Monday, 27 September 2010


Paris is getting colder and today was the first quite cold day when you felt like it was time to switch to your autumn/winter wardrobe. Buy a new coat, some scarfs and stuff. I'm gonna do that next week. Already spotted some nice ones I want...
Tonight I had a meeting, a rdv with the french fashion photographer Jls Birdy.
It was quite interesting. He shoots everything from fashion/nude to natural and quite Terry Richardson inspired pics. I'm gonna do a shoot with him after fashionweek when he is back from NYC. Look forward to that. (It's not gonna be vulgar, don't worry, I have something cool in mind.)
We talked about everything from how to upload photos on blogger, he explained me that, so hopefully there will be some pics up soon;) to love and miserable christmases in Paris...
It's also comfirmed that I'm gonna work for the Swedish supernice jewelry brand Cornelia Webb at Tranoi on fashionweek, which is gonna be fun!
Now I'm gonna watch some streamed swedish tv on TV3 Play. Goodnight!

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