Thursday, 20 January 2011


I love my gay friends. Gay guys are funny, nice and very helpful.
My gayfriends helped me with a lot of stuff and I can talk about love and relations with them.
Wish I was hanging out more with my gay friends and that I had more gayfriends around me, think I'm gonna wish it for my birthday, more gays please, or maybe I should make a birthday dinner with only gayguys?
Wouldn't that be a blast! I invite every gay guy I know and I introduce them to eachother.
I definitely gonna think about that one...:)

I asked my gay friend "Arthur" to do an interview with me, I told him he could ask me whatever he wanted. I actually asked him a couple of weeks ago, but he has been a bit busy, working as a journalist here in Paris, but this morning I finally got his interview in my mailbox-to be published on the blog shortley!

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