Monday, 9 April 2012


I spent the Easter Weekend in beautiful Manoir de Bas Plessis in Bretagne. 
This is where our orphan the baby squirrel Arthur was born and abandoned by his mum after falling out of the nest (10 meters!) in the chimney of the house, but luckily got rescued by my friend J a couple of weeks ago, who took him to Paris. Back in his hoods again we sadly realized that the time had come to release our cute little baby Arthur in the nature again. 
We built  him a little home of a wooden box where we put his blanket and lots of nuts which we put up in a tree and when we drove home he was sleeping inside the box.
On the last pic you can see the when he turns around for a last goodbye, it is so sad, thinking of when we fed him with kitten milk for weeks and how he used to fall asleep curled into a little ball in our hands. I will miss this little one so much...

Baby Arthur loved freedom and just couldn't wait getting out of his cage...
Even if Baby Arthur only was a squirrel, he knew there were something else out there for him...
Baby Arthurs intellectual look after reading Marcel Prousts "A la récherche du temps perdu"
Bye! Hope we'll see each other again sometime.

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