Tuesday, 6 December 2011


I like to hang out with kind, nice, sweet, polite, intelligent, well mannered, happy, open minded and thinking people.
(Luckily 90% of my friends fit into that description)
I'm getting high on people. That's how it is when you are curious and social.
I always wants to know more about a new person I meet. What's their background? Why do they think like they think? Act like they act? What's behind the surface? How many layers do this person have? How many can I go through and see? How can I challenge their intellect?
Interesting people are often the well educated ones, the ones who lived abroad, grew up in many places, read some great literature and saw some great movies and of course, listened to some great music. Creative people, open minded people without prejudices, ready to try things in life, free spirit and mind people, loving and thinking people. People with values and ideas. Driven and passionate people.
I hope I'll meet many more people like this in my life and that I'll have the opportunity to interview a few of them. Maybe for a book.
I should have become a journalist.
(Referring to what I wrote a couple of months ago; "I should have become a detective")
I'm open for everything, challenge me,
To be continued...

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  1. Amazing how alike we are in some aspects - I could have written these very words myself! It's as if we are sisters or something ;)