Sunday, 25 December 2011


Year Survey: 
1. Did the year turn out as you expected? No. It never does. I am not a planner. I like to be quite spontaneous. I decide from one week to the other if and where I’m gonna go travel, etc. I had many good surprises and a very good year the first 8 months of it and then a more shitty one except for a few exceptions the last 4 months. (much because I can’t stand the winter and always reach my bottom low during that period.)
2.What did you learn this year: To trust myself even more and believe I am unique and can do and achieve anything I want if I believe in it.
3: What inspired you this year: As usual the new people I met and the different things I experienced and the places where I travelled. And to some extent movies and new music.
4.What bored you this year; All the time I had to spend in Paris when I wanted to be somewhere else traveling around.
5.Where did you travel and which countries did you visit:
I travelled quite a lot, but only in Europe; Stockholm beginning of the year, then London in June, followed by Ibiza, St Tropez, Stockholm again, Italy, London again and finally Stockholm a third time.
6.Best new person you met in 2011: Someone I met in June.
7.How many where  you in love with?
Hmm, complicated. I thought I was in love in the beginning of the year, but I wasn’t really I understood later. I wanted to be so bad so I kind of told myself I was for a while, but it was just an illusion. Then I was for real sometime in the middle of the year.
8.The Best parties of the year: Almost every night during Women's Fashionweek in Paris in September when my Swedish crowd was in town and we had crazy nights out with long dinners, spontaneous dj’ing at clubs, fountain swimming and karaoke to name a few activities. A poloparty in London in June, The clubnights in Ibiza, A spontaneous party in a hotelroom in Paris and some others.
9.What do you regret: Not much. It’s easy to be hindsight, but when I think of it I didn’t really rush into anything very unforeseen either...
10.What would you do again? Travel to Ibiza any day between June and September, I totally fell in love with the place from being a bit sceptical before I was amazed by this place and discovered it was so cool.
11.Best Christmas present: A little envelope from my mum ;-)
12.Best series you watched: Bored to Death, Downton Abbey, Brideshead Revisited. (didn’t watch that many series this year.)
13.Best music you listened to: Some dubstep and lots of awesome playlists with new music I created and shared with very few people.
14.Best movies you saw: New movies; Black Swan and Drive, and then I only saw old movies. Was watching lots of 80’s movies the first 7 months of the year and then I changed and got obsessed with old classics such as The Great Gatsby and Audrey Hepburn movies. Think I went to the cinema like totally 3 times the whole year.
15.Best new discovery: Ibiza.  God what I love that island. Always had prejudices about it before, thought it was a place for screamy, uneducated pill popping English teenagers, but now I can’t think of a nicer place to party and hang out.
16.Hang up of the year: To learn everything possible about finance (since I didn’t care much during some business classes I took 12 years ago.)
17. Who did you hang out with the most? 50/50 with new people I met during the year and with my old friends I always hang out with. A good mix.
18.Best buy of the year: All my vacation trips.
19. Worst buy of the year: I like everything I bought. I didn’t really overspend this year, more the opposite.
20. Best drink this year: Champagne as usual, Sangria during the summer and the last couple of months I rediscovered good red wine.
21. Best food this year: The tuna carpaccio at Blue Marlin in Ibiza, my friends Karin and Keiron’s cooking. My mum’s and everyone else who cooked for me’s food.
22.New gastronomic experience; Re discovered warm edamame beans with salt, a true pleasure.
23. Places you wanna visit during 2012; Chateau Marmont, Rome, Ibiza again, New York, LA, Florida, Sydney, Bali, Singapore and Asia in general. Moscow, Bahamas, all countries in Eastern Europe. Mexico, Brazil, Carribean Islands, Sau Paulo, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Cape Town.  Well anywhere actually, would travel all the years 365 days if that was possible.
24.New projects for 2012: A lot. The first ones are coming up already in January what it seems. Cool and exciting.  Stay tuned on the blog for more info.
25.New years resolution: To be professional, driven and make sure to reach my goals and to make more money than 2011. Travel as much as possible. Be happy and open and strong.  Help every friend who needs it, it's important to help each other. Stay true to my values and person. Never do things I actually don’t want just to please other people. 

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