Tuesday, 28 February 2012


And here we go again. The inevitable woman's fashion week is here in Paris for another 7 days or so...
Two times a year. Crazy. Everyone in town. The Stockholm, London and New York party mafia.
Asking once again how I am gonna survive this week. But hey!  It's gonna be awesome...;-)
Friends Nanna and Peter (among many others) are installed at Hôtel Amour and I am dj'ing @ lingerie designer Britta Uschkamp FW cocktail on the 5th, with my friend Harvey.
Look out for updates on the blog, till then, so long & Happy Paris Fashion Week!

Sunday, 26 February 2012


Arms. A bit tanned, a bit muscular.
Sitting next to.
The masculine in your voice.
Intellectual stimulation.
Natural. Close.
The implicit seduction. 
You lead. I follow.
You have full control.  
(The endless rooftop view.)
A man.
A woman.
The excitement of being all alone with you. 
The way your eyes look when they look at me.
The satisfaction of being on the same intellectual level.
The euphoria of discovering another persons thoughts. 
So similar but yet so different.
Your wisdom.
Your smell. 

Enhanced by more than wine. 
Wish the night would last forever.

Thursday, 23 February 2012


Girls contrary to guys (?) likes to talk to each other about love, life, feelings and relationships.  We can have endless discussions when we dissects the subject in it’s constituent particles.  Here is a sneak peak from a conversation I recently had with a Swedish girlfriend living in Paris. Let’s call her Elsa.

Elsa: What’s wrong with guys in this city?

Me: I dont know, I would like to know that too…

Elsa: I’ve been dating this half French-half English guy now for 4 months and we went away on a weekend to his house in South of France and everything was perfect and he seemed to be interested in me, and now he is like so cold, I mean the textos doesn’t have this warmth they use to. It’s like he is becoming very distant. I don’t really know how to interpret that, nor what’s going on..

Me; Maybe he got cold feet, or he thought you guys were moving too fast? Or maybe he was just not that into you from the beginning, just wanted to play around a bit. Guys often tend to be flaky when they are not really into you. 

Elsa: Probably, ”The Game” Isn’t it so typical..

Me; Totes, How old is he?

Elsa: 31

Me: The problem is that guys let’s say between 30 and 35 nowadays sees themselves as relatively young. They think they still have many years ahead to play and date around, before they are ready to get settled.

Elsa: Yes, I definitely feel that too, it’s like a big ’decalage’, especially if you live in a big city. People get married later and guys doesn’t care to commit any more as you say. For us girls it’s a little bit different, we don’t have that much time to waste on BS..

Me: Yes, feels like both guys and girls are more careful. There are more opportunities out there in a bigger city. You want to be sure it’s right, kind of. Even if I personally feel pretty much done dating, I mean, I don’t see myself date around another five years from now…

Elsa: Yeah, at some point you want something serious with someone..

Me: Definitely. Maybe you should start dating older guys? Like a couple of years over 40?  30 year old guys, especially French are kids nowadays. Don’t waste your time on them if you feel it’s leading you nowhere and makes you unhappy.

Elsa: Is that what I have to choose between? To date mentally unstable guys my age or to go for someone divorced with two kids who never wants to go out anymore?

Me: Haha, yeah I know, totally, but it could be an alternative.

Elsa: Why is communication so hard these days?

Me; The selfish generation doesn’t communicate. We consume. Its like; ”next”. And we are not very connected to our true feelings. We are just interested in seeing our own market value increase. I don’t wanna be someone like that.

Me: My relationships I had in Sweden wasn’t like that. They were pure. Love and respect with another person with a soul and a conscience, like it should be. I miss that. I think people in big cities are getting more fucked up and disconnected to their feelings in some way…

Elsa: I have more or less the same experience. In Sweden there isn’t such a big gap between guys and girls as here. You are more on the same level and can refer to the same things. You are more like two human beings, more gender neutral. There isn’t this constant seduction going on.

Me: True.  Pros and cons; I love the simplicity of a relation with a Swedish man but also like the fact that French guys often are being true gentlemans, etc ,which is  really important too.

Elsa: Why do you think there is so much gaming going on with French guys?  It feels like certain guys nowadays don’t wanna play with open cards, they want to ”keep many doors open” at the same time so to speak..

Me; That’s true and a very good question. I think insecurity is a big reason, you constantly seek confirmation that your market value is on a steady level.  It’s different from guy to guy though. Some people have it in them more than others. If I like a guy, and we are dating and then suddenly If I see that he is turning flaky or start gaming with me I sort of tend to take a step back..and stop my feelings, if I’m in the process of developing some, it’s self protection.

