Thursday, 10 February 2011


The Stockholm autumn-winter FW 2011 was organized by Mercedes Benz and Berns Salonger. It was supporting nearly 40 Swedish design houses. During the days the Berns Mercedes-Benz Fashion week was going on and I was there watching the shows almost every day. I saw Ann Sofi Back, Carin Wester, Dagmar, StyleIn, Diana Orving, Odeur, Busnel, etc to name a few...I missed a lot of stuff also but I wasn't in Stockholm for that in the first place either. God, Stockholm FW is so ridiculous and full of stuck up people...
First of all the front rows at the shows were filled with 20 year old blog girls! There were some journalists from Swedish Elle and stuff, but the rest- young blog kids!
Some of those blog girls are treated like stars in Sweden, have magasins and tv shows and all sorts of attention in the media. That just tells how hungry Sweden is of “celebrities”. We don't have many real ones, way too few- so then let's create some out of thin air! Yehoo!
That is something that could only happen is Sweden I think. The crowd were so young and anxious and stiff and unexperienced.  I just wanted to laugh at them. Little over -dressed up 20 year old girls and boys believing they were too cool for school and the centre of the fucking universe, looking at each other (and me)from head-to toe with stone faces, so nervous of getting a step wrong. I was the only one smiling in the lines to the shows and I just wanted to tell everyone: Hey! Comeon! Loose'n up, We're not attending a funeral here, It's fashion, -It's fun for god's sake! Have a glass of champagne and relax so you avoid shitting in your pants! But the Swedish FW fenomen and the fashion scene is so new, small and tiny and for me who has done maybe 10 fashion weeks in Paris it was like a joke. So far from the FW in Paris as you can get...Then I'm not taking about the organisation or the shows, but about the goddamn people that were there and how they behaved! It was embarrasing…

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