Saturday, 11 December 2010


Sucks to be sick.
Having fever'ish strange dreams.
Last night I dreamt of fur. It was fur everywhere surrounding me. Rabbit fur, fox fur, mink fur and ermine fur, in all different colors and shapes possible...

Then I dreamt  that it was summer and a strange germain girl with short blond hair, white teeths and no tits was in love with my boyfriend, trying to get him. They kissed eachother outside a supermarket when I was there. Then me and this girl was climbing up a ladder to a very high building sitting there on the flat rooftop in the sun smoking cigarettes, talking about life. Then suddenly I climed down and joined my boyfriend who was in his bed watching TV in his countryhouse. I kissed him and told him I met this germain girl with no tits.
After that the rest is blurry...

One very thoughtful difference between Sweden and France I often think about is what happens when your sick:

FRENCH Procedure when you are sick:

-You absolutely HAVE to visit the doctor. Oh that allmighty doctor that can do magic and writing out 200 unnecessary different pills and remedy's you actually dont need, just in order to make money.
 COST MED VISIT: 40 Euros.

Then you go to the pharmacy and buy all that shit + some extra shit they force upon you.
 COST: 35 Euros.


SWEDISH Procedure when you are sick:

In Sweden when your sick you don't go to the doctor if you're not like dying, pregnant or loosing a lot of blood, etc..-cause it's not necessary. You just go to the pharmacy, buy a pack of aspirin, and other small stuff you might need , then you go to bed, with liters of water, ice cream and magazines, and you are getting well in exactly the same time as if you had done it the french way. With one big difference.
You are saving shitloads of money and time.


*( Ye, ye  and then some might say: "But in France you got almost the whole sum payed back by the social secu". I know that, but in Sweden that's already included in advance so u would pay the sum after being payed back by the social secu in France, for the doctor in Swe- without going thru all that hassle, sending in papers and shit.  But it's totally unnecessary anyway and that's my point.)

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