Friday, 29 October 2010

My friend just applied to be the Dailysingle. Please visit this link to vote for :him_her and to give :him_her more chances to be selected. Thanks.

I just applied to be the Dailysingle. Please visit this link to vote for me and to give me more chances to be selected. Thanks.


1. People who blindly follow rules without questioning anything. Just accept everything how it is. Old shitty rules that I always question and refuses to follow if I think they are inapropriate. ( Can be at work or just in general)
As long as people behave like that it would never be any change or democracy in society.

2.The old fashion hierarchy system at many french workplaces. Perversely designed to torture life out of the employees. In Sweden your boss is someone nice that helps and motivates you and that you have fun with. Someone that does not only help you to grow in the company, but also as a person.
In France your boss is (often) a sadistic pervert that want you to know your place. A very small person with 0 knowledge in management in any form and so, so afraid to loose even a tiny bit of he's power.
Absolutely ridiculous.

3.Prejudices and preconceptions about people you absolutely don't know and never met.
 (As long as they haven't done anything to you personally, such as seduced your boyfriend, etc)
My rule is: never judge someone before you met and talked to them personally, no matter how much bullshit you've heard about the person before.

4. Rude, dumb people you absolutely don't know and never seen in your life that disturb you, claim your precious time by starting to talk to you in inappropriate ways and places like in the street, in the metro, etc. (This almost exclusively happens in France)
Leave me the fuck alone! I dont want to be bothered by some ugly lowlife trying to hit on me everytime I walk around alone in the street. What do they think? That I'm gonna stop, talk to them, smile and take their number?
I wouldn't even touch them with a stick even if they were the last person left on earth. It's just so extremely rude to force yourself into another peoples private space like that. Occupy their time with pure bullshit. The only thing I feel like doing in those situations is to fountain puke on them.

5.Liars and cheaters- No comments.

6.People who are standing still on the left side in escalators. Comeone! We had escalators for about 100 years now, what is it that is so hard??

7. When people try to tell me what to do, and try to know my life better than I do.
"You shouldn't wear so much make up" and stuff like that. Comeone, YOU shouldn't wear that ugly shirt, those yellow teeth and that attitude. Thank ya'. I am a grown up woman and can decide for myself. Thank ya again.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Winter's cityside
Crystal bits of snowflakes
All around my head and in the wind
I had no illusions
That I'd ever find a glimpse
Of summer's heatwaves in your eyes
You did what you did to me
Now it's history I see
Here's my comeback on the road again
Things will happen while they can
I will wait here for my man tonight
It's easy when you're big in Japan

Aah when you're big in Japan-tonight...
Big in Japan-be-tight...
Big in Japan... ooh the eastern sea's so blue
Big in Japan-alright,
Pay! -- Then I'll sleep by your side
Things are easy when you're big in Japan
Oh when you're big in Japan

Neon on my naked skin, passing silhouettes
Of strange illuminated mannequins
Shall I stay here at the zoo
Or should I go and change my point of view
For other ugly scenes
You did what you did to me
Now it's history I see
Here's my comeback on the road again
Things will happen while they can
I will wait here for my man tonight
It's easy when you're big in Japan

Aah when you're big in Japan-tonight...
Big in Japan-be-tight...
Big in Japan... ooh the eastern sea's so blue
Big in Japan-alright, pay!
Then I'll sleep by your side
Things are easy when you're big in Japan 

Monday, 25 October 2010


Here comes a childhood memoy I for some reason started to think about:

When I was little, maybe around 10 or 11 I had a great imaginaion, a wild fantasy and was full of adventures and crazy ideas.
One thing was that I really wanted to be a detective.
I was so little so I didn't really know what being a  detective really meant, but I did my best to become one anyway. I had a friend I used to  hang out with a lot at this time, a girl maybe one or two years younger than me. We started a detective club together. It was my idea. We called ourselves detectives "falköga and snabbfot" which in swedish means kind of "hawkeye" and "quickfot". I was quickfot cause I was really fast when I was little, I was slim and had long legs for my age and I could run pretty fast.
We were sitting in my room preparing interviews and plans on how to spy on suspicious people in the neighbourhood I remember. We had a few specific guys much older than us, like in their 30's maybe, that we thought were particularly suspicious and behaved very strange and mysteriously...
We had some simple equipment which consisted of a tape recorder, a microphone and a notepad. With that we went to the local grocery store and waited for our victims to either enter or come out from the store. When they entered we sometimes followed them to see what they bought as a part of the investigation and when they came out we stood there ready with our taperecorder and microphone to interview them with what seemed to be "normal questions"to them, but was for us important clues of the mysterious suspects.

