Saturday, 2 October 2010


Pompon opening last night. My english red haired friend John Whelan was opening this restaurant at 39 rue des petites Ecuries in the 10th arr in Paris.
He has been talking about it such a long time so it was really nice to finally see the result.
Unfourtunately I was totally smashed this evening. (from the evening before) Had a crazy stomach ache and a bad karma that was following me for the rest of the evening.
I brought my Italian friend "Adriano" from last night and met up with a Swedish partycrew there as well.
Congrat's John!  Nice restaurant/nightie with a basement for concerts and a fumoir. Now I just have to go and try it out as a dinner place.
After a while it was so hot and so much people inside the Pompon we had to escape- out in the street to have a cigarette. After that we wanted to check out the Vivien Westwood after. Adriano was already there and kept sending me textos that said he was on the list and was not getting in anyway. Bad sign. We took a cab to L'Arc anyway.  Me and what was left of the partycrew: Davy, Nisse and some austrian designer chic. I tried to reach a friend who works there while we were on our way but it turned out to be a hard deal. People where fighting to get in and lots of people on the list didn't even get in so we went to some Citizen K party instead where my fiend David had a friend( some guy from Gomma records)who was dj'ing. Since I skipped dinner (again)I drank margarita's all evening to get some sort of salt in my body. The party took place at the VIP Room which I hate. It's a lame and tasteless hookers-and champagne/badly dressed losers with to much wax in their hair that likes shitty music-place.
In the middle of every evening at the VIP a bunch of operated almost naked( g-string and black sticky-tape on the nipples) quite vulgar strippers is starting to dance at some stage. I find that so tasteless and tacky in a nightclub.
So after a while(after the strip incident),even with nice company I took off and went home. First I passed by Le Renard which is just a couple of hundreds of meters from my place, found some friends standing outside smoking and went in. Talked a little to Jenny, Rasmus, Maria and Rocco and got back some good karma and energy.
It was raining during this whole evening so that took away some of the nice partyspirit as well.
It turned out quite nice in the end anyway.
Conclusion of the night, or what my friend Wade told me: "Don't go out if you don't get paid or laid".
To be continued...

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