Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I just wrote a looooong story about St Trop and our adventures there that inexplicably disappeared, grrrrrr!
So now you have to read about what happened in my book instead, but hell, it was a great weekend!
Villa in the hills, nice frenchies, Polo Club St Tropez, meeting polo players, Les Palmiers, Institute Bonheur Papagayo, Les Moulins de Bonheur, Les Caves, loads of champagne, dancing on the tables, thought I'd lost my 7th iphone which miraculously came back in the end, BBQ party with 30 people in the villa, chilling at the pool, climbing in trees, invitation to private hang out with the Swedish House Mafia, Dj Antoine's "Welcome to St Tropez" that the dj's played everywhere, going from aspirin white to red to golden tanned, an italian friend who had promised a sleeping place in his villa in Cannes the last night and who disappeared mysteriously, calling a million of friends to finally find some people who had a spare bed since all the hotels were over booked, dinner at Brasserie Des Arts, lunch at Place de lices, lifting with Dubai people to Cannes and much more.....
Check out some of the pics with our weekend crew below:
Next stop: Stockholm, Sweden...

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