Monday, 10 December 2012


Dark, dark night in Stockholm. I'm running in the highest heels down Birger Jarlsgatan. The nightclubs are all closing now. The dark and decadent screams of the lost souls who had too much to drink and of everything is echoing in my mind. The models. The bad boys. The others. Had forgot this side of my city. Everything pours over me like a revealing rain that smudges the mascara of even the most innocent girls. The sound of glass breaking, the wine that runs like smudged blood to the edge of the table and slowly drops on the black carpet. A Louboutin heel smashes the pieces of what's left of the glass. I see everything in slowmotion. Thinking of the last one I kissed, of all the nights in different parts of the world. Nothing is like here. Such long time have passed. Do I even belong here anymore. Or did I miss it more than everything? The rain is heavier than ever. I'm back where it all started and I love it.  I am someone else now. Someone is breathing next to me, I hear my own heartbeats over the music.This is about everything and nothing.
This song suddenly comes on, red wine is running through my veins. "In the land of gods and monsters, I was an angel, looking to get fucked hard" Lana sings. I am taking a shower with my clothes on. Tomorrow is another day.

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