Sunday, 14 August 2011


Alright, I know I am silly with all my 'questionnaires', but it is so much fun to fill in questions, can't help it,
Some people like to play chess, some like to collect stamps and I like to fill in questions..
I did a "Hej Konsument" (Hi consumer), a questionary where they asks quasi celebs' different things and which I took from Swedish daily Newspaper Dagens Nyheter with exactly the same questions translated in English:

Best walk: Marais to St Germain

Favorite Street: Streets where people I love live

Favorite Drink: Bloody Mary and chilled champagne

Eating luxury dinner at: Le Meurice

Best micro food: Don't eat micro food. Ever. 

Favorite Suburb: Not a huge fan of suburbs

Have coffee at: Starbucks and Café Charlot

Best lunch spot: Café Charlot (in Paris, Other places in other cities)

Best brunch: The Ritz (Paris)

Best coffee: Really like Starbucks soy latte

Best concert hall (in Stockholm): I don't know, ages ago I went to any concert there

Best bar: Here I invite Mom to dinner: Chez Janou in Paris, Teatergrillen in Stockholm, etc

Last Stockholm Discovery: Cosy new Hotel Skeppsholmen at Skeppsholmen Gröna Gângen with fantastic food and nice staff

Recently Viewed teather-/dans act:  Unfortunatly not, was a while ago at the Opera Garnier in Paris (ballet)

Last-viewed show: Don't remember

A good go away present: I usually bring a bottle of champagne, like Veuve Cliquot or else

Favorit luxuary artikel: YSL's touche eclat maybe

Currently reading: "The Big Short" by Michael Lewis

Like to Read: Very often. Books about things and subjects I wanna know more about and are interested in for the moment, recommendations. 

Favourite Ingredient: Tabasco is nice, cinnamon too.

Favorite exercise: I am to shy to answer this one...

Favorite Brand: Way too many

Favorite Shoes: Finsk, Louboutin,Miu Miu, Ysl, Fendi, etc

Clothes Account per month: Everything between 200 and 2000 euros

Drinking Percentage: 13%

Fashion Idol: Don't have any specific

Most overrated business: Let me think about that one...

Favorite Product at Systembolaget: Moët Chandon Rosé

Favorite Product at the pharmacy: Carmex, Klorane's dry shampoo

Best drunk food: Something with carbs. I like toasts with cheese and ham in the middle of the night, preferably prepared by someone else ;)

Listen to: Loads and loads, changes all the time, I pretty much like Sonar Kollektive right now

Best pre-party music: Everything on my I tunes 

Last hummed: "Where do you go to (my lovely) with Peter Sarstedt on a house boat on The Seine last night...

Last bought CD / song: New Disco cd's in London

My worst purchase ever: A pair of beautiful boots which cost 800 euros and both heels broke in like a week and after I fixed them, the same thing happened a week later. 

Last impulse purchase: Clothes and books at W H Smith

Recent discovery: The bar at Park Hyatt Paris

Last vintage find: Havent bought vintage in ages, don't know why

Ugliest clothes color: Green maybe

In my dvd-player/computer: Last days of Lehman Brothers (Documentary)

Useful Stuff: I phone

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  1. love questionnaires, more of that stuff pls!