Monday, 25 October 2010


Here comes a childhood memoy I for some reason started to think about:

When I was little, maybe around 10 or 11 I had a great imaginaion, a wild fantasy and was full of adventures and crazy ideas.
One thing was that I really wanted to be a detective.
I was so little so I didn't really know what being a  detective really meant, but I did my best to become one anyway. I had a friend I used to  hang out with a lot at this time, a girl maybe one or two years younger than me. We started a detective club together. It was my idea. We called ourselves detectives "falköga and snabbfot" which in swedish means kind of "hawkeye" and "quickfot". I was quickfot cause I was really fast when I was little, I was slim and had long legs for my age and I could run pretty fast.
We were sitting in my room preparing interviews and plans on how to spy on suspicious people in the neighbourhood I remember. We had a few specific guys much older than us, like in their 30's maybe, that we thought were particularly suspicious and behaved very strange and mysteriously...
We had some simple equipment which consisted of a tape recorder, a microphone and a notepad. With that we went to the local grocery store and waited for our victims to either enter or come out from the store. When they entered we sometimes followed them to see what they bought as a part of the investigation and when they came out we stood there ready with our taperecorder and microphone to interview them with what seemed to be "normal questions"to them, but was for us important clues of the mysterious suspects.

We asked what their favorite food was, what they favorite color was, what their favorite TV show was and so on, but also where they lived and if they had a garage where they lived, what kind of car they were driving, etc. Everything in order to get as much important information as possible so we later at night when it was dark could look for their houses and go and spy on them some more...
This was so fun and exciting I remember and we were so sure to reveal those poor quite normal guys as some sort of massmurder freaks which had children kidnapped and trapped in their garage!
Ofcourse we had code names for all of them. It was important to never call them by their real names I remember, so that no one could know who we were talking about if they found out notebooks or something. I specially remember one guy that we called "Peter". A tall skinny man in his 30's, who lived alone and was some kind of a loner. We followed him like crazy for like a week and spied on him every evening completely sure of that he at any moment would take out a dead body from his freezer or somthing like that. Ofcourse that never happend more than in our imagination and I almost feel sorry for the poor guy that was just a normal buddy that liked american cars and girls and I remember until this day when I first interviewed him outside the grocery store one day and asked him for his favorite song:
-"Little deuce coupe by the Beach Boys!" he answered with a smile. Me and Falköga looked seriously at eachother and thought it was a very, very suspicious answer...

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