Thursday, 20 January 2011


My dear friend "Arthur" sent me this long and funny interview and since he knows me quite well it was easy and I had lots of laughs  while answering them! Enjoy:

How are you today?
I'm ok, a bit of a headache but I guess that's what you have to pay for a fun night out.

How is Fashionweek treating you so far?
Well, good, I decided to ignore it this time, but it is not working so well, -I got sucked right into it instead!

What did you do last night?
I went to Roland Mouret coctail/fashionshow with my new friend Solli and there I met some funny people I know and we hooked up with my friend Fréderic and Sollis friend and went to Murano hotel and ordered coctails with funny names and some other people showed up then we all jumped in Fréderics car and went to hotel Shangri La's and Fashionweeks first party for me: "GQ- Election de l'homme de l'année", and I rather wished that "l'homme de ma vie" would be somewhere to be found at the party:)
It was a fun and really fancy with all guys dressed in suits exactly as I like them and I was dressed "Mad Men" with a black wool/chiffon 60's coctail dress, red lips and a hairdo Betty Draper could have done for me. This morning I woke up with several new businesscard in my handbag (as usual)  and discovered that a cheese I bought the otherday was missing from my fridge! A real mystery....

What's your favorite food?
Oysters is my absolut favorite, a huge oyster plate and champagne at La Coupole, was ages I did that the last time..Otherwise I like all kind of food, there is almost nothing I don't eat.

Favorite drink?
Champagne, what else?

What is your favorite TV series?
Mad Men you moran :)

Which carachter in Mad Men are you?
I am Betty Draper with Peggy Olsons job. I love her ice queen Grace Kelly look, but I wouldn't like to be a housewife...

Which carachter in Mad Men would you sleep with if you had to pick one?
Don Draper.  He is the sexiest man alive.

When was the last time you were on vacation and with who?
I was in London on a minivacation in November visiting a friend...

Where do you want to go on vacation next?
Oh god, where wouldn't I go? Well, New York, Bahamas, LA, Miami, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bali, Australia,Italy, I wanna go everywhere...

And where wouldn't you go?
I dont know? Kazakstan maybe and I wouldnt go to Tunis right now either...

What would you work with if you could chose whatever you wanted in the world?
1. A spy, a real agent like in the movies.
2. A DJ,  (But I am one already)
3. A copywriter at Sterling Cooper (that was a joke)
4. An actress maybe.

What is your dream man like?
He is like Don Draper in Mad Men. Physically I mean. Exactly like him.
I like everything about Don except that he is doin' the asshole and cheating on his wife. Otherwise, well, I might say, tall, handsome, dark, gentleman, funny, creative, succesful, loving, caring and honest.

What would be a perfect date for you?
Could be 1.000 000 different ways, but if it would be in Paris maybe we met at some nice restaurant or restaurant in an hotel, had dinner that included fois gras and champagne and oysters and then took a walk together over the marrige bridge or something to a bar, there we got drunk on champagne and kissed in the moonlight. ( this might sound like such a cliché, but I never done it and I wanna try)

Do you want to have children?
Yes, I think so, Im not stressed, but wouldn't have anything against it in the future when I found the right man.

Do you believe in true love?
Yes I do

How many important relationships did you have in your life?
Like 6 or 7 I think...

How long did the longest last?

And the shortest?
Like a year..

Are you dating someone at the moment?

Are you in love?

What would you do if your boyfriend cheated on you?
Break up with him probably, maybe forgive him if it happened one time depending on the circumstances.

What would you do if your ex boyfriend started to date a cheap copy of yourself?
Can't believe you're asking me that-that is actually happening right now.

Could you date a married man?
I rather not, but depends on the circumstances, I would never let myself fall in love with a married man.

Could you date a man who has children?
Yes, hard to avoid our age...

Truth or dare?

Black or white?
Well, Michael Jackson sais it doesn't matter...

Hip hop or rap?
Isn't it the same? Well, hip hop then, Jay Z,Busta Rhymes, Snoop, NWA, Public Enemy and Grandmaster Flash.

Your favorite music for the moment?
Oh, there is so much new cool stuff I discovered lately I don't even remember it all,I like new discoshit,  I recommend everyone to listen to a swedish group call "Jackpot" that is THE shit, listen to "Brief Encounter"best thing I discovered last year, no doubt...

Thank you Linda! 
Thank you Arthur, that was fun, you can interview me any time you like!;)

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