Thursday, 20 October 2011


I am a food fascist and I admit it!
 I believe that one of the most important things for your well being is what you eat (or what you don't eat)
While I’m writing this I eat brunch which today is a cup of Kusmi detox tea with fresh sliced ginger, cotton cheese mixed with sliced green apple, chili and linseed.
I feel better the more fruits and veggies and liquid stuff I eat and my body feel heavy, swollen, stuffed and I immediately start to have a stomach ache if I eat too much of stuff like red meat, fried potatoes, sauces and white bread. I can feel that’s not good for me, my body is not constructed that way. I always prefer lighter before heavier, fish before meat, veggies before any kind of potatoes and always water before superficial sugar drinks, such as coke (over 30 sugar cubes in a 33 cl)
My ideal breakfast: A glass of freshly squeezed orange (or other fruit) juice. Tea or café latte with soy milk and cinnamon, bio fil (Swedish) or yoghurt, with acidophilus+ müsli, blueberries and strawberries/ or whole-wheat toasts with ham and cheese tomatoes and herbs, or porridge with sliced banana, cinnamon and milk in the winter.
My ideal lunch: fish with vegetables and lots of lemon, sushi or a salad.
My ideal Dinner: shrimps, oysters or other seafood, with a fruit salad. Or grilled fish with veggies (ideal in the summer)

I don’t understand and can't stand hanging out with people who have no idea and are completely unconscious of how to eat good for their bodies and are completely blind for what bad food does to you= makes you stupid and sugar addicted. Some are so stuck with old bad ideas, what their unconscious parents gave them as children cause they didn't know better and their habit of eating in places like McDonalds and cheap pizza or kebab places are now taking over their lives.  For me it's like people who smoke pot every day. You feel good at the moment, but hey! Your body is slowly rotting from inside and you don’t care…

My seven years in Paris has food wise brought me back to a state of how unconscious Swedish people must have been when it came to food, let’s say in the seventies. Many people in this country are today 2011 surprisingly poorly educated and completely unconscious about what is good for you and what is bad.
A couple of years ago I had some colleges who when we had lunch in the common canteen always took mountains of french fries, and steak with ketchup. Drink to that? Coca cola. Dessert? -Of course, (everyone in France always eat dessert, every day) fruit yoghurt, or a large slice of cake or other pastry with shitloads of artificially made cream on it. I was shocked.
Some of them ate this for lunch EVERY single day, I am not kidding and I thought with horror of what they then might eat for breakfast and for dinner. I had the fish alternative every day, with a bowl of salad, sparkling water and a fruit salad, and the more I saw them eat those mountains of fries every day the less I wanted to eat -anything at all actually. I mean, there were other alternatives, it was just that other food seemed completely alienated and inedible for them. They looked strangely at my plate and wondered how on earth I could eat fish every day when there were french fucking fries there to get!
While I am doing my weekly grocery shopping in Naturalia (bio products and stuff) carefully trying to find products without additives, etc everyone around me still eat white bread and have sugar in their coffee.
I stopped using additional sugar in coffee, tea and food over 10 years ago (like most of my Swedish friends) same with butter- those two things doesn’t exist in my home. I never or rarely eat white bread since it is industrial made,
with chemically produced flour which means the vitamins in the bread no longer exists, etc and which forms like a heavy stone in your stomach and on top of that makes you fat.
How come people in a modern country still are so unaware of how to eat right?
For example when I go shopping at the supermarket I buy fruits, veggies, bio nature yoghurt, soy milk and water, while everyone else have their shopping carts full of cookies, white bread, milk that is not stocked in the fridge= shitloads of added sugar, coca cola, frozen food=the devil, fruit yoghurt = 100% sugar (which makes you fat and bad for the body) and other pure sugar and fat bombs with artificial substances, not to talk about trans fats. Feel sorry for girls who are obviously on a diet when I see what they have lined up behind me in the line at Monoprix; fruit yoghurt, cornflakes and rice cakes, come on! Everyone knows that that’s the worst you can eat if you wanna loose weight, jesus crist..
 I also noticed that everyone in this country seems to love cookies. It’s a fucking cake nibbling going on all day long wherever you turn your head. I’ve noticed it since that’s what everyone has in their shopping thingie at Monoprix. I am not crazy about cookies/chocolate and stuff like that. Never been. So I rarely buy it.
It is because I wasn't fed with cookies and candy every day like French children when I was little I never developed that addiction. My parents knew better, and thank god for that. If I ever have children they are definitely not gonna be given cookies and candies everyday for their “gouter” meal or whatever it is called in the afternoon. That is to destroy a little growing body and small teeth and make them sugar addicted, resulting in problems with caries and obesity to fight against their whole life “thanks mum and dad” Like giving cigarettes to them. Children should eat healthy home cooked meals with pure ingredients (meat, fish, veggies and fruits) and if you are stupid enough to feed them sugar and fat instead of real food you shouldn’t have children.

I’ve never been on a diet in my entire life, I just eat healthy and what I feel instinctively is good for my body, that’s it.
Of Course I eat some bad stuff every now and then, I like Swedish candy very much for example, but not every freakin day! Maybe if I had grown up with stupid unconscious parents who fed me McDonalds, cookies and bad food since I was two, I would be a bit fat now and eat much more cookies, candy and fast food cause my body would crave it and be programmed with it since many years. I feel sorry for kids who have had to grow up that way.


  1. Very interesting - the situation is the same in Australia with people eating unhealthy or "healthy" fat-free but sugar-and-chemical-loaded products. The school cafeteria has only white bread and pizzas for lunch... don't get how people can feel good after a huge piece of white bread with some lame toppings! I cooked Karin's recipe for dinner btw, delicious :)

  2. Yeah, you should write something on this topic too!
    Haha, I knew if someone would use my recipe it would be you, kinda felt it, I'm happy, hope you liked it!!! :-)