Thursday, 21 October 2010


Need some fun, gimme some fun! Why is everything so damn boring and serious at the moment?
Can it be the cold? the autumn? Is my brain freezed?
God, don't have that funny giggely feeling I use to have in my body anymore and I'm afraid.
Like this summer when I was on vacation, hanging out in an ex boyfriend's apartment in Stockholm. We are listening to music, having an absolutely great time, understanding eachother and eachother's jokes and thoughts as only people that knew each other for about 15 years as we have does. Talking bullshit about girls, boys, life, relationships, etc...
About being single dating different random people that after a while fall in love and you dont.
Then suddenly he gets an sms from some chic he's been dating a short period, like some love declaration, really serious about wanting to meet again, bla bla.
He is trying to answer the sms, he starts to write but gets it wrong and slips on the letters and before he can stop it (you know I phones) it goes away to the girl and the only thing it sais is "ba"
which is a swedish expression that is short for "bara" (just, only) but is used more as "like" as in "like that", or I don't even know how to explain what it means, but you can say it in the end of sentences as an arrogant touch to it, suburb kids and teenagers often do that and it's really "I couldn't care less'ich" and we both found it extremely funny and were lying double laughing for a long time cause it's so damn funny -and that, that feeling is exactly what I miss!

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