Elsa: Yeah, you don’t wanna be the pushy one, normal. I’m the same. But I think girls can act like that too. Girls and guys are more alike than we like to admit. Sometimes we also just wanna date someone for ”fun. It’s a difficult balance finding someone who is on the same level as you, the moment you wanna turn it serious.  There’s nothing wrong with having a sexual relationship only either, but then it should be an agreement and without feelings. When guys are simulating a romance with you just in order to get laid, thats when it starts to get creepy…

Me; Definitely. I agree…  I just want a descent, nice and honest guy, who can imagine to commit one day in the future, why is that so hard to find? It’s like it’s getting harder and harder to find a descent man for every year…

Elsa: The market is harder nowadays, everyone knows exactly what they are looking for. You know what you want in a guy, you are much more picky than before, more blasé and disillusioned too. There are more aspects involved, such as social circles, the higher up in the society you play the more compicated it becomes, thats my experience.

Me: That’s prolly a part of the explanation I guess, yes.

Elsa; Btw, have you thought about that guys, and particularly more serious and ”good guys” can see you as a player as well? You are like hot, going out a lot , know lots of people, etc

Me; I don’t know. No, guess I never thought about that. Some maybe, who doesn’t know me well enough. That’s a pity in that case. I mean I’m not 23 anymore and you know I am very serious and extremely honest in a relation if I like the guy.

Elsa: Of course I know that, but they might not know it. French guys can often be pretty prejudiced. You know, they like to see people as stereotypes. If you are a blond girl and you go out a lot, then you are automatically like this or like that…

Me: Totally. Is there anything worse than prejudiced and close minded people? They also tend to have this patriarchal pathetic old vision about Swedish girls as some kind of easy -to-get sex godesses…

Elsa: Feels like certain French guys seems to be like that with foreign girls. They are like gonna play around and when they decide to marry, it’s gonna be with some French boring woman from a ”good” family who is a good candidate to present to mum and dad and then she’s gonna be his housewife.

Me: Yes, I know, I call it ”serf-ish stone age complex”. I wouldn’t like a guy like that anyway. It is this ”Madonna and Whore” syndrom which very much influences mens way of thinking even in our generation. It has to do with upbringing and cultural differences, but is much more pronounced in latin countries. It’s a bit like this old ”Men are form Mars and woman from Venus” myth. In my world guys wants cool, independent, creative girls with good values, but with a personality…

Elsa: Sure, latins are more conservative when it comes to relationships than we are. It’s like if you have sex with them on the first date, they could never initiate a serious relationship with you. Swedish guys might not be super romantic, but they do have true values and they will respect you.

Me: Yes, but should the modern woman really have to submit to that the longer you wait to sleep with a guy the more likely you are to get married, doesn’t that feel a little bit antiquated? I don’t say I am FOR sleeping on the first date, I’m not for different reasons, I just think guys should upgrade their thinking a little bit on certain things.

Elsa: Totally, and then we have this thing with infidelity also, which in a French relationship or marriage seems to be a rule rather than an exception. It’s just a question of time before the mistress is brought into the bedroom..

Me: The way they look at that shocked the hell out of me when I first moved here. I mean, we Swedes are brought up a totally different way when it comes to that. I think, if you need to cheat, why be in a couple in the first place? Be single then for gods sake! Or have a true, straight and honest communication about that you would like to bang others and agree on doing it. Like that no one gets hurt.

Elsa: Word. There we have it, the communication again…

Me; French guys have probably grown up seeing their parents having affairs.  Swedes on the other hand are raised in more equal families where their dad also cooked and took them to kindergarden.

Elsa: But I mean on the other hand does everything have to be so strictly monogamous in a relationship? Isn’t that a bit old fashioned too, to believe in strict monogamous life -long lasting marriages?

Me; That is a very interesting question I can’t really answer, the question is widely debated at the moment. But as I said before I think that if a relationship should work in the long run, when you are married and so, you have to be very very open with what you do, have a good communication and be very honest with each other. Like to draw lines and sort of define from the beginning what is ok or not…

Elsa: Feels like this is a subject we could discuss forever , doesn’t it?  So, what is our conclusion of this discussion?

Me: That we either turn lesbian or start to date only Swedish men.

Elsa; Come on Lindsay, do you give up?

