Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Last weekend was fab. My weeks always tends to be average, not very interesting job weeks, but my weekends are always extraordinary, with adventures, great old and new friends and lots of laughs.
This weekend I was suppose to meet up and have dinner with a friend who lives in London, who was in town for the w-e on friday. But then he texted me to tell me he was a bit dead since having spent the whole night at Raspoutine, (a nightclub in Paris) He suggested that I meet up with his Italian friends who also were in town for the weekend instead. Since I love to meet up with random people I never met before and that friends recommend me to meet, I didn't hesitate. Took a cab to the 7th were I met the Italians, we all had dinner and the night continued until really late, think we left the last bar in St Germain around 4 or 5 in the morning...A very nice evening...
The next morning the Italians invited me to go to Chantilly Polo club with them, where one of them had his horses and played Polo every two weeks since 5 years. The sun was shining and it was the hottest day in Paris so far this summer, almost +30, or more I think.  We went in the sickest car I've seen in a long time. A couple of months before they had bought this old army car from the brittish defense for fun, like a huge camouflage colored Land Rover and it looked like the second world war driving around in the streets (check out the pictures) so funny. We drove out to the Chantilly Polo club, like an hour from Paris.
I was dressed in a black trouser suit in silk, high heels, sunglasses- and ofcourse, a panamahat! ;)
(Panamahats are so underrated and I'm gonna take every opportunity to wear that hat as often as I can this summer! they are great.)
This was the first time I was at a Polo Club and I must say I enjoyed it, even considering buying some horses myself, or maybe I should ask The Aga Khan to send me some of his 600 race horses for christmas and I can keep them just for fun ;)
Our friend played his games, coupe Laversine Challenge Elie de Rothschild and it was really nice to watch. Such a beautiful sport. Beautiful horses and the clothes looks kind of cool. (I bought a darkblue Polo shirt from there as a souvenir, I don't know when I ever gonna wear that though)
We spent the whole day out at the Polo club, owned by members of the Hermes family, checking out games with flown in argentinian players, who are supposed to be the best polo players in the world. Their horses were superfast and the players were swearing a lot in spanish all the time. Later on in the evening it started to rain and a thunderstorm came in over us and we jumped in the car and headed back to Paris.
I just had time to change quickly in my place and then we went to Restaurant Dauphine in the 16th in Paris for my friend Jonnas birthday dinner. The guys and a friend of theirs came with me (in the army car ofcourse;) After the dinner we went to L'Arc (which was so bad, really don't like that place, horrible service, disgusting people and awful music) so we went to Raspoutine instead, I like that better since I know the owners, dj'd there and it's less crowded and more select.
We stayed there and drank champagne until very late again, until it was time to take a cab back home...
Sunday night I was invited for dinner at my best Swedish Carrot Westerlund's place. The swedish carrot had cooked the most delicious spaghetti alla puttanesca I've eaten in a very long time( in my whole life maybe) While we were babbeling about boys, life and shared playlists (The carrot is the only one who can have access to my rare DJ playlists that took me years to get my hands on) a huge, enormous thunderstorm rolled in over Paris.
It started with that the sky fluttered and vibrated with light and I was like; -what the hell is going on, is there an ufo coming down or what? Then a couple of minutes later the greatest storm I've ever seen in Paris took place. The rain were litterary pissing down and the magnificent storm just blew us away. Me and the Carrot were standing in the window filming it while we kept saying, omg! shit, this is crazy!
It went on for hours with lightnings filling the sky every second. It took until midnight before I could take an umbrella and walk home (fortunately I live only 15 minutes from the carrot walking distance)
This beautiful storm got to close this golden weekend for me.
(More pic's from the weekend up soon)

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