Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Now I'm gonna write about the french punishement system. Yes, It might sound wierd for you who are not french, but believe me , it exists. Even among grow ups, even if it's hard to believe for someone born and raised in pedagogic and loving surroundings.
French believes you have to be punished for everything. If you do something (in work situations for example) they think is "wrong", don't agree with and even if you do a mistake not on purpose, cause you are not right informed for example- you have to be punished for it.
This is so sick. We are grown ups and we should treat other grown ups equal, with patience and respect. If something goes wrong or if you accidently do something you didn't mean to, due to misunderstandings and other complications, etc, normaly you just laugh about it, talk about it and start all over again -with a better explanation. Here people are getting really angry and punish you as if you were 4 years old and stupid. (Not that 4 years old should be punished, I don't beleive in this stupid humiliating, old fashioned way of dealing with people any age, but it's just an example)

You can compare this system with those in strict fascist boarding schools in the 50's and earlier days, when people were narrowminded and looked down on others like revenge hungry perverts ready to slash your fingers in pieces with a steel ruler for the slightest mistake whether it was your fault or not -it lead to a punishment or an expulsion from the school.
(I bet those who are performing this were all punished all the time as children even for things they had no power of.)

This is not how you should treat people in a modern society and I'm shocked every time it happens.
Each time it happens to me I'm disgusted and I start to think the people I work with (if it is in a work situation) are assholes and the only thing it leads to is that I start to hate them and consider them as complete lunatics, primitive evil and narrowminded people I don't want to have anything to do with anymore.
For example when I was sick from a work I had one time during christmas and had a couple of important job interviews I had to go through during the following weeks, my "boss" told me ; "How can you call yourself in sick now! We need you and you are putting us in deep shit by not showing up at work, the next time you ask me to take some time off/ vacation or anything like that I'm gonna say no, you can forget about that!"
I was like, omg, this is so wrong. I told him; "How can you punish me for something I have no power of and did not choose? I'm not choosing to be sick, it happens and it happens to everyone." He wouldn't listen of course. I was punished.
I have a list of other examples very much like this one that happened to me here in France and I think that if you accept this to happen it creates fear and help built the sick hierarchy systems in workplaces even stronger.
My advice is  don't shout your mouth, stand up for your rights and have the currage to take an argument if something very unfair like this is happening to you.
If it doesn't help and you are still treated like shit, stop work with those people and forget you ever knew them, and don't forget- Karma. What comes around goes around...


Love L

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