Saturday, 25 September 2010


Free today, off work, a Saturday!  That doesn't happen often...Too bad I'm hung overed. Gonna start with this blog for real soon to make my dear friends happy and for other reasons as well...
Last night I was dj'ing at The Ritz Bar at the Ritz Hotel here in Paris. I love Ritz Hotel. It's amazing and cosy and old.
Kate Moss fav' bar in Paris that she visits atleast 4 times a year (and always during fashionweek) is the Hemingway bar which is at the opposite side of the Ritz bar in the Ritz Hotel where I was dj'ing. Kate wasn't there unfortunatly;) The very friendly english bartender called Tim told me some funny Kate-inside's and that miss Moss always drank "Paris 75's" when she visited the bar which is a mix between gin, sour and lemonjuice if I understood it right. After a first glass of strawberry/Ritz champagne Tim served me "Paris 75's the rest of the evening and I renamed it "Kate Moss". A friend Olivier (that I didn't know before) dropped by and told me I did really good mixes, that made me happy, he also helped me drink all my Kate Mosses and later on we went to some sort off chill out room with sofa's, a huge desk and stuff.  I sat down behind the desk and did a fake jobinterview with him, writing down what he said on Ritz paper with a Ritz pen (that afterwards wanted to live in my handbag;)
Anyway, the mix went really well, the people liked it, the bartenders liked it and I would love to play there again soon. It was perfect for me. Just the right feeling. I pretended I was in a movie and when I play I want people to feel they are in a David Lynch film or in Twin Peaks.
There were quite old people there as some of my friends told me, -But I don't mind. Mostly old people really like my music. I prefer to dj for old people who appriciate my music than kids that doesn't understand a shit about music and comes up to wish like Katy Perry or someother shit.
<3 Have a good day!

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