Friday, 25 February 2011


Haven't been writing so much lately, have been pretty busy with my new job and some other lovely stuff but here comes a little update of what I love  and hate right now in no specific order- think you know me a bit by now, so you might already know that I:


-To be in love
-My Mac Book
-Really hot and long showers
-Oysters with lemon
-Dogs who looks sad
-To not go out, cause I know I have something better to do...
-To travel-anywhere, makes me happy
-To feel invulnerable, safe with who I am and happy
-The fantastic, kind, helpful and nice people I have the luck to have around me
-Cold dry and bubbly champagne in neverending amounts
-To be with YOU, to kiss you, to look into your eyes and to see you smile...
-To watch Mad Men in my bed
-My dear, dear friends <3
-To Skype with wise and lovely friends, even if they are on the other side of the world
-My family
-To go away on weekends with someone special
-Starbucks soja latte, with a tiny slash of cinnamon on the foam, -no sugar.
-Stella McCartney underwear
-To buy shitloads of expensive and luxury makeup and skincare
-Scented Candles
-Strong, cool, fantastic and inspiring women
-New York
-To hang out at Karins flat in le Marais, having dinner, smoking cigarettes, drinking wine, laughing, listening to music, making up businessplans and talking bullshit.
-Intelligent people
-Taxirides late at night in a rainy and cosy Paris with all it's lights...
-Cosy dinners/nights in
-Dark red velvet
- To listen to fantastic music really load
-Wierd creative people who think different


-Narrowminded people
-The cold
-The metro/RER
-Early mornings
-When things break/doesn't work in my home and I don't know how to fix them
- People who hit their children
-Guys who are obsessed with sex in a bad way (posting sex related stuff on their fb all the time, etc -so pathetic)
-Stuck up people
- Stalkers (yeah, I have one)
- People who are lying in a relationship
-People who are lying in general
-The hierarchy system in the french society
- When my creditcards stop to work after too much overspending
-Additives in food and ready made meals
-When I'm so tired and exhausted that I can't think clearly anymore
-When I am afraid/blocked of doing or saying what I really want
-To know that people you care about are falling deeper and deeper into abuse and there is nothing you can do to help them cause you are miles away
-When the ones you love suffer

As you can see, I can think of much more stuff that I love , than that I hate for the moment, which is good and a sign that I am happy and feeling good :)

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