Monday, 1 August 2011


I got an interview sent to me, I decided to answer it after I left out some irrelevant questions:
1) Tell me how many hats you have in your home?
I have many. A couple of cocktail hats, a couple of panama hats, some black “fashion week hats” and other every day hats. I love hats.
2) What do you often eat for breakfast?
When I have time; yoghurt with different grains and berries and homemade café latte, orange juice. When I don’t have time; nothing or a large soya latte from Starbucks with a slash of cinnamon, no sugar.
3) Tell us about one of your worst habit or quality?
 One of my worst habits is maybe impulse shopping and that I sometimes can be so restless and impatient. Qualities are that I can keep calm and think in critical situations, I am loyal and believe in old school stuff such as trust, respect and love.
4) Which is your favorite language other than your native language?
English, since it’s my second language, otherwise French and then Italian( -which is the next language I'm planning to learn)
5) Which super power do you like to have and why?
To be able to go back in time and to be invisible. To do things different, and to redo stuff I regret and that went wrong and to be invisible to be able to make shitloads of money very quickly.:)
6) If I take a look inside your refrigerator what would I find?Right now; tomatoes, mozzarella, cottage cheese, all kinds of different fruits and veggies, Pellegrino, Evian, orange juice, soy milk and rosé wine, I only get stuff for breakfast /lunch, rarely eat dinner at home…

7) If you are alone in a desert what are your thoughts? Wow, completely alone in the desert? Well probably how to get out of there as soon as possible and how to find water.

8) What is the latest book you read?

Ok, this is gonna sound boring but; “What you need to know about Marketing” and “What they teach you at HBS.”

9) What do you like to watch on tv? I like to watch Mad Men, Californication documentaries and the news channels BBC and CNN.

10) Which is your favorite food item and why?
 What is a food item? Well, dried cherries then…

11) Who did you call the last time? A girl I know in Paris about an apartment. . .

12) What was your latest sms and from who ?  “Chez Julien, rue du pont Louis Philippe” From a friend and director/publisher

13) What did you think when you got it?
“I’m not gonna send him any drafts from my book even if he asks for it”

14) When did you lie the last time? I don’t lie that much, I try to avoid it. Sometimes when I am drunk I like to make up stories, think I told some young students from Germany I met out in Stockholm that I was a brain surgeon or something like that…

15) Latest song you heard? “Welcome to St Tropez” from my neighbors’ window…

16) Latest film you saw?
This is kind of embarrassing but it was “Fast times at Ridgemont High” a really corny college movie from -82 with Sean Penn, just cause it was on Swedish telly and I like to hang out in my mums house and watch tv with her when I’m in Sweden…J

17) If you would go on a trip now where would that be? Portofino in Italy, Bora Bora, The Caraibes, Barbados, L.A, N.Y, Malibu, Bali, back to Ibiza, St Barth, Hamptons or Sydney to visit my little sister! (Any other place would do, I love to travel)

18) Ibiza or St Tropez?  Ibiza

19) What do you miss right now?  I really miss building up another persons ego…

20) What is the best thing to do? If I only knew that!   No, really, to be with someone you love.

21) What do you do when you panic or when something really bad and unexpected happens?
I’m Telling myself; “It’s gonna be ok” several times and start an intensive problem-solving campaign in my head that’s going on full speed until I manage to fully or partially resolve it.( I Think of my breakfast coffe mug which says “Shut up and deal with it”. )

22) Have you done any plastic surgery? 
Not a single thing.

23) What makeup and skincare do you use?
Everything I lay my hands on when I go on my shopping sprees in department stores and that looks exclusive, good and interesting. I particularly like Dermalogica, Kiehls, Nars, Chanel, Ysl, but it changes all the time, I like to buy new brands…

24) Do you work out?
I walk and bicycle, gonna invest in a gym card any day (and insist of having a PT.)

25) What is your favorite sport? Skiing I think and then swimming and cycling,Polo is quite interesting, but only to watch..
26) Do you collect anything?
I collect many things, hats, furs, I phones (not voluntary) Skincare and make up always tend to buy too much too often of that, photo books, fashion mags, and memories…

27) How do you think other people sees you?
I dunno, I hope as an honest girl with good values but also with lots of energy, creative and curious, who like to do crazy things (in a good way) and party sometimes…

28) When was the last time you cried?
I don’t cry that much nowerdays, but it was when I was on my way back home from one of my wonderful trips this summer…

29) Have you ever wanted to be a guy?
Hah, well, not really full time or for a long time, but I’ve been curious and wondered what it would be like, think it’s quite cool, they have lots of privileges girls doesn’t have (and the other way around of course)

30) What would you do the first when you had learnt that you won the lottery?
Hmmmmmmm, it depends of how much? Let’s say an unlimited amount.  Then I would invest a lot and after that leave the country tomorrow and travel for a long while, when I was tanned enough and missed my friends I would go back and buy an apartment in Stockholm, a new one in Paris and one in like London or NY maybe and some other houses here and there, then I would save the world. . .

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