Friday, 1 October 2010


Last night (3rd day of fashionweek) I was dj'ing in one of my resident bars, Le Cinoches in Odeon, owned and runned by two nice and quite young guys called Louis-Gabriel and Cédric. It's a block away from St Germain with a young parisian crowd and quite a funky feeling. When I finished there around 1 my Swedish friends David and André came from a dinner at la Fidelité with 2 other friends to meet up and have a drink with me before going further.
Last night the annual Vogue Masquerade ball took place at Hotel Pozzo di Borgo. I was a bit annoyed I had to dj and couldn't go, but ,whatever...someone has to pay the rent.
After a great set we went to Montana. A bar I've been to about a million times before, kind of like Le Baron in Paris but newer. (The Vogue afterparty was held there) When we arrived it was some new girl at the door that didn't knew or recognice anyone. I hate that with fashionweek. They hire some new loser that doesn't even recognice the every-week crowd and they are hired over the weekend to get some pocketmoney and can't even do their job right. (So typical for Paris fashionweek) Anyway, this girl was giving me and everybody else a hard time at the entrance for a couple of minutes, claiming she 'had no idea of anything' (and believe me, she didn't.) I didn't care. I smiled and had a cigarette while waiting for my friend Luzia and the other Danish girls to show up. In the meantime a car parks outside. A huge group of people wells out, they have been at the Vogue masquerade ball and are wearing evening gowns, special designed masks and chic tuxedos. Lily Donaldson is heading for the entrance, double everyone and gets in a crowd of about 20 people in about 30 seconds. Me and the danish girls gets in a bit after that and we go downstairs to have a drink. The crowd is a mix of supermodels as Lily and Daria Werbowy and young gay and straight fashionguys, random fashionpeople and quite goodlooking snobbish and tanned privat-jet guys in their 30's waving ther amex'es to the bartender( that doesn't even have change for my 50 euro bill) Almost 80% is speaking english. A danish girlfriend's boyfiend is dj'ing, -Greg and everyone is smoking inside. In the bar a while later I hook up with a sweet little Italian fashion thing that lives in NY and is here for fashionweek. I don't remember his name (which is typical for me) so I call him Adriano for the rest of the evening. Whatever. Adriano is nice and polite, exactly what I appriciate a messy evening like this and we talk about fashion, nightlife and all the party's we are gonna go to during the week. We decide to go to the Hermes coctail at Colette and the opening of my friend John Wehlan's new restaurant Pompon to start the evening on friday. (Saturday night I'm booked to dj again) I think it can be a very good evening, I'm off today and thinking of doing a little round to get some fake hair, new YSL lipstick, a couple of masks and maybe a pair of platform miu miu's...
Catch you up on that later...

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