Tuesday, 8 February 2011


On friday( the day after the Fireball and Riche party) I woke up at beautiful Sheraton Hotel in Stockholm. It was sunny and I took a walk in my 14cm platform heels from last night back to the south parts of the city.
That evening I was guest dj'ing with Gustav at East - an asian resto/bar in Stockholm.  Not exactly our crowd, but, whatever. We had a really nice and delicious dinner there before and I met my funny friend Carolina and then we did our set which went well and drank champagne all night long...We stayed quite calm and skipped the afterparty's that night cause nothing extraordinary was actually happening.

On saturday I went for dinner with my friend Nanna at her boyfriend's restaurant "Halv grek + Turk at Jungfrugatan in Östermalm. It was a girls dinner so no boys were allowed. The food was absolutely delicious and me and Nanna had so many things to talk about cause it was a while since I saw her the last time. I was wearing my FW uniform: A black Acne dress in raw silk with long sleeves and so short it just covers my ass, black stockings and 14 cm's miu miu platforms in black velvet from their latest collection. Nanna wore something sexy as usual.
After the dinner we went for a drink at the new nice design hotel/bar "Nobis" at Norrmalmstorg (My friends Rebecka and Gustav dj'd for their opening.) After that we went to Berns where my friend Nanna is the new marketing manager.
We went up to the terasse where Nanna knew the dj's, we said hi and danced like crazy a long while and then we went down to the basement club and met up with some people and the bosses who got us lots of fireball shots and champagne. We stayed there until we got too drunk and then I took a taxi home.
When I stepped out from the cab in the middle of the night I thought it was a good idea to call someone I missed in Paris, and while I was talking to him I took the elevator up to the 4th floor where I stayed...
I stepped out of the elevator, with the door keys in one hand and my phone in the other, still talking when I suddenly drop my keys and they disappear into the darkness of the little gap between the elevator and the floor. I was fucked.
Gustav was away dj'ing in Gothenburgh and in my tipsy state of mind I was calling around anyone I could think of in my phonebook until I finally reached Nanna who was somewhere in the night and took a taxi to her flat and slept between her and her little jack russel son called Nils.

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