We asked what their favorite food was, what they favorite color was, what their favorite TV show was and so on, but also where they lived and if they had a garage where they lived, what kind of car they were driving, etc. Everything in order to get as much important information as possible so we later at night when it was dark could look for their houses and go and spy on them some more...
This was so fun and exciting I remember and we were so sure to reveal those poor quite normal guys as some sort of massmurder freaks which had children kidnapped and trapped in their garage!
Ofcourse we had code names for all of them. It was important to never call them by their real names I remember, so that no one could know who we were talking about if they found out notebooks or something. I specially remember one guy that we called "Peter". A tall skinny man in his 30's, who lived alone and was some kind of a loner. We followed him like crazy for like a week and spied on him every evening completely sure of that he at any moment would take out a dead body from his freezer or somthing like that. Ofcourse that never happend more than in our imagination and I almost feel sorry for the poor guy that was just a normal buddy that liked american cars and girls and I remember until this day when I first interviewed him outside the grocery store one day and asked him for his favorite song:
-"Little deuce coupe by the Beach Boys!" he answered with a smile. Me and Falköga looked seriously at eachother and thought it was a very, very suspicious answer...




Sunday, 24 October 2010




Was off this weekend as well.
On thursday I was invited to the FIAC Vernissage by my friend Frédéric who has the art gallery Bugada & Cargnel in Paris. Dropped by there after work and walked around looking at art. I love art and have promised myself to become more interested in art, learn more about it and hopefully start to buy and collect art someday in the future..
I felt a bit tired after working all day so I went to the open bar Richard and grabbed a mango and a strawberry/Richard mix they had there that was quite disgusting (Richard should only be drunk as pastis otherwise it tastes like shit) I walked around for a while taking a sip on each every now and then. An old bitter man was staring at me when I did that and I smiled back. (The best way to ignore and provoke old fashion fascists is to smile lovely at them.)  I decided to stick to champagne for the rest of the evening.
Saw some interesting things and got a review of the paintings and installations by Frédéric.
His artist Cyprien Gaillard won btw the Marcel Duchamp price this year which is really cool, happy for him and congrats.
Friday night I was dj'ing at the ART/MUSIC/SHOW at the door studios in Paris. A vernissage with contemporary russian art/ Wrangler, french photobloggers and the solo artist Wagner, etc.
I was dj'ing second set after the Wagner gig. I started of course with the old Telex hit "Moscow disco" (remixed by carl craig) what could be more suitable than that at a russian party? Heard I've got some good feedback for the set, so I'm happy.
Today I was brunching at my fav place in le marais: Café Charlot. Charlot is just the best. Cosy and supernice food and a very yummy brunch. I hang out there all the time when I'm free. Talked to my new french friend D who is the only frenchmen I know that speaks fluent swedish:)
Now, I really really feel like going to the cinema. Haven't been to the cinema for ages, so much stuff I want to check out and it is so this season to go down in a dark and cosy cinema with popcorn and watch movies, that's gonna be my plan for next week...
See ya'

Thursday, 21 October 2010


Need some fun, gimme some fun! Why is everything so damn boring and serious at the moment?
Can it be the cold? the autumn? Is my brain freezed?
God, don't have that funny giggely feeling I use to have in my body anymore and I'm afraid.
Like this summer when I was on vacation, hanging out in an ex boyfriend's apartment in Stockholm. We are listening to music, having an absolutely great time, understanding eachother and eachother's jokes and thoughts as only people that knew each other for about 15 years as we have does. Talking bullshit about girls, boys, life, relationships, etc...
About being single dating different random people that after a while fall in love and you dont.
Then suddenly he gets an sms from some chic he's been dating a short period, like some love declaration, really serious about wanting to meet again, bla bla.
He is trying to answer the sms, he starts to write but gets it wrong and slips on the letters and before he can stop it (you know I phones) it goes away to the girl and the only thing it sais is "ba"
which is a swedish expression that is short for "bara" (just, only) but is used more as "like" as in "like that", or I don't even know how to explain what it means, but you can say it in the end of sentences as an arrogant touch to it, suburb kids and teenagers often do that and it's really "I couldn't care less'ich" and we both found it extremely funny and were lying double laughing for a long time cause it's so damn funny -and that, that feeling is exactly what I miss!


I'm so very tired, can't believe it...
I'm working way to much (again) into my 50 hours a week schedule -again...
Exhausted, a few hours home alone at night after work in best case. Braindead. Just enough energy to watch stupid soap operas about rich NY housewifes on streamed Swedish tv.
So tired in the morning I have to force myself with every power in my body to go up, don't even know where I find the strenght for that...many years training I guess, zombie behaviour...
Not even energy enough to cook dinner. Takeaway every single night...expensive...but, whatever.
The ONLY thing I want is to take a vacation, go far far away, someplace warm.
Sip pina coladas at some beach, paint my nails, take massages and do spa-shit until I choke in pore tightening mud happy....

Well, that's what happens with 2 jobs...
Advices from a friend I met tonight is turning around in my head. A young businessman and entrepreneur that have 2 businesses going on at the same time and is opening up a third soon. Work hard. Work 3 times harder than everybody else. Look around you what people are doing. Do something different than them. What do you do that they don't? Always have a good idea. If you have a good idea, really good, you will find the money to finance your project...

