Thursday, 23 September 2010


Last night I was dj'ing at a release party for the french group Walter  Sobcek in an Oberkamp restaurant called Chez Justine. Never been there before, I am never in the Oberkamp area, (don't really like that area for some wierd reason) Quite cosy and nice place and the mix went really well, played lots of Jackpot stuff, my new favourite Swedish band and other disco stuff. Think the people there liked it since they came up several times to ask me about songs. My friend and dj collegue Cédric Couvez dj'd after me and then I stayed and drank champagne and talked music with the people who was organizing the concert. They wanted me to come back and play there again. For dinner, free drinks and a bit of money. Why not!
Today I have been hungovered half of the day and all my planned work fucked up so that's not very good..
I have been sitting with my computer at my fav' Café Charlot all day and listened  to music and downloaded some, but not at all as much as I need for tomorrow, so I guess I have to do it all evening. I have a huge mailing to mail out for the coming fashionweek as well and one hundred other things to do...
My friend Karin came by and had a coffe with me, haven't seen her for weeks cause she has been in New York and we hade a nice talk and she told me about New York and we talked about boys.

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