Sunday, 2 October 2011


Fashion Week again, it's always the same, but so much fun. Everyone is crazier than normal, a lot crazier, in a good way... Everyone is happy and unexpected things always happen even if there is more or less always the same people at the same party's, the same party's at the same places with the same dj's. The fashion family are coming in to Paris from all over, Stockholm, New York, London, Antwerp and Milan.
So far this fashion week has included hanging out with my sunglasses designer friend David from Sweden, who I was suppose to take one drink with, of course we ended up going to dinner at Le Derrière, and then party at Andy Wahloo to end up in music producer Gordon Cyrus apartment in the 2nd...
Then on another night -the opening for Martini Bar Opéra where I was invited by cute little Benjamin Kazan who has Raspoutine. (I say little since he is younger than me) I was suppose to meet up with a Swedish friend who just came to town, then she calls me when Im already there and tells me her luggage is missing so she has no clothes, no shoes and no make up and cant come. I am "alone" for 15 minutes waiting to trade my drink tickets in the bar.  Then I suddenly hear a voice behind me saying "I bet Linda Romanazzi is gonna get her drink before everyone else" I turn around and see a guy I can't recognize at first and who I apparently know but don't remember I do... We talk for a while and he asks me what I'm gonna do later, I tell him I'm going to the Italian Embassy for a Peroni party and to talk to the ambassador who I think can be a distant relative. Then he starts to talk to me in Italian and it turns out his mother is Italian, I ask him if he wants to join since my Swedish friend just turned down.  He sais he wants to and we go there on his Vespa since the taxi situation on F Week in Paris is "don't even think about it"  The embassy is beautiful with a big terrace where the party is and a nice park, inside I meet some people I know and some Italians I don't know. The Magician is dj'ing. The Magician is a great dj and remixer, was crazy about his remix of Lykke Li's "I Follow Rivers" last fashion week... He is playing the great disco track "Fotonovela" by Adam Lee, I go up to him and tell him I love it, he smiles and say thanks.  I start to talk to a guy called Lorenzo who knows the ambassador and who tells me that he already went to bed, I am quite disappointed and are trying to find out when the next party is gonna be at the embassy so I can come back and talk to him then. Lorenzo tells me his grandfather used to be the ambassador here back in the days. We also meet Daniele and his girlfriend, Daniele is also Italian and the PR guy for a place called Trianon. There is a JC/DC/ Coca Cola party there later and we decide to go check it out. We arrive at  JC/DC pretty late and the danish dj Anders Trentemoller is in the middle of his set. It is absolutely fantastic. Trentemoller is god. Everybody expected him to dj some electronic stuff but he decided to do his thing this evening. After a long intro of strange sounds The Cramps "Human Fly" is exploding from the speakers and it is just MAGIC.  We stay and enjoy the rest of his set before Pedro Winter goes on, he is a good dj too, but not half as good at Trentemoller this evening. Afterwards we're going next door to the restaurant of the club which is closed, but Daniele invites us and a couple of other people in and we eat cheese and prosciutto and drink Prosecco to continue on the Italian line...Then we decide to go to David Lynch newly opened night club "Silencio" which is a bit the place everyone is talking about for the moment and where lots of designers such as Damir Doma and Kanye West are having their afterpartys during fashion week. Silencio is great, the dj is playing Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" and I feel I have to go up to him and tell him I totally love Stevie Nicks, so I do.  No one is on the dancefloor. Everyone is in a long golden corridor which goes between the bathrooms and the bar. They are all doing a strange dance that looks weird with their hands on the other side on the walls and if you want to pass by you have to go under their arms or step over them, we start to dance with them in the corridor, the atmosphere is freaky but fun, they are all dancing in the corridor the whole evening, don't ask me why...We are ordering drinks in the bar where I'm talking to two guys from New York who are photographers, we stay until very late and my friend is a gentlemen and takes me home on his vespa.  Next day me and my dear friend Karin goes to the Wrangler showroom cause we're invited to choose some free outfits. A very good friend, Carina is the PR manager for them in europe and she is there with Anne Laure which is another friend of mine and the marketing manager for France. The always so friendly and nice photographer Jean Picon is there taking pictures of us. I know Jean since maybe 2007 and he is always in a good mood, incredible. In the evening there is a cocktail for Swedish fashion/art mag Bon in my street where I live which is a bit funny. Never had so many Swedish friends in my street at the same time! Always nice to see Madelaine, Krister and Micke from Bon and three of my best girl friends Rebecka, Carina and Karin at the same time! Steven Rojas the New York dj from Tribeca Hotel is playing and then Swedish gay disco dj and producer Petter and "Piano transan" which means "The piano trannie" in Swedish is taking over,  it is so funny. Transan in wig, dress and high heels is playing piano, and singing very commercial hits and Petter puts on the disco version of the track after a while, wicked and a cool concept. My friend Karin came earlier and did the Piano trannies makeup after he told me he had no one to make him up, that was nice of her...:-)
The event is sponsored by Wrangler and everyone gets Diana F+ lomography cams=kool.
I get my second daily text from my friend" L". It reads:  "Hogan! I'm there now, its incredible, you have to come! then;  Terry Richardson, Westwood after party and Tommy Hilfiger! (with the addresses and hours to each party.)
L and I have a strange relation, we never ever hang out, or even talk to each other during the year, but two times a year on the first day of the fashion week we start to text each other like crazy about party information, what is on that night and where we are going, it is insane. L never miss one single party during fashion week and sends me textos with long lists of absolutely everything that's going on, he is a non stoppable party engine, always running, don't know how he can do it...We skip Hogan since it's already over and it's a bit late, we go for dinner instead and continue the night at Raspoutine where they are celebrating their 1 year anniversary.  It is packed with people, there are free vodka shots, everyone's  wearing russian party hats and the dj is great as usual. I meet a girl I know and she introduce me to her boyfriend who works for JP Morgan who talks about the markets with me for 30 minutes before I run in to my sweet friend Olof Erlandsson from Scandinavian Press Room. He invites us over to his table where he is with a big crowd and the dj plays Lucianos "Lady Luck" and I think I'm back in Ibiza...we dance like crazy all night long, so much fun. Tomorrow it starts all over again...
To be continued :-)