Me; I was joking, let’s go to Le Baron!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Yo everyone!
Help me make the blog even better by letting me know what you guys wants to read about,
What do you want me to write about the most? Fill in the little survey above, ;-) Thanks!


My friend Paul always have good taste in music, this is one of his fav, I love it too, weird wicked little song and video ;-)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


-"Her early work was a little too new wave for my tastes...
 but when "Born To Die" came out in '2012, I think she really came into her own, commercially and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost. She's been compared to Elvis Costello, but I think Lana has a far much more bitter, cynical sense of humor". 

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Check out an interview Diesel Loverdose Blog did with me in APRIL 2011 that I just found!

Didn't know they published it actually..
A pity they published it so late since the info in the interview is no longer valid.
For example, my favorite song WAS "I follow Rivers" (Magician Remix) with Lykke Li, until maybe end july last year, not a day longer.
Well, whatever, enjoy it here:

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


-To know that it is only a couple of months left until summer and the travelling season again…

-Good TV Series. Have seen Downton Abbey season 1 and 2 and I am waiting impatiently for season 3. Also waiting for Mad Men season 5. Watching Brideshead Revisited at the moment, which is hilarious.

-To Skype with good old married friends in Stockholm and look and talk to their cute kids.

-To go out with good old crazy single Swedish friends visiting Paris.

-Good books. I’m reading a lot all the time. The Derek Blasberg ones about being a classy lady were some of the favorites this winter.

(Thinking about books I loved and read when I was about 18-20. Maybe it’s time to read them again? A couple of books I liked and read (and recommend) back in the days;
"On the Road" by Jack Kerouac, "The Perfume" by Patrick Suskind, "The Catcher in the Rye" by JD Salinger, "The New York Triology" by Paul Auster. "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov, "The Nausea" and "The Stranger" by Albert Camus. + Everything with Brett Easton Ellis, Henry Miller, Anaïs Nin, and Michel Houellebecq.)

-Love in general

-Intelligent, creative and THINKING people, once again (this have been on my list before) Can’t get enough of them.

-To watch movies in any other language than the original. Should be forbidden. If the movie is in a foreign language (I don’t speak) the soulution spells subtitles.

-The lack of 7 Elevens and similar in France. Don’t they realize they would make huge business if those franchise chaines were launched here. Nothing more annoying when your bloodsugar is at zero and you just want a quick latte and a wholeweat sandwich with cheese and ham to get back to normal after a stressful day cause you skipped dinner and all there is to get is dirty croissants or pain chocolats dripping with grease and suger ready to fuck up your body and give you a sugerhigh from hell. Insane.

-That my speed, creativity and happiness goes down to less than half this time of the year.  My lack of inspiration and motivation due to my allergie to the timeperiod is resulting in that I don’t wanna cook dinner for example. I don’t wanna go out for takeaway either. I actually don’t wanna do anything at all.

- To see all black wintercoats and sad, pale faces in the Paris streets, makes me even more depressed and I feel like I live in the 1920’s.

- People (who I don’t love) who send me textos very early in the morning/People who are changing their minds about important things in general (god what I hate that!) and people who are not answering important mails.


Thursday, 9 February 2012


Have you always wondered who you truly are? Take this simple test and find out:

1. Things you like to do when you’re drunk:

A. Talk bullshit with other drunk people, sit  around and laugh, fall out of chairs. (optional)
B. Look for cocain and/or  other drugs, (involve as many friends as possible in the hunt, sms stalk your entire phonebook until you find someone who are willing to sell you some. )
C. Dance while sinking cocktail after cocktail trying  to hit on nearest hot person of the opposite sex

2. When you go out you order;

A. A piscine (Champagne, vodka and ice) straight champagne, or a glass of wine.
B. One bottle to drink and one bottle to throw out to show off (vaska) as they say in Sweden.
C. Vodka Redbull or what I can find (and steal) from the nearest drinktable.

3. The goal with your evening out is;

A. To have as much fun as possible, I go by the rule ; ”Never go out if you don’t get paid or laid”
B. To find investors for your new fund./clients, sponsors and partners to your business in general.
C. To find cocain and/or other drugs and make as many of my friends as possible to take some too.

4. When you come home from a night out you find the following in your pocket;

A. Home??  I’m at an afterparty at Gilbert Costes place.
B. A stack of different business cards from people you actually don’t remember you met.
 C. A dozen of  unused drink tickets from Le Baron, your partly dusty credit card and a rolled bill.

