Thursday, 9 December 2010


On monday evening I went to Pont Ephèmere with my friend Karin to watch the Swedish bands The Concretes and Pacific (feat Sara Assbring from El Perro Del Mar.)

I love El Perro del Mar, she is fantastic. Her voice, everything. A song I listened to the whole summer and which is so great is "Change of heart". Highly recommend it.

The concerts were great. My kind friend Per, who is playing keybord with The Concretes is always calling me before they are coming to Paris to play and he always put me on the list.
He also gave me their new album "WYWH" which is gonna be released in february. Thank u. <3
The other band Pacific did a really cool and gothic almost instrumental concert with Sara Assbring on song. They were all dressed in black reaper hoodies and Sara and the whole feeling made me think  about a wierd mix between the suffering sad princess from the movie "The never ending story" and some strange David Lynch film....

 I'm listening to the Concretes new album, and the song "My ways" where she sings: "Honey if you take me back, I'll change...."

Isn't that so typical?

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