Saturday, 26 February 2011


I remember when I was little, maybe around the age of 8 and 10 that I sometimes was thinking about the future, that I knew nothing about-my life as an adult and so on. I was seeing flashes and visions in front of me like a film, like I saw previews of what was going to happen in the future in my own life. I don't know if everyone is seeing this as children or if it was just me. It was so clear and so obvious. I saw different big cities, skyscrapers, I saw New York, Paris and London and I understood that that was part of my future and where I was heading...I didn't know it was exactly those citys but now afterwards I understood it.
This happened each time I tried to visualise my future and I remember I thought it was exciting.
I knew already as a little girl I would be travelling a lot, I would live in different big cities and have a different life from what many other little boys and girls in my surroundings might have. Maybe they dreamt of a secure life, surrounded by their familys, to get married and have children one day and settle down in their hometowns. Not me, I knew the future had something different in store for me and now I'm here-in the future and I love it. The future is bright.
I am exactly in that vision I had as a little girl. I may not be surrounded by skyscrapers-yet. But I'm sure that day will come and I'm waiting for it with inpatience...

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