Wednesday, 29 June 2011


It looked like this a couple of nights ago at Pacha Ibiza when Luciano was spinning and we danced like crazy with our black and white party hats, GOD I MISS IT!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Ibiza is absolutely amazing. I love it so much I now decided to go back next summer and rent a house here.
Such a beautiful, chilled place. Nice happy, friendly people, awesome food, beaches, cool clubs and always a party going on...
We're staying in a house with 5 other people. I have actually no idea of where we are, but it is not far from where the action is...
We went to Amnesia and Pacha (where Luciano was djing) it's really an experience to dance here, surrounded by your friends and hundreds of other happy smiling faces and big happy eyes looking at you, completely high and flying on mdma, extacy and everything else imaginable. Only people who have been here and done that can understand the magic of the Ibiza (s)experience.....
You just wanna smile, look people in the eyes and say; Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......
Ps, Check out the pics, coming soon...
Me and M...Miss it so much!
Hi baby!


David, Shum and Joe at the beach
Drinking Sangria in the sun!

Lunch at Blue Marlin beach- David, Vibeke and Shum
David and Vibeke
Blue Marlin, Ibiza

Kwame and Maurizio on our way to the beach...
Beautiful Ibiza!
Our house...

Palmtree outside our house
The terasse
Kwame at the airoporto
Me (and M) reading "Excuses and Lies"at the airport on our way from London to Ibiza
Lunch with "Speedos"
The only two books you actually need in life...

Friday, 24 June 2011

Me and Sally at the Saatchi Gallery wine tasting
Sally and M at the wine tasting...
Rosé is the shit
Art at the wine tasting
Golden's getting a haircut
Golden at Golden Square
Golden in Green Park
@ Willow cocktail, London
Linda candy
Some dude playing drums at St Martin's
Me and Sam


Hello dears,
My little spontaneous London trip and being away from Paris for a while is just as fab as I imagined...
I am very happy here, living life and meeting new people every day.
The first weekend I was here we went to my friend Wade's new club BLACK DOOR after a nice dinner at Quo Vadis in Soho with my friends Maurizio, Juan and Avid. I had a lot of champagne and the weekly drinkrace had started...
The next day we met up with a group of people and took off to the annual party at the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club outside London. It was a dinner, then an auction and then the party started until late. A very nice party indeed. Panama hats, Veuve Cliquot, red pants, yellow pants, handsome polo players, upper class girls, dancing on the tables and bad pick up attemps, what else do you need?
(Next year I decided to dj at this polo party and will talk to the organisers to arrange that.)
We spent the next day in a pub in Kensington, in true London spirit, drinking Pimms, talking about the adventures of last night.. Friends Rasmus and Maria came by and later on we went for dinner, me and a group of about 7 guys to Sophie's in Kensington...
On monday we went to the Central Saint Martins school to check out the graduate students work and then we went to the ECC (Experimental Cocktail Club) in Chinatown for drinks. I was suppose to dj here  last weekend but was too busy with polo party's and dinners that I didn't have time unfourtunatly..
The night continued with dinner at the HIX, nice restaurant near chinatown ( me and 4 handsome gentlemen, (see pic)

On wednesday I went to Oxford Circus to do some shopping. I had seen some nice stuff at my favorite store Liberty's last time I was in London in november that I wanted to buy, which I did.  Later that night we met up with my friend Madelaine from Swedish BON magazine and went to a cocktail for the brand Willow which was very nice, also met Jen from RIKA magazine and after, me and M went for dinner at Nobu- a nice japanese in Mayfair...
The next day I hanged out with my friend Greg Golden in Green Park and went with him to get his hair cut. The people who worked at the salon had fun putting out fake 20 and 50 pounds notes in an enveloppe on the street or under a door across the street from the salon and then stood and watched while bums, hare krishna's and other suspicious by passers took the "money" and ran, convinced they'd just made the scoop of the year, so funny...I bought a few packets myself which I intend to use as toilet paper :) Later that night me and M and his friend Sally went to "The Goedhuis Summer Rosé Tasting" at the Saatchi Gallery which was really nice. After 7 or 8 rooms of different wines and champagne I was a bit tipsy but in a good mood and we met up with another friend and went for dinner at La Famiglia, a cosy Italian in Chelsea.
Tonight I'm dj'ing at the Black Door Club with friend Greg, gonna be great fun and tomorrow I'm going to Ibiza...
Tell you more about that later, check out the pics, gonna upload some more soon....
Vive le vacances!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Dinner monday night at HIX in London with 4 handsome gentlemen
Sam on his terasse
The next day -gathering at a pub in Kensington drinking Pimms
Just after dinner, Yellowpants is first on the dancefloor...
Yellowpants and Ras are rocking the dancefloor
Maria, Me (with a stolen panama hat) and Rasmus at the Polo
Where the auction's is!
Yellowpants bought vodka shots and forced everyone to drink...

Yellowpants working on getting "hammered" and "pissed"