Friday, 14 October 2011


Hello there!
Time flies, already October, can't believe it ,goes so fast. What happened to the summer? (one of the best in a long time for me..) Autumn can be cosy too, but more melancholic and thoughtful. I wish it was summer all the time, really hate winter. Maybe I should move to Sydney where my little sister lives for that? 
Read her blog from down under here;
Funny, I noticed a huge 'flood storm' on the blog after I published the article on dating and relations in Sweden ;-)
That article is so true. Unfortunately that is how it goes more or less in Sweden. Swedish guys are way too shy and stiff (comparing to french or Italians for example) and to drink enormous amounts of alcohol before (and during) a date is something completely normal for us, not very sexy, I know... Swedish guys have other qualities though...
They are reliable, have respect for women and are the kind of guys who want to marry you and have a cute little baby, well I mean stay with you and build something serious (At least if they are my age and older) Which I have to see as something good...French and other latin just seam to want to fool around and have fun like teenagers, (not very interesting in the long run) whatever, otherwise I have my normal autumn depression cause of lack of sun and fun (and love?)
and have been suffering from a terrible insomnia the last couple of weeks...That is not cool at all and never happened to me before. Just can't sleep. It can have something to do with that I watch horror movies in bed before going to sleep so for each sound I hear I get scared and have to turn on the light after...:-)
Well, today is friday and friday is my favorite day of the week since the week end begin...
Today I'm gonna go and pick up the champagne bottles at the PR agency I've got as a gift when I dj'd at the Dutch brand  Zarb, at their Champagne Bottle Expo during fashion week. (Oh fashion week, btw, promised a follow up on that subject, but seriously...who wants to hear about hanging out at Kate Moss Party with Jared Leto and Terry Richardson? Singing karaoke with 5 drunk Swedes until no hour and then swim in a fountain? Is it really interesting to read about a crazy afterparty in an international designers flat and then an after-after party in a hotel room where my friend G was carrying around sleeping people in the corridors. I don't know, but ok, if you still wanna hear those stories, just tell me) Tonight I have a business related dinner and a business related "going out" to do.
See ya'

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