5. How many bottles of champagne do you currently have in your fridge?

A. 1-3
B. 6-12
C. None, there isn’t even food in there.

6. Silencio is:

A. Your second home
B. A  secret order, or conspiratorial organization such as ”Ordo Templis Orientis” or  ”Illuminati” I guess…
C. ” Silence”  in some latin language.

7. Lana del Rey is;

A. A cool lady with nice style and good songs.
B. I prefered her as Lizzy Grant…
C. A connasse! A bi-a-tch! Oh I’m so irritated about everything about her appearance, her lips,(How dare she!) I secretly would love to have her look but I won’t tell anyone, therefore I am jealous and join the haters.

8. When your clothes are dirty,  you;

A. Wash them
B. Call your personal assistant and ask her to call your cleaning lady to tell her to take them to dry clean.
C. Throw them away and buy new ones

9. When you think about your children/future children you have the following in mind:

A. Hope they will grow up and be able to feel and give love and respect, learn good values and appriciate the real beauty in life.
B. Which Ivy League college should you choose for them?
C. Hope they wont make as many mistakes as I did, at least not the same ones!

10. On lazy sundays in you like to watch:

A. Documentaries and  great movies from for example the Edwardian period. Other educational and mindblowing movies in general. Some Bergman when you’re in the mood.
B. The rise and fall of the stock market on your home computer, while chainsmoking Cohiba Behike’s and eagerly buying and selling.
C. Your neighbors having sex through an advanced and homebuilt telescope system.

11. When you are old you picture yourself:

A. Lying in a hammock wearing a panama hat  in your house in the Hamptons, while your ten grandchildren are running around playing in the garden around you.
B.  Surrounded by your great art collection of  a couple of originals by Monet, Picasso, Warhol, Francis Bacon, Richard Prince and…emptiness.
C. Old? After all the botox, fillers and other neurotoxins I am planning on pumping into my body later on, there is no such thing as ”old”.

12. Which of the following quotes matches your personality best?

A. ”Take the gun, leave the cannoli”
B. ”Mixed emotions, buddy. Like Larry Wildman going off a cliff in my new Maserati”.
C. ”I swear to drunk I’m not god”

13. If they don't play the following at a party you attend, you leave:

A. Cool underground Remixes of Pitchfork’s top 50, 2011/12.
B.  Ibiza house, Swedish House Mafia and David Guetta.
C. Tracks with more than 128 BPM.

14. Your next trip will be;

A. To New York to check out the newly open Le Baron over there.
B. On extacy, like every weekend.
C. To a fat camp in Thailand you saw an add for on the internet in order to lose 25 pounds in less than 10 days!

15. You secretly dream about;

A Cooking dinner for yourself and your lover entirely naked in a castel in Cambourg, while sipping on expensive tasteless wine…
B. To make friends with Mark Zuckerberg in order to try to sneak in at some shares in Facebook.
C. To win a drinking competition over a russian mine worker.

16. When you have a minute over at work, you;

A. Update your facebook status with your next travel destination
B. Vacuum sites such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s to find the perfect money clip in platinium gold, since no normal sized wallet is big enough for the amount of cash you like to carry around.
C. Eat something. Whatever there is avaliable


Most A’s: 
Congratulations! You are Linda Romanazzi (or someone in her circle of acquaintances.) You are a woman or man in your 30’s probably living in Paris or in another big city. Your crowd consists of  a bunch of fashion pack people you’ve known forever, a whole lot of musicians and dj’s and a couple of business people. In your free time you like to travel as much as possible. You appriciate fine art, wine and good books as much as dancing like crazy in a nice club until dawn and to hang out with members from the opposite sex. Continue like this.

Most B’s: 
Congratulations! You are probably yourself, alternatively Donald Trump, with small features of a narcissistic spoiled brat. Your personality is a mix between Dickie Greenleaf in The Talanted Mr Ripley, Lord Sebastian Flyte in Brideshead Revisited and Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. You are therefore a multiple personality or what we also use to call a schitzophrenic or borderline. Your delusional lifestyle and view of yourself interference with what we normal people usually call “real life.”
You should consider becoming a Buddhist, or invest in some sort of charity.

Most C’s
Congratulations! You are an idiot. Sorry to tell you this, but dude you are. Not only are you taking too much drugs, you are arrogant, ignorant and a disgrace for the society and the human race. At least someone is kind enough to inform you about this before it is too late. Read a book, take a course in macro economics, and for heavens sake, go on a diet.

Thanks for taking the test!