Friday, 31 October 2014


As you might know I'm crazy about traveling. It's one of my biggest interests in life and what I dream about all the time...
I want to see the whole world and if I hear of a new interesting place I haven't yet been I wanna go there.
I have this constant bubbling urge in my body that I want to leave. I wanna be on the run, explore, discover and experience. I love living in hotel rooms with my suitcase and when I'm in Stockholm I'm never as happy as when I'm at Arlanda (the main airport) on my way out of there.
I don't have a place that feels like "home". Not really. Home can be anywhere. For me "home" doesn't have to be where you were born.  It's about other things like love or passion, where you feel comfortable, energies and feelings. I have a very hard time understanding people who thinks Sweden is the best place in the world cause they are Swedes and were born there. Sweden is good in many ways but far from an ideal country to live in for me. Think I'm one of the least patriotic persons you can find. I'm constantly cheating on Sweden with other countries and I'm not loyal at all...:)
After becoming an international person (almost 10 years abroad, constant traveling since years and 4 languages spoken) I guess you start to think a bit different.
I read a quite interesting article about traveling the other day which I partly agree with; Read it here:

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  1. I fucking love the way you write, nomad.