Sunday, 24 October 2010


Was off this weekend as well.
On thursday I was invited to the FIAC Vernissage by my friend Frédéric who has the art gallery Bugada & Cargnel in Paris. Dropped by there after work and walked around looking at art. I love art and have promised myself to become more interested in art, learn more about it and hopefully start to buy and collect art someday in the future..
I felt a bit tired after working all day so I went to the open bar Richard and grabbed a mango and a strawberry/Richard mix they had there that was quite disgusting (Richard should only be drunk as pastis otherwise it tastes like shit) I walked around for a while taking a sip on each every now and then. An old bitter man was staring at me when I did that and I smiled back. (The best way to ignore and provoke old fashion fascists is to smile lovely at them.)  I decided to stick to champagne for the rest of the evening.
Saw some interesting things and got a review of the paintings and installations by Frédéric.
His artist Cyprien Gaillard won btw the Marcel Duchamp price this year which is really cool, happy for him and congrats.
Friday night I was dj'ing at the ART/MUSIC/SHOW at the door studios in Paris. A vernissage with contemporary russian art/ Wrangler, french photobloggers and the solo artist Wagner, etc.
I was dj'ing second set after the Wagner gig. I started of course with the old Telex hit "Moscow disco" (remixed by carl craig) what could be more suitable than that at a russian party? Heard I've got some good feedback for the set, so I'm happy.
Today I was brunching at my fav place in le marais: Café Charlot. Charlot is just the best. Cosy and supernice food and a very yummy brunch. I hang out there all the time when I'm free. Talked to my new french friend D who is the only frenchmen I know that speaks fluent swedish:)
Now, I really really feel like going to the cinema. Haven't been to the cinema for ages, so much stuff I want to check out and it is so this season to go down in a dark and cosy cinema with popcorn and watch movies, that's gonna be my plan for next week...
See ya'

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