Friday, 13 April 2012


1. That I do not live in the countryside in Sweden, married with three kids J

2. That I live in Paris and have the opportunity to travel wherever I want in the world whenever I want.

                                                                          Me + K

3. That I am free as a bird and independent of everything. One day I live in Paris and work with certain things. The next month everything can have changed…The excitement of life and being alive.

4. That I’ve never had a serious illness in my life. Never stayed in a hospital, never had surgery and so on.

5. That my family are all alive and healthy.

6. My lovely, wise, cool, fantastic, brave, and successful  friends who inspire me.

7. All the great adventures coming to me in my life all the time.

8. That I have creative skills which some I can actually live from.

9. All the times I’ve been touched by love or amazement/ That I have discovered real love several times and know it’s still out there.

10. That I was born a curious and thinking person who wants to discover the world and who is never satisfied, always wants to learn more about new subjects and things. Which forces me to travel, meet new people and discover new interesting things all the time. 


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