Friday, 29 October 2010


1. People who blindly follow rules without questioning anything. Just accept everything how it is. Old shitty rules that I always question and refuses to follow if I think they are inapropriate. ( Can be at work or just in general)
As long as people behave like that it would never be any change or democracy in society.

2.The old fashion hierarchy system at many french workplaces. Perversely designed to torture life out of the employees. In Sweden your boss is someone nice that helps and motivates you and that you have fun with. Someone that does not only help you to grow in the company, but also as a person.
In France your boss is (often) a sadistic pervert that want you to know your place. A very small person with 0 knowledge in management in any form and so, so afraid to loose even a tiny bit of he's power.
Absolutely ridiculous.

3.Prejudices and preconceptions about people you absolutely don't know and never met.
 (As long as they haven't done anything to you personally, such as seduced your boyfriend, etc)
My rule is: never judge someone before you met and talked to them personally, no matter how much bullshit you've heard about the person before.

4. Rude, dumb people you absolutely don't know and never seen in your life that disturb you, claim your precious time by starting to talk to you in inappropriate ways and places like in the street, in the metro, etc. (This almost exclusively happens in France)
Leave me the fuck alone! I dont want to be bothered by some ugly lowlife trying to hit on me everytime I walk around alone in the street. What do they think? That I'm gonna stop, talk to them, smile and take their number?
I wouldn't even touch them with a stick even if they were the last person left on earth. It's just so extremely rude to force yourself into another peoples private space like that. Occupy their time with pure bullshit. The only thing I feel like doing in those situations is to fountain puke on them.

5.Liars and cheaters- No comments.

6.People who are standing still on the left side in escalators. Comeone! We had escalators for about 100 years now, what is it that is so hard??

7. When people try to tell me what to do, and try to know my life better than I do.
"You shouldn't wear so much make up" and stuff like that. Comeone, YOU shouldn't wear that ugly shirt, those yellow teeth and that attitude. Thank ya'. I am a grown up woman and can decide for myself. Thank ya again.

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