Wednesday, 31 August 2011


I love this short movie. (It is the first part of the movie Darjeeling Limited) and directed by Wes Anderson. Probably my favorite short movie ever.
Jason Schwartzman and Natalie Portman does it so human, you can really identify with them and all their issues regarding love, jealousy and pain.
The Peter Sarstedt song coming in is so sad and everything is just very beautiful, -enjoy...


Monday, 29 August 2011


Just spent the weekend in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Lake Como in Italy.  Def a place for a wedding, if not mine, I'll happily accept invitations from anyone who decides to get married here...
There and then my best friend since 3 years and my most reliable provider of enviable vacation pics (my iPhone) decides to play tricks on me and to start acting wierd, tried to talk to it and tell it this wasn't the right moment, but nothing helped, which resulted in that I don't have any pics to upload from this fab w-e...
This is not fair, what have I done? I have always been kind and never cheated with another phone during the three years we spent together and it thanks me with ingratitude and betrayal...
Hopefully I'll find someone else who can eventually e mail me some or I will forever feel guilty I didn't bring a camera...

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Last night I was hanging out in the 17th arr in Paris. 
It was movie making time. This is a scene where me and some other guys were outside a very VIP Parisian nightclub. We were the trendy, goodlooking bunch and were suppose to try everything to get in, while the bouncer and the other dude played hard to get as it usually goes. After a while the french comedian Elie Semoun (who plays himself in the movie) drives by in some fancy car with two chicks and after having fought with some bad guys outside he gets in. I was lucky and also got in, but I can tell you that night was the longest time I ever waited outside a club in my life. (Several hours of re takes) Luckily it was just a movie ;-) 
Out in cinemas next year...

Outside the fake club "Le Branché"
The doorman and his pointer ;-)
It's not me who is short! This guy is 2,10 m tall. For real.

Saturday, 20 August 2011


Bonjour, Had lunch with my friend Gregory at Café de Flore today, really nice. I kind of rediscovered it.
Have to hang out here more often...
Gregory said something funny. He said; "I think you are gonna get married soon. I can feel it." 
Then I asked him if he could feel with who, but that he could't, unfortunately...

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Guten tag. Things are happening, but slowly and I am about to go through a slight change
Things are pretty interesting at the moment, I'm quite excited and I hope everything's gonna work out, Well, only time can tell...I'll see and I'll learn from my mistakes...
To be continued...

Sunday, 14 August 2011


Alright, I know I am silly with all my 'questionnaires', but it is so much fun to fill in questions, can't help it,
Some people like to play chess, some like to collect stamps and I like to fill in questions..
I did a "Hej Konsument" (Hi consumer), a questionary where they asks quasi celebs' different things and which I took from Swedish daily Newspaper Dagens Nyheter with exactly the same questions translated in English:

Best walk: Marais to St Germain

Favorite Street: Streets where people I love live

Favorite Drink: Bloody Mary and chilled champagne

Eating luxury dinner at: Le Meurice

Best micro food: Don't eat micro food. Ever. 

Favorite Suburb: Not a huge fan of suburbs

Have coffee at: Starbucks and Café Charlot

Best lunch spot: Café Charlot (in Paris, Other places in other cities)

Best brunch: The Ritz (Paris)

Best coffee: Really like Starbucks soy latte

Best concert hall (in Stockholm): I don't know, ages ago I went to any concert there

Best bar: Here I invite Mom to dinner: Chez Janou in Paris, Teatergrillen in Stockholm, etc

Last Stockholm Discovery: Cosy new Hotel Skeppsholmen at Skeppsholmen Gröna Gângen with fantastic food and nice staff

Recently Viewed teather-/dans act:  Unfortunatly not, was a while ago at the Opera Garnier in Paris (ballet)

Last-viewed show: Don't remember

A good go away present: I usually bring a bottle of champagne, like Veuve Cliquot or else

Favorit luxuary artikel: YSL's touche eclat maybe

Currently reading: "The Big Short" by Michael Lewis

Like to Read: Very often. Books about things and subjects I wanna know more about and are interested in for the moment, recommendations. 

Favourite Ingredient: Tabasco is nice, cinnamon too.

Favorite exercise: I am to shy to answer this one...

Favorite Brand: Way too many

Favorite Shoes: Finsk, Louboutin,Miu Miu, Ysl, Fendi, etc

Clothes Account per month: Everything between 200 and 2000 euros

Drinking Percentage: 13%

Fashion Idol: Don't have any specific

Most overrated business: Let me think about that one...

Favorite Product at Systembolaget: Moët Chandon Rosé

Favorite Product at the pharmacy: Carmex, Klorane's dry shampoo

Best drunk food: Something with carbs. I like toasts with cheese and ham in the middle of the night, preferably prepared by someone else ;)

Listen to: Loads and loads, changes all the time, I pretty much like Sonar Kollektive right now

Best pre-party music: Everything on my I tunes 

Last hummed: "Where do you go to (my lovely) with Peter Sarstedt on a house boat on The Seine last night...

Last bought CD / song: New Disco cd's in London

My worst purchase ever: A pair of beautiful boots which cost 800 euros and both heels broke in like a week and after I fixed them, the same thing happened a week later. 

Last impulse purchase: Clothes and books at W H Smith

Recent discovery: The bar at Park Hyatt Paris

Last vintage find: Havent bought vintage in ages, don't know why

Ugliest clothes color: Green maybe

In my dvd-player/computer: Last days of Lehman Brothers (Documentary)

Useful Stuff: I phone
Haven't been around for a while... I'm in Paris working on a new plan. Fixing stuff, meeting people in the business and thinking. Can't tell you what yet, but it could be cool if it happened.
I say like below;" I'm not telling you it's going to be easy, I'm telling you it's going to be worth it" (it applies to many other things too.)

Monday, 8 August 2011


Uhu, Finance crisis and London is burning, it's raining in Paris and I wish I were somewhere else...

Sunday, 7 August 2011



Liselotte Watkins is a friend and an extremely talented illustrator.
When I was looking around the internet to find new interesting art I stumbled upon this
old illustration she did of me when I was around 23. It was in a series of 4 or 5 illustrations she used for an exhibition in Stockholm, where she draw female friends. 

I'll also show you an older illustration (below) she did of me when I lived in Paris, when I was around 27 or 28. 

Check out her work here: 

Saturday, 6 August 2011



1. Take a distance cours in Finance Management at University of London online, (pretend you're at work.)

2. Check who is stuck in town on the geolocator on asmallworld, try to make some new friends

3. Bring your laptop, your iPad a blanket and a basket with food to the nearest park and make a "park office" stay there all day long, skype with your mum and pay your bills online, buy lots of stuff on E Bay, insist on getting them delivered to the park.

4. Watch all the movies from the 80's you never had time to see, (specially the ones including Tom Cruise, Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas)

5. Write an erotic novel and involve all of your previous lovers.

6. Write stupid lists on blogs.

7. Read everything about how to start a business on

8. Start a business

9. Skype with people on vacation while drinking sangria and spraying on Hawaïan Tropic until they can physically feel your presence

10. Go spiritual, check out movies like "The Secret" and meditate several times a day, reconsider India as a very nice destination and check trips on the net to go there instead of to the closing partys in Ibiza.

(11. Or just book a ticket and get out of here....)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Back in Paris for two days and I've never felt so unmotivated, unstimulated, depressed and bored.
This city feels more and more like the wrong one and the only thing I'm doing is sitting at home, staring at the walls or reading a book, trying hard to do something creative, or stuff I should do, but I can't concentrate. I don't feel like doing anything. Nothing makes me feel excited and the only thing I can think of and daydream about is to get out of here asap, where and when...
Sorry Paris, but I've fallen out of love with you.
It can't continue like this, I have to leave Paris.  for good.

Monday, 1 August 2011

An old super wierd pic of me (to the right) from a Russian Standard party in Paris where I dj'd a coup' of years ago...


I got an interview sent to me, I decided to answer it after I left out some irrelevant questions:
1) Tell me how many hats you have in your home?
I have many. A couple of cocktail hats, a couple of panama hats, some black “fashion week hats” and other every day hats. I love hats.
2) What do you often eat for breakfast?
When I have time; yoghurt with different grains and berries and homemade café latte, orange juice. When I don’t have time; nothing or a large soya latte from Starbucks with a slash of cinnamon, no sugar.
3) Tell us about one of your worst habit or quality?
 One of my worst habits is maybe impulse shopping and that I sometimes can be so restless and impatient. Qualities are that I can keep calm and think in critical situations, I am loyal and believe in old school stuff such as trust, respect and love.
4) Which is your favorite language other than your native language?
English, since it’s my second language, otherwise French and then Italian( -which is the next language I'm planning to learn)
5) Which super power do you like to have and why?
To be able to go back in time and to be invisible. To do things different, and to redo stuff I regret and that went wrong and to be invisible to be able to make shitloads of money very quickly.:)
6) If I take a look inside your refrigerator what would I find?Right now; tomatoes, mozzarella, cottage cheese, all kinds of different fruits and veggies, Pellegrino, Evian, orange juice, soy milk and rosé wine, I only get stuff for breakfast /lunch, rarely eat dinner at home…

7) If you are alone in a desert what are your thoughts? Wow, completely alone in the desert? Well probably how to get out of there as soon as possible and how to find water.

8) What is the latest book you read?

Ok, this is gonna sound boring but; “What you need to know about Marketing” and “What they teach you at HBS.”

9) What do you like to watch on tv? I like to watch Mad Men, Californication documentaries and the news channels BBC and CNN.

10) Which is your favorite food item and why?
 What is a food item? Well, dried cherries then…

11) Who did you call the last time? A girl I know in Paris about an apartment. . .

12) What was your latest sms and from who ?  “Chez Julien, rue du pont Louis Philippe” From a friend and director/publisher

13) What did you think when you got it?
“I’m not gonna send him any drafts from my book even if he asks for it”

14) When did you lie the last time? I don’t lie that much, I try to avoid it. Sometimes when I am drunk I like to make up stories, think I told some young students from Germany I met out in Stockholm that I was a brain surgeon or something like that…

15) Latest song you heard? “Welcome to St Tropez” from my neighbors’ window…

16) Latest film you saw?
This is kind of embarrassing but it was “Fast times at Ridgemont High” a really corny college movie from -82 with Sean Penn, just cause it was on Swedish telly and I like to hang out in my mums house and watch tv with her when I’m in Sweden…J

17) If you would go on a trip now where would that be? Portofino in Italy, Bora Bora, The Caraibes, Barbados, L.A, N.Y, Malibu, Bali, back to Ibiza, St Barth, Hamptons or Sydney to visit my little sister! (Any other place would do, I love to travel)

18) Ibiza or St Tropez?  Ibiza

19) What do you miss right now?  I really miss building up another persons ego…

20) What is the best thing to do? If I only knew that!   No, really, to be with someone you love.

21) What do you do when you panic or when something really bad and unexpected happens?
I’m Telling myself; “It’s gonna be ok” several times and start an intensive problem-solving campaign in my head that’s going on full speed until I manage to fully or partially resolve it.( I Think of my breakfast coffe mug which says “Shut up and deal with it”. )

22) Have you done any plastic surgery? 
Not a single thing.

23) What makeup and skincare do you use?
Everything I lay my hands on when I go on my shopping sprees in department stores and that looks exclusive, good and interesting. I particularly like Dermalogica, Kiehls, Nars, Chanel, Ysl, but it changes all the time, I like to buy new brands…

24) Do you work out?
I walk and bicycle, gonna invest in a gym card any day (and insist of having a PT.)

25) What is your favorite sport? Skiing I think and then swimming and cycling,Polo is quite interesting, but only to watch..
26) Do you collect anything?
I collect many things, hats, furs, I phones (not voluntary) Skincare and make up always tend to buy too much too often of that, photo books, fashion mags, and memories…

27) How do you think other people sees you?
I dunno, I hope as an honest girl with good values but also with lots of energy, creative and curious, who like to do crazy things (in a good way) and party sometimes…

28) When was the last time you cried?
I don’t cry that much nowerdays, but it was when I was on my way back home from one of my wonderful trips this summer…

29) Have you ever wanted to be a guy?
Hah, well, not really full time or for a long time, but I’ve been curious and wondered what it would be like, think it’s quite cool, they have lots of privileges girls doesn’t have (and the other way around of course)

30) What would you do the first when you had learnt that you won the lottery?
Hmmmmmmm, it depends of how much? Let’s say an unlimited amount.  Then I would invest a lot and after that leave the country tomorrow and travel for a long while, when I was tanned enough and missed my friends I would go back and buy an apartment in Stockholm, a new one in Paris and one in like London or NY maybe and some other houses here and there, then I would save the world. . .

If you wanna ask me something else, send your question here: