and had money to float around for a year or so, I would completely quit my everyday job and go to New York to seek inspiration and dive into an ocean of new creative souls and friendships. That would be great.