I am free this weekend though.
Gonna try to write about the past fashionweek then. So much stuff to write about...
Where am I gonna find my time?
Dj'ing tomorrow at an art/Wrangler party and on saturday at a private 30 year's party held by a friend of friends.
See ya'


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Saturday, 2 October 2010


Pompon opening last night. My english red haired friend John Whelan was opening this restaurant at 39 rue des petites Ecuries in the 10th arr in Paris.
He has been talking about it such a long time so it was really nice to finally see the result.
Unfourtunately I was totally smashed this evening. (from the evening before) Had a crazy stomach ache and a bad karma that was following me for the rest of the evening.
I brought my Italian friend "Adriano" from last night and met up with a Swedish partycrew there as well.
Congrat's John!  Nice restaurant/nightie with a basement for concerts and a fumoir. Now I just have to go and try it out as a dinner place.
After a while it was so hot and so much people inside the Pompon we had to escape- out in the street to have a cigarette. After that we wanted to check out the Vivien Westwood after. Adriano was already there and kept sending me textos that said he was on the list and was not getting in anyway. Bad sign. We took a cab to L'Arc anyway.  Me and what was left of the partycrew: Davy, Nisse and some austrian designer chic. I tried to reach a friend who works there while we were on our way but it turned out to be a hard deal. People where fighting to get in and lots of people on the list didn't even get in so we went to some Citizen K party instead where my fiend David had a friend( some guy from Gomma records)who was dj'ing. Since I skipped dinner (again)I drank margarita's all evening to get some sort of salt in my body. The party took place at the VIP Room which I hate. It's a lame and tasteless hookers-and champagne/badly dressed losers with to much wax in their hair that likes shitty music-place.
In the middle of every evening at the VIP a bunch of operated almost naked( g-string and black sticky-tape on the nipples) quite vulgar strippers is starting to dance at some stage. I find that so tasteless and tacky in a nightclub.
So after a while(after the strip incident),even with nice company I took off and went home. First I passed by Le Renard which is just a couple of hundreds of meters from my place, found some friends standing outside smoking and went in. Talked a little to Jenny, Rasmus, Maria and Rocco and got back some good karma and energy.
It was raining during this whole evening so that took away some of the nice partyspirit as well.
It turned out quite nice in the end anyway.
Conclusion of the night, or what my friend Wade told me: "Don't go out if you don't get paid or laid".
To be continued...



Friday, 1 October 2010





Last night (3rd day of fashionweek) I was dj'ing in one of my resident bars, Le Cinoches in Odeon, owned and runned by two nice and quite young guys called Louis-Gabriel and Cédric. It's a block away from St Germain with a young parisian crowd and quite a funky feeling. When I finished there around 1 my Swedish friends David and André came from a dinner at la Fidelité with 2 other friends to meet up and have a drink with me before going further.
Last night the annual Vogue Masquerade ball took place at Hotel Pozzo di Borgo. I was a bit annoyed I had to dj and couldn't go, but ,whatever...someone has to pay the rent.
After a great set we went to Montana. A bar I've been to about a million times before, kind of like Le Baron in Paris but newer. (The Vogue afterparty was held there) When we arrived it was some new girl at the door that didn't knew or recognice anyone. I hate that with fashionweek. They hire some new loser that doesn't even recognice the every-week crowd and they are hired over the weekend to get some pocketmoney and can't even do their job right. (So typical for Paris fashionweek) Anyway, this girl was giving me and everybody else a hard time at the entrance for a couple of minutes, claiming she 'had no idea of anything' (and believe me, she didn't.) I didn't care. I smiled and had a cigarette while waiting for my friend Luzia and the other Danish girls to show up. In the meantime a car parks outside. A huge group of people wells out, they have been at the Vogue masquerade ball and are wearing evening gowns, special designed masks and chic tuxedos. Lily Donaldson is heading for the entrance, double everyone and gets in a crowd of about 20 people in about 30 seconds. Me and the danish girls gets in a bit after that and we go downstairs to have a drink. The crowd is a mix of supermodels as Lily and Daria Werbowy and young gay and straight fashionguys, random fashionpeople and quite goodlooking snobbish and tanned privat-jet guys in their 30's waving ther amex'es to the bartender( that doesn't even have change for my 50 euro bill) Almost 80% is speaking english. A danish girlfriend's boyfiend is dj'ing, -Greg and everyone is smoking inside. In the bar a while later I hook up with a sweet little Italian fashion thing that lives in NY and is here for fashionweek. I don't remember his name (which is typical for me) so I call him Adriano for the rest of the evening. Whatever. Adriano is nice and polite, exactly what I appriciate a messy evening like this and we talk about fashion, nightlife and all the party's we are gonna go to during the week. We decide to go to the Hermes coctail at Colette and the opening of my friend John Wehlan's new restaurant Pompon to start the evening on friday. (Saturday night I'm booked to dj again) I think it can be a very good evening, I'm off today and thinking of doing a little round to get some fake hair, new YSL lipstick, a couple of masks and maybe a pair of platform miu miu's...
Catch you up on that later...