Tuesday, 8 February 2011


It was sunny almost every day when I woke up in Stockholm. Sun, a blue sky, fresh clean crispy cold air and I was happy!
Reflections I made: In Stockholm everyone is drinking a superhealthy multivitamin drink you buy at the pharmacy called Mivi Total. (even my swedish friends in Paris drink this) You are supposed to get thicker hair, healthier skin, more energy and a better sexlife. So I went out and bought 1 liter of that stuff. Everyone in Stockholm is watching Mad Men, and in every bookshop, etc I visited you could buy season 1,2 and 3 of my favorite series.
In Stockholm people are snobbish, stuck up, anxiously trendy, earns shitloads of money and think they are too cool to recognize even their friends and people they know at partys. (Sometimes they pretend they didn't see you and do not come and say hi to you even that you have been in the same room for more than 15 minutes, which wouldn't happen in Paris.)
That is because Stockholm is too small. People get annoyed seeing the same people all the time they go out and get so tired of them they don't even bother saying hi. It also has to do with the total insecurity in themselves and lack of good manners- Totally unsexy if you ask me.
And they all have the same accessory also: A baby.
I swear there are not one couple my age in Stockholm who doesn't have this accessory or atleast are thinking of getting one in the near future.  I got the question myself if I didn't want a baby soon. I was laughing and asked how you spelled to it.
I am in the middle of my life, busy with my life. I want to have fun, I want to go out, I want to connect and network -and at the same time I want to drink champange. Hmmm, wouldn't work with a b.a.b.y I guess.
Anyway, the first evening in Stockholm I went with Gustav to Vassa Eggen and a Fireball party my friend David hosted. Fireball is a new wiskey that taste like cinnamon. Quite good actually even if I normally hate wiskey. After burning our stomach's with shots of fireball and some champagne at "Vassa" we gathered a crowd and went to Riche where my friend Johan had a release party for his new record with his legendary 80's band "Lustans Lakejer"and where my friends Gustav and Luciano were dj'ing the whole night. Over there, before their gig we had a spontanious "herrmiddag". Which meens guys dinner and it was me and like 7 or 8 guys having dinner together, so much fun... We ordered in almost everything on the menu, such as swedish meatballs=k├Âttbullar, toast skagen which is a swedish speciality, oysters, champagne and everything inbetween. I was listening to many funny and interesting 'guy stories' that happened on tours all over the world, (several of the guys around the table were musicians.) For example when some of the guys were on tour somewhere in the states and just got off the scene sweaty and exhausted after a gig and the singer wents to the changing room to take a long warm shower to freshen up and steps out and grabs the nearest towel and slowly starts to wipe his whole body with it and finish with carefully wiping of his wet face when the guitarist comes into the room and yells: - No, not that one! That's my wanktowel!!
Everyone is laughing, (me the most) Or the story of when the same guys are on tour in Germany and late one night after a gig are looking for some movies to rent in the local videostore. One of them would love to watch "Sopranos" and goes to the guy behind the desk and asks: Hello, do you have a dvd called "Sopranos"? While the videoguy who doesnt got the accent right get a wierd look in his face, lower his voice and sais with a german accent: "Yes, Super-Anus? -I have that, while the guy slips out a gay movie from one of the shelfs and show it to my friend. Stories like this followed the whole evening and I haven't laughed so much in a long time.
To be continued....

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