Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I love all my friends very much. They are intelligent, hard working, funny, cool, creative and fantastic people. Some of them lives in Stockholm, some in London, some in Tel Aviv, some in Antwerpen, some in Paris, actually they are spread all over the world.
I would like to write about all of them, but this time I'm gonna write about my best Swedish girl in Paris. Karin.
Karin is a 1m77cm tall ex model from Stockholm with very blond hair, freckels and blue eyes. She has 5 tattoos (she made them in N.Y) she is quite crazy and not like anybody else I've met. Karin loves to dress up and drink wine and cook for me at her place in le marais while we prepare to go out together. We listen to music and I show her my latest dj insider cool-new-songs and we talk about boys (what else.)
We are exploading in laugh- attacks while talking about situations with guys or when Karin went with a Swedish TV team to Tunisia with a complete lunatic and so crazy and funny comedian called "Kjell Henry". I never get tired of those storys...

Karin has more of a rock style than I do, she loves a bit punky clothes, leatherjackets, boots, black stretch jeans-,N.Y style and we have almost the opposite taste in men. That's great cause then when we go out together we never fall for the same guys which is quite practical I must say. Karin likes the bohem type more with a long beard, a mustasch, a punky tee or rock style, like the musician style, the "Justice guy" style. She doesn't even bother that much if they are shorter than her.  I prefer a bit more proper dressed guys, like jeans, shirt and blazer and a bit shorter beard. For Karin it's a complete turn off if they say they work in finance, while that doesn't bother me at all...
Karin is one year younger than me and earn her living as a makeupartist.
She is super talanted and I don't get to see her as often as I would like cause she is travelling all the time, New York, Stockholm, Paris and New York again.
Often when I call her to ask her to come with me to some superfunny party I'm invited to, she says; "I would sooo love to, but I cant, waking up 7 tomorrow to catch a plane to N.Y to do Vogue L'Uomo".
(Karin gets to make up shitloads of uberhot modelguys in her work, makes me almost jealous;)

But whenever she is in town she almost never says no to a party, that's what is so good about her.
Even if she is really tired and have lots of work to do she always sais: I waaaant, but I'm afraid I can't, I have to do this and that..-but call me an hour before you leave anyway. I call her an hour before I leave and 98% of the time she has by then changed her mind and is coming with me. That's just great cause you can hardly have a better, crazier partyfriend by your side in the Parisian night.

Me and Karin has been to so many party's and afterpartys together that I can hardly remember them all...
One of the best ones that I will never forget was the Lacoste 75th anniversary party that took place summer 2008 on a huge boat with 3 decks in the middle of the Seine.  It is defenitely one of my top 5 best partys in Paris ever.
Everyone was there from Karl Lagerfeld to englands model maffia like Coco Rocha and all of those girls. It was delicious food and sweets everywhere and special hired cooks for the evening cooking the food right on the spot. Ofcoure there was as much champagne as you could and want to drink(as usual at a good party)
What made this evening so special was that on the invitation it said: "dresscode, bikini, swimsuit, sexy sailor". I actually had one of the organisers on the phone a couple of days before and she said: You have to come in swimsuit, it is absolutely necessary, otherwise you might have problems at the door...
I took this very seriously and was dressed in a minimal chocolate brown D&G bikini, a white bathrobe and a white oldschool sailorhat Karin bought for us in some second hand earlier that day. I was supertanned and skinnier than ever and wore matching red lipstick and red nail polish. I couldn't talk Karin in to wearing a bikini so she wore a minimal pair of jeans shorts, a white schoolgirl blouse tied at the waist, a multicolor mask and the same white sailorhat as I did. You could say we looked pretty hot without exaggeration;)
Like that we walked out in the street to catch a cab, people were staring as if they'd never seen a woman before, but we were just laughing and kept on walking.
When we arrived at the party it was already full of people and we realized that we were among the few (maybe 10%) that had taken the dresscode so seriously...That made it even more fun and we went up on the middle deck where we met up with the London party maffia which was already in swimsuits in the pools.
Everyone was hanging out in the inflatable pools drinking champagne eating hot dogs or cotton candy or pomme d'amour's and every other food you can think of and there were several bands playing during the night. (Now I can ofcourse not remember one single of them, but one of the groups became enormously famous not long after.)
This night finished very very late and wet at le Baron I remember. It was a very interesting night which contained everything from Karin who hichhiked with a truck all the way to le Baron with one of the London guys (also dressed as a sailor) to a swim in the seine...
We had so much damn fun that night half of it would have been enough and I know that as long as I know Karin we will continue to have this much fun for a long time ahead...

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