Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Lindsay in da mix
This is what one day at work can look like for me, when I'm hired to do press gigs.
I arrived at 9.30 this morning to a huge loft close to Etienne Marcel in Paris to start my work day.
(Last week the founder of Napster Sean Parker was in Paris and threw a Napster/Spotify party at Silencio. I was there and also went to his after party at a rented loft, but in the middle of the night and with totally different people. Guess how surprised I was to discover that it was the very same loft I walked into this morning!)
It was a press day for the UK brand New Look today, they expected a couple of hundreds journalists, bloggers and other people in the business. It turned out I knew the marketing manager since years and everyone else were very kind as well.
I installed myself behind the decks and was pleased when I saw that they had rented the best material; one of the newest Pioneer mixers and 2 CDJ 2000 decks=cool. It was raining outside and I started the morning with a chilled retro set of my favorite oldies.
A catering was there to cook the food for the guests as usual and the journalists began to drop in almost immediately. They had fresh fruits, croissants, pain chocolates, coffee or tea for breakfast while they looked at the collection and made their orders.
At lunch time I took a break and put on a mix tape. The catering team made heavenly blinis (a sort of french mini pancakes you eat with a special caviar.) With that we had four different sorts of salmon, sweet potatoes, coquillles St Jaques, herring, caviar and lots of other Scandi inspired things -yummy. Afterwards macarons and other delicious little desserts were served during the rest of the day. After lunch I change my set as the day continued and the weather slowly got better. I played lots of different genres and styles of music to create a nice mix. Always selected, rare tracks, never too commercial, since that's too easy and not very interesting. At around 6 they put out the champagne and around 7 all the bloggers arrived. The last hour and a half I played my "club set" with my best, newest and coolest mixes while I had a couple of glasses of champagne and some more salmon. One of the catering guys and some other people came to discuss music and ask me about my job as a dj. Everyone was happy and satisfied in the end and came to say thanks. Someone told me there was a Grazia party and some other party later on and was wondering if I was going. I was not even considering to go party somewhere since I was way too tired and kind of cooked and was looking forward to roll around in my habitat sheets at home.  It was a very pleasant day indeed. A slight pain in my feet after standing up in high heels all day long though, but I don't complain, there are worse jobs to have:-)
I just LOVE my job days like this. How much I get payed? Well, that's a professional secret, but let's say a pro dj with my background and experience normally take no less than a four digit amount (in euros) for a corporate gig like this.
To be continued...

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