Friday, 3 June 2011


Nina, Vicky and David at my dinner @ Le Derrière on wednesday
(Yeah I know, quite dark and blurry pic's, that's life with a crappy iphone as a camera, hope my friends will have some others from this evening to gimme soon...)
Well, here you can see parts of my dinner at Le Derrière on wednesday night, Had a really nice and unexpected 2 day B-Day, hanged out with my english friend Keiron, went to a gentlemens club, drank a lot of champagne and had this lovely gathering of creative friends on wed.
Thank you all for coming guys! : My bf,(cute and sexy) John,(Mr ginger/Carmen) David, (who is a french guy som pratar svenska: ),André, (probably the best hairstylist in the world)Vicky,(VickyCottonVibes, my sweet Paris partyqueen) Nina,(my new friend from Moskow)Karin, (The one and only,- the partycarrot) Azadeh,(with her lovely skinny little son) Stefanie,(the Australian flower) Jonna and friend (my partner in crime at castles), Paul,( Mr candycane:)and Keiron (the english gentleman)
To all you guys who couldn't come, luv ya too and see you next time ;)

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