Thursday, 17 November 2011


(A house in London, we didn't almost take any pics unfortunately)

With risk of repeating myself, I must say I love London. I love it cause I'm not bored of it yet. Still so much to see and to discover. I love strolling around in Chelsea a sunny afternoon, take a coffee or have lunch at Saatchi Gallery while looking at the garden in front where the sun sends it's last rays on the autumn leaves in the large trees outside. Having a look around in the stores, being greeted with "Hello luv" when I ask for directions from polite gentlemen dressed in brown corduroy suits and a briefcase strolling down the street on their way back from lunch break. I love the British accent and how they forcefully pronounce words like "utterly disgusting" (makes me laugh.)
Me and my friend Nanna who came over from Stockholm spent last weekend here together which was absolutely great. On thursday night we went to the ECC in Chinatown where we had cocktails before we took a "rickshaw" to go to the newly opened Le Baron London. The rickshaws in London are like three times more expensive than a normal taxi, so it's not really to recommend. Me and Nanna sang loudly to the rickshaw driver : "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open rickshaw, hey" over and over again, while I filmed us with my iphone, I am sure he appreciated it.  At Le Baron it was my friend Chi's birthday, she was happy and dressed in a lovely black velvet dress. We went downstairs and sat in some sort of VIP corner where a lady with a little red hat served us champagne all night long. . .
The next day we went for dinner in Notting Hill with our friend Greg and Nanna's friend from N.Y and his friend, was nice. After that we went to Morton's, some private members club where there was a birthday party for someone, (don't remember who) met a couple of London people I knew since before and after that we went to some other bars & ECC (again) where we ran into the nice french guys who owns it and who we talked with for a while, they offered us some really nice and spicy cocktails, a pity I can't remember which..
On saturday we walked around in South Ken almost all day, trying to find Harrods. Do I need to say we never found it ;-) After having an incredible long and anxious taxi ride with a retarded driver who thought we were from Finland. (I confirmed by lack of patience talking to the guy.) He went on and told us the only word he knew in finnish was "moj" and insisted that I explained what it meant. We told him it meant "we like it when people are quiet" which he didn't get, so then I changed it to mean "Hello" simply. I still don't know what it really mean. That night we had dinner at a nice restaurant with a large group of people from Southampton (N.Y) who now lived in London. It was Nanna's friend A, his friends Alex and "Cashmere", Fiona who was married to a guy (who sat next to me) and who was so obviously gay it was a joke. Fiona's diamond on her left ring finger had the size of a small birds egg, (maybe to compensate the fact that her husband was secretly gay.)Then there were some other guys and girls I can't remember the names of. Me and Nanna had fixed us up on 'The Box' guest list later, but that wasn't necessary since A knew everyone and we just walked in. We were hanging out in the back at the bar and the show was amazing. I loved all of it, the extremely talanted human beatbox guy was really good. Afterwards the best female dj I've seen in my entire life took over. Dj Kayper. A tiny Indian girl, much smaller than me who was just the most incredible dj ever. She was mixing, scratching, never still for a second, her playlist was amazing, her dj technique was something I've never seen before. I was impressed. I stood and stared at her for minutes before I took her number and said I wanted to book her in Paris. Do I have to say I loved The Box? Best club I've been to for years. In the end we went up to some vip room upstairs where one of the girls and guys in our group danced so much they fell down, (unluckily so bad they had to call an ambulance) I heard it looked extremely funny though, when they fell.
The dj's upstairs invited me to an after party with them. I didn't go. I met someone I knew on the dance floor and we went for night food around the corner instead. When I later looked at my pic's in my iphone from this night after The Box I am wearing a tall police man's hat on the photos, don't ask me how and why, cause I don't have any explanation :)
To be continued...

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