Monday, 24 January 2011


Omg, Fashionweek is always SO much fun!
Havent laughed this much in a long time....
Wednesday I went to a coctail /fashionshow Roland Mouret with my friend Solli and we didn't have any direct plans after, but the evening freaked out (as usual) when my friend Fréderic joined and we all went to Murano hotel for coctails. Someone heard there was a party going on at the new and fancy Shangri La Hotel for  GQ magazine  and the "Election de l'homme de l'année party",so we all jumped in Fréderics car and went over there, it was great fun and I was in a fantastic happy party mood that whole evening!
(Woke up with so many new businesscards in my bag and no idea of where half of them came from)

Thursday I dj'd at Cha Cha club and my set went so well again that the owner offered me a bottle of champagne after -again! We finished it in half an hour with my swedish/germain crowd and then we took a cab to Montana where we stayed all night long with my funny new friends, met some NY people on the dancefloor (as usual on FW) which we hanged out with for the rest of the evening. I really love NY people they are so funny! When I walked out from Montana late that night I was wearing a hat and I have no memory of where I got it and how:)
That is now my lucky fashionweek hat and I've been wearing it every night since...

Friday night started with that I went with my friend E to a private party in the 16th arr in Paris, it was in a huge flat with a dj playing, waitresses that ran around changing the ashtrays every 5 minutes and as much champagne as you could drink. The host of the party who was in the music business was playing with a strange ufo like toy he controlled with his I phone and it was flying around the whole apartment and sometimes attacking people:)
After that we took off to Cirque Bonheur where we partied some more and I got myself a trumpet from my friend Joan that made the sound of a tortured animal and I was blowing in for the rest of the evening.
After a while we continued to Le Baron...Over there at the dancefloor I met some nice americans I bonded with directly and we were dancing, fooling around and blowing in my trumpet half of the evening. One of them was a dj and we exchanged numbers at a late hour at the bar cause he was taking of to Cannes the day after and we thought it could be nice to hang out sometime and exchange music. We stayed until they closed at 7.

The next day the funniest thing happened. I got a texto from a number I didn't recognize saying: "Hello! So, how was Baron? How are you today?"
And since I didn't recognize the number I answered: "Hello, who is it?"
The person answered back: "A secret guy who heard when you gave your number to some guys in the bar last night"  Here I started to laugh, cause it was insane and I didn't know what to think so I answered him back: "Haha, excellent!"
He wrote back: "Yeah, Isn't it funny, I even don't know your name, what do you think, should we go for a drink?"
I answered: " My name is Linda, but comeon, - you are the american DJ guy I talked to at the bar, aren't you? We had fun last night! ;)"  (Cause I was so sure that it was him joking with me since he was the only one I gave my phonenumber to that night)
Then the guy writes me back:  No, My name is Antoine* and I would love to be an american Dj, but unfortunetly I am parisian and I'm not in the music business". By this time I understod it was really not a joke and I was laughing so hard I couldn't concentrate...
This is really the funniest way I have ever been approached by a guy I think and it really made my day:) To be continued...

Saturday night me and my friend Jonna went to Chacha club to have a couple of drinks after we had an apero in her place and then we were thinking of going to the Dior party, but we changed our mind at the last minute cause it was already quite late and we took a cab to Raspoutine instead. We didn't stay that long cause it was some bad karma people there I had a hard time being in the same club as.
We went to some other clubs and we finished at some wierd afterparty in a huge labyrint apartment with red velvet on both carpets and walls. The owner of the apartment is a very well known person in Paris, so Im not gonna mention any names and we all ended up in the bathroom in the end for some reason until really really late...

Last night after a cosy dinner at Charlot I went to the Acne party co hosted by André & Lionel with a dj set by the xx at La Fidelité. I was with my friend Solli, her friend Jo & my new friend L. Was great but I must admit I was a bit tired after the week so had a hard time concentrating, (and for other reasons as well)
The evening finished really, really good,but that is another story I might write about at another time;)

Now Haute Couture starts, but I'm done with FW for this time and are taking off to Sweden to detox a bit before starting my new job in February...
But I am already looking forward to the Womens fashionweek in march;)

Ps (*Antoine is not the "secret guys" real name:)

